David Torn (guitarist/composer aka SPLaTTeRCeLL)

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Such Little Mirrors David Torn 7:22
Sunday on the Violet Sea David Torn 6:52
Suyafhu Skin... David Torn 1:11
Suyafhu Skin... Snapping the Hollow Reed David Torn 8:21
Taste of Roses David Torn 4:39
The Eggman Cometh Levin Torn White 1:33
The Entire Wish Spent Timing David Torn 4:23
The Flowers… / Goodbye Kiss David Torn 2:57
The Hood Fell Levin Torn White 3:36
The Hum of Its Parts David Torn / Geoffrey Gordon 3:46
The Mercury Grid David Torn 6:32
The Network of Sparks - a. The Delicate Code David Torn 4:52
The Network of Sparks: A. The Delicate Code / B. Egg Learns to Walk /... Suyafhu Seal David Torn 15:12
The Others David Torn 5:00
The Others David Torn 5:04
the pact / key to the park David Torn 3:14
The Sentinel David Torn, Vernon Reid & Elliott Sharp 11:47
Them Buried Standing David Torn 2:44
This Is the Abduction Scene David Torn, Mick Karn & Terry Bozzio 3:10
Thought of Many Georges David Torn 3:25
thought you were a….. / ¿hooker? David Torn 3:00
Time Bomb David Torn 5:02
Tiny Burns a Bridge David Torn 8:43
Transmit Regardless David Torn 7:20
Trip Over God David Torn 6:46
Two-Face Flash David Torn / Geoffrey Gordon 7:11
Ultra Mullet Levin Torn White 4:42
Valse Oblique David Torn, Vernon Reid & Elliott Sharp 4:30
Vidya & Itch David Torn, Vernon Reid & Elliott Sharp 6:11
Voodoo Chile David Torn 5:37
Vortex SONAR With David Torn 9:39
Warrior Horsemen of the Spirit Thundering Over Hills of Doubt to a Place of Hope David Torn, Mick Karn & Terry Bozzio 5:01
was a cave, there… David Torn DEB331443304 12:43
Waves and Particles SONAR With David Torn 7:49
What Means Solid, Traveller? David Torn 6:52
What Was Once... David Torn 6:15
Where We Started David Torn 2:14
White Noise Levin Torn White 2:57
Xenomorph David Torn, Vernon Reid & Elliott Sharp 5:39

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