Tennis (electronic - Ben Edwards & Douglas Benford)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
A Guide to Losing Tennis 4:44
Bad Hare Day Tennis 5:58
Badger Tracks Tennis 7:08
Bat 2 Far Tennis 6:24
Box of Splinters Tennis 7:08
Civic Halo Tennis 8:14
Civic Halo (Permafrost mix) Tennis 4:47
Civic Halo (Slow Motion Halo mix) Tennis 4:07
Contube Alomany Tennis 5:50
Contube Alomany (<> Disjoin mix) Tennis 1:47
Contube Alomany (remix) Tennis 5:14
Contube Alomony (J-Jay Jeans mix) Tennis 2:53
Debonair Content Tennis 5:22
Debonair Content (Debonaer mix) Tennis 2:46
Digital Carvery Tennis 6:19
Dovetailed Templates Tennis 6:01
Duckshelf Tennis 7:09
Duckshelf (Jan Jellinek Pet Sounds mix) Tennis 7:13
Focus Group, Er, Disco Tennis 6:20
Imaged Pastries Tennis 5:15
In Dreams Tennis & Twin Peaks ?:??
Inedible Doormouse Tennis 2:26
Juicy Mank Varness Tennis 6:36
Loose-Knit Pierrot Tennis 5:30
Loose-Knit Pierrot (remix) Tennis 7:31
Make It Good (Ryan Elliot remix) (part of “Cocoon Heroes” DJ-mix) Tennis 5:26
Mole Colour Tennis 6:01
Open Sesame Tennis 6:29
Otter Story Tennis 7:05
Pine Martin Eden Tennis 7:45
Polycarbonate Swimmer Tennis 8:25
Port Helix Tennis 4:22
Port Helix (Doug Dug Facer mix) Tennis 2:48
Rina's Ribena Tennis 7:01
Safelle Tennis 6:07
Safelle (Safelle remix) Tennis 3:06
Safelle (Viral Spectra mix) Tennis 4:15
Self-Seal Mishap Tennis 7:12
Self-Seal Mishap (12,000m Above Halifax mix) Tennis 6:38
Self-Seal Mishap (Hard Drive Mishap56 mix) Tennis 5:09
Self-Seal Mishap (No More Self Harm mix) Tennis 4:36
Self-Seal Mishap (Undertaker mix) Tennis 4:22
Sugar Ash & Leaky Teak Tennis 5:43
The Interview Tennis 4:32
The Outcast Tennis feat. Pillow Talk 6:18
Vice Girls Panel Tennis 5:25
Vole Shapes Tennis 6:37
We, the Casio Massive Tennis 6:29
Weakness Together Tennis 8:54
Weakness Together (Dvojita Chyba mix) Tennis 5:13

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