Name ISRCs Rating Length
Dream On (334 club Stomp mix) 3:14
Dream On (A.T.M.P. mix) 6:25
Dream On (Alvarez remix) 5:11
Dream On (Assembly mix) 6:18
Dream On (Back Home mix) 3:49
Dream On (Bel Air remix) 5:02
Dream On (Bushwacka Blunt mix) 6:50
Dream On (Bushwacka club mix) (DJ mixed by DJ Tsvet) 5:37
Dream On (Bushwacka Tough Guy dub) 6:08
Dream On (Bushwacka Tough Guy edit) 4:39
Dream On (Bushwacka Tough Guy mix) GBAJH0400164 6:08
Dream On (Bushwacka Tough Guy mix) (CD edit) GBAJH0100043
Dream On (Bushwacka! Blunt mix) (DJ mixed by Layo & Bushwacka!) 5:16
Dream On (Bushwacka! Blunt mix) (DJ mixed by UNKLE Sounds) 3:47
Dream On (Dave Clarke acoustic mix) (part of a “Clubbed Out” DJ‐mix) 4:22
Dream On (Dave Clarke acoustic version) GBAJH0100044 4:25
Dream On (Dave Clarke acoustic version) (part of a “Breakdown: The Very Best Euphoric Chillout Mixes” DJ‐mix) 3:12
Dream On (Dave Clarke acoustic version) (probably DJ mixed) 3:47
Dream On (Dave Clarke club mix) 5:14
Dream On (Dave Clarke remix) (DJ mixed by Chris Liebing) 4:14
Dream On (Dave Clarke remix) (DJ mixed by DJ Sloop) 4:10
Dream On (Delta Dreams remix) 7:02
Dream On (Demi dub extended vocal dance mix) 5:29
Dream On (DJ Center mix) 8:20
Dream On (Erosion mix) 3:41
Dream On (Escapade mix) 4:47
Dream On (Eurotech Groove dub) 7:49
Dream On (Execution mix) 4:06
Dream On (extended mix) 6:00
Dream On (extended version) ?:??
Dream On (Final Pink mix) 9:42
Dream On (Final Solution mix) 3:54
Dream On (Freesiders mix) 4:57
Dream On (GM's Dream mix) 7:44
Dream On (Guitar intro) (live, 2001-10-09/10: Palais Omnisport, Paris Bercy, France) 2:44
Dream On (Harmony of Strings mix) 5:00
Dream On (I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night remix) ?:??
Dream On (Kid 606 mix) GBAJH0100047 4:45
Dream On (KROQ-mix) 3:39
Dream On (Linox Thanx Data Vocoder Dream mix) 5:23
Dream On (LNJoyL mix) 3:37
Dream On (MC Inside mix, Part 1) 6:42
Dream On (Morel’s Pain Is Waiting mix) 4:58
Dream On (Morel’s Pink Noise club mix) 7:43
Dream On (Morel’s Pink Noise dub) 7:01
Dream On (Morel’s Pink Noise dub) (DJ mixed by DJ Tsvet) 4:41
Dream On (Morel’s Pink Noise dub) (edit ?) 6:35
Dream On (Morel’s Pink Noise edit) 3:53
Dream On (Morel’s Pink Noise radio edit) 3:33
Dream On (Morel’s Pink Noise vocal mix) 7:44
Dream On (Net mix) 3:38
Dream On (Neve mix) 5:28
Dream On (Noise club mix) 6:38
Dream On (Octagon Man dub) 7:05
Dream On (Octagon Man mix) GBAJH0100045 5:24
Dream On (Overflow-110 remix) 4:30
Dream On (P.I.T. mix) 5:38
Dream On (R. Erickson mix) 3:57
Dream On (Real Dream mix) 3:06
Dream On (Recollected mix) 6:01
Dream On (remix by Isaac Junkie) 3:26
Dream On (Rentys January 2001 mix) 2:47
Dream On (Shakin and Twitchin mix) 4:09
Dream On (Shakin' da Dream mix) 4:09
Dream On (Slower mix) 4:15
Dream On (Soft mix) 4:43
Dream On (Stone Cold mix, version 2) 4:44
Dream On (Stone Cold Riviera mix) 5:24
Dream On (T9's Wet Dream mix) 4:21
Dream On (The BRAT mix) 8:28
Dream On (The Morning After mix) 5:07
Dream On (The Real After Dark mix) 5:41
Dream On (The Speed mix) 6:01
Dream On (Top of the Pops) 3:50
Dream On (World in My Dreams mix) 4:50
Dream On (X-Tended Feel the Love mix) 3:50
Dreaming of Me (cold end version) 4 4:03
Dreaming of Me (cold end version; 5.1 mix) 4:03
Dreaming of Me (fade-out version) GBAJH9800099 3 3:46
Dreaming of Me (live, 1980-10-30: The Bridge House, Canning Town, UK) ?:??
Dreaming of Me (live, 1980-11-14: Technical College, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK) 3:40
Dreaming of Me (live, 1981-11-03: Manchester Fagins, Manchester, UK) 3:37
Dreaming of Me (live, 1982-02-21: Tiffany’s, Glasgow, UK) 3:56
Dreaming of Me (live, 1982-11-28: Zeche Bochum, Bochum, Germany) ?:??
Dreaming of Me (live, 1983-02-07: Messehalle, Frankfurt, Germany) ?:??
Dreaming of Me (Bigstar mix) 5:06
Dreaming of Me (Dance Motion mix) 4:28
Dreaming of Me (Discotrax mix) 3:49
Dreaming of Me (House mix) 6:33
Dreaming of Me (Millennium) 6:36
Dreaming of Me (Picture mix) 6:39
Dreaming of Me (Synth Theatre mix) 3:44
Dressed in Black GBAJH9900274 4 2:34
Dressed in Black (5.1 mix) 2:34
Dressed in Black (live, 2001-07-03: Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, USA) 2:50
Dressed in Black (live, 2009-11-20/21: Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona, Spain) GBAJH1000536 4:10
Dressed in Black (live, 2009-11-21: Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona, Spain) 4:28
Dressed in Black (live, 2009-12-13: LG Arena, Birmingham, UK) 4:02
Dressed in Black (live: Barcelona, Spain) 3:15
Dressed in Black (Black Shadows) 4:36

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