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Current band members: Eddie Vedder (vocals), Stone Gossard (guitar), Mike McCready (guitar), Jeff Ament (bass guitar) and Matt Cameron (drums).

All bootlegs of concerts should be named --> "date: venue, city, state, country". See the album list below for examples. On the official bootlegs covers there is a number, that number should be added at the end of the title like: "date: venue, city, state, country (#<number>)" with '<number>' replaced by the correct number.

Correct track names that are often misspelled: "Better Man"; "Hail, Hail"; "Rearviewmirror"; "Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town"; "1/2 Full";

Side projects: Temple of the Dog, Brad, Mad Season, Three Fish, Wellwater Conspiracy and The Rockfords.

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1991TenPearl Jam4.229
1993Vs.Pearl Jam4.4521
1994VitalogyPearl Jam4.0513
1996No CodePearl Jam3.8519
1998YieldPearl Jam417
2000BinauralPearl Jam3.813
2002Riot ActPearl Jam3.516
2006Pearl JamPearl Jam4.1517
2009BackspacerPearl Jam3.3514
2013Lightning BoltPearl Jam4.4511
2020GigatonPearl Jam3.814

Album + Compilation

2003Lost DogsPearl Jam3.47
2004Rearviewmirror (Greatest Hits 1991–2003)Pearl Jam3.358
2007Ten / VsPearl Jam2
2010Definitive CollectionPearl Jam1
2011Vs. and VitalogyPearl Jam2

