Enoch (Italian doom metal)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Deeper Essence 7:35
Black Night Over Unfigured Distances 6:52
Blood for the Blood God (And Skulls for the Skull Throne) 5:54
Call Me by My Dream Name 1:43
E La Tormenta 10:07
I Am 9:06
I Made an Angel Fall 3:52
Pazuzu (Son of the King of the Evil Spirits) 8:42
The Black Prophet 16:05
The Invocation of Marduk 10:48
The Land of Enoch 4:05
The Sleepless King, a Curse on Uruk 5:41
The Tragic Defeat of Dur Entash (The Third Vision of Assurbanipal, Last King of Assyria) 7:05
Uriel 16:21

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