Album + Compilation + Live

20102009 Philadelphia Spectrum Box SetPearl Jam1
2016The Very Best of Pearl Jam: In Concert on Air 1992-1995Pearl Jam4

Album + Soundtrack

2011Pearl Jam TwentyPearl Jam34

Album + Soundtrack + Live

2017Let’s Play Two: Live at Wrigley FieldPearl Jam4

Album + Live

1992MTV UnpluggedPearl Jam510
1993BeyondPearl Jam1
19941994-04-03: Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA, USAPearl Jam9
1994Dissident (Live In Atlanta)Pearl Jam2
1994Fight (For Your Cause)Pearl Jam1
1994MudfeastPearl Jam21
1994No Fuckin' MessiahPearl Jam2
1995Self Pollution RadioPearl Jam7
1995Spin the Black Circle: Live at Soldier Field July 11, 1995Pearl Jam6
19961996-11-21 - Barcelona, SpainPearl Jam1
19961996-11-03: Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, GermanyPearl Jam3
1998Live on Two LegsPearl Jam311
1998Give WayPearl Jam6
20002000-06-12: Pinkpop: Megaland, Landgraaf, Netherlands (#13)Pearl Jam2
20002000-06-22: Fila Forum Arena, Milan, Italy (#20)Pearl Jam2
20002000-05-23: Estadio do Restelo, Lisbon, Portugal (#1)Pearl Jam2
20002000-06-23: Hallenstadion, Zürich, Switzerland (#21)Pearl Jam1
20002000-06-20: Arena, Verona, Italy (#19)Pearl Jam1
20002000-06-25: Parkbühne Wuhlheide, Berlin, Germany (#22)Pearl Jam1
20002000-06-01: The Point Theatre, Dublin, Ireland (#6)Pearl Jam1
20002000-06-14: Paegas Arena, Prague, Czech Republic (#14)Pearl Jam1
20002000-06-26: Sporthalle, Hamburg, Germany (#23)Pearl Jam1
20002000-05-30: Wembley Arena, London, UK (#5)Pearl Jam1
20002000-05-25: Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona, Spain (#2)Pearl Jam1
20002000-06-08: Bercy, Paris, France (#10)Pearl Jam1
20002000-06-16: Spodek, Katowice, Poland (#16)Pearl Jam1
20002000-06-03: SE & CC Arena, Glasgow, Scotland, UK (#7)Pearl Jam1
20002000-06-15: Spodek, Katowice, Poland (#15)Pearl Jam1
20002000-06-04: Manchester Evening News Arena, Manchester, UK (#8)Pearl Jam1
20002000-05-29: Wembley Arena, London, UK (#4)Pearl Jam1
20002000-05-26: Velodromo Anoeta, San Sebastian, Spain (#3)Pearl Jam1
20002000-06-06: Cardiff International Arena, Cardiff, Wales, UK (#9)Pearl Jam1
20002000-06-09: Rock am Ring, Nürburgring, Germany (#11)Pearl Jam1
20002000-06-18: Salzburg City Square, Salzburg, Austria (#17)Pearl Jam1
20002000-06-19: Hala Tivoli, Ljubljana, Slovenia (#18)Pearl Jam1
20002000-06-28: Maritime Museum, Stockholm, Sweden (#24)Pearl Jam1
20002000-06-11: Rock im Park, Nürnberg, Germany (#12)Pearl Jam1
20002000-06-29: Spectrum, Oslo, Norway (#25)Pearl Jam1
20012000-08-07: Atlanta, GA, USA (#29)Pearl Jam1
20012000-08-29: Boston, MA, USA (#43)Pearl Jam1
20012000-09-05: Pittsburgh, PA, USA (#48)Pearl Jam1
20012000-08-18: Indianapolis, IN, USA (#36)Pearl Jam1
20012000-08-25: Jones Beach, NY, USA (#41)Pearl Jam1
20012000-08-23: Jones Beach, NY, USA (#39)Pearl Jam1
20012000-08-24: Jones Beach, NY, USA (#40)Pearl Jam1
20012000-08-12: Tampa, FL, USA (#32)Pearl Jam1
20012000-08-21: Columbus, OH, USA (#38)Pearl Jam2
20012000-08-15: Memphis, TN, USA (#34)Pearl Jam1
20012000-08-03: Virginia Beach, VA, USA (#26)Pearl Jam1
20012000-08-04: Charlotte, NC, USA (#27)Pearl Jam11
20012000-09-02: E-Centre, Philadelphia, PA, USA (#46)Pearl Jam1
20012000-08-14: New Orleans, LA, USA (#33)Pearl Jam1
20012000-08-09: West Palm Beach, FL, USA (#30)Pearl Jam1
20012000-08-10: West Palm Beach, FL, USA (#31)Pearl Jam1
20012000-08-06: Greensboro, NC, USA (#28)Pearl Jam1
20012000-08-17: Nashville TN, USA (#35)Pearl Jam1
20012000-08-20: Cincinnati, OH, USA (#37)Pearl Jam1
20012000-08-27: Saratoga Springs, NY, USA (#42)Pearl Jam1
20012000-08-30: Boston, MA, USA (#44)Pearl Jam1
20012000-09-01: Philadelphia, PA, USA (#45)Pearl Jam1
20012000-09-04: Washington DC, USA (#47)Pearl Jam1
20012000-11-06: Seattle, WA, USA (#72)Pearl Jam1
20012000-10-22: Las Vegas, NV, USA (#62)Pearl Jam1
20012000-11-02: Portland, OR, USA (#69)Pearl Jam1
20012000-11-03: Boise, ID, USA (#70)Pearl Jam1
20012000-10-04: Montréal, QC, Canada (#49)Pearl Jam1
20012000-10-08: East Troy, WI, USA (#52)Pearl Jam1
20012000-10-09: Chicago, IL, USA (#53)Pearl Jam1
20012000-10-20: Albuquerque, NM, USA (#60)Pearl Jam1
20012000-10-24: Los Angeles, CA, USA (#63)Pearl Jam1
20012000-10-11: St. Louis, MO, USA (#54)Pearl Jam1
20012000-10-31: San Francisco, CA, USA (#68)Pearl Jam1
20012000-11-05: Seattle, WA, USA (#71)Pearl Jam1
20012000-10-18: Lubbock, TX, USA (#59)Pearl Jam1
20012000-10-30: Sacramento, CA, USA (#67)Pearl Jam1
20012000-10-07: Detroit, MI, USA (#51)Pearl Jam1
20012000-10-25: San Diego, CA, USA (#64)Pearl Jam1
20012000-10-28: San Bernardino, CA, USA (#66)Pearl Jam1
20012000-10-05: Toronto, Canada (#50)Pearl Jam1
20012000-10-12: Kansas City, MO, USA (#55)Pearl Jam1

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