member of:LEN (Canadian Alt Rock Group) (ended)
By Divine Right
Valley of the Giants
original member of:Broken Social Scene
has personal publisher:Brendan Canning Music
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A Grain of SandWurlitzer electric pianoCookie Duster8:01
A Grain of Sandelectric bass guitarCookie Duster8:01
A Grain of Sandacoustic guitarCookie Duster8:01
A Grain of Sanddouble bassCookie Duster8:01
A Grain of SandsamplerCookie Duster8:01
A Grain of Sandelectric guitarCookie Duster8:01
Deep Endbass guitar [bass]JEEN.3:00
I Have My ReasonssamplerCookie Duster5:32
I Have My ReasonsWurlitzer electric pianoCookie Duster5:32
I Have My Reasonsacoustic guitarCookie Duster5:32
I Have My Reasonselectric bass guitarCookie Duster5:32
I Have My Reasonselectric guitarCookie Duster5:32
I Have My Reasonsdouble bassCookie Duster5:32
Infusionelectric bass guitarCookie Duster8:47
InfusionsamplerCookie Duster8:47
Infusionelectric guitarCookie Duster8:47
Infusiondouble bassCookie Duster8:47
Infusionacoustic guitarCookie Duster8:47
InfusionWurlitzer electric pianoCookie Duster8:47
Jack Tar on ShorepianoDan Zanes with Broken Social Scene3:10
Keep Ondouble bassCookie Duster5:27
Keep Onelectric guitarCookie Duster5:27
Keep Onelectric bass guitarCookie Duster5:27
Keep Onacoustic guitarCookie Duster5:27
Keep OnWurlitzer electric pianoCookie Duster5:27
Keep OnsamplerCookie Duster5:27
Letting GosamplerCookie Duster5:31
Letting GoWurlitzer electric pianoCookie Duster5:31
Letting Goacoustic guitarCookie Duster5:31
Letting Goelectric bass guitarCookie Duster5:31
Letting Goelectric guitarCookie Duster5:31
Letting Godouble bassCookie Duster5:31
Lucky Dayelectric bass guitar [bass]JEEN.3:06
Never Knewelectric guitarCookie Duster3:36
Never Knewelectric bass guitarCookie Duster3:36
Never Knewacoustic guitarCookie Duster3:36
Never KnewWurlitzer electric pianoCookie Duster3:36
Never KnewsamplerCookie Duster3:36
Never Knewdouble bassCookie Duster3:36
PalomaWurlitzer electric pianoCookie Duster3:46
Palomaacoustic guitarCookie Duster3:46
Palomaelectric bass guitarCookie Duster3:46
Palomaelectric guitarCookie Duster3:46
Palomadouble bassCookie Duster3:46
PalomasamplerCookie Duster3:46
Serpentineelectric guitarCookie Duster5:11
Serpentineelectric bass guitarCookie Duster5:11
Serpentineacoustic guitarCookie Duster5:11
SerpentineWurlitzer electric pianoCookie Duster5:11
SerpentinesamplerCookie Duster5:11
Serpentinedouble bassCookie Duster5:11
Slow and Low (Beastie Boys cover)electric bass guitar [bass]JEEN.3:03
Vexilumacoustic guitarCookie Duster3:37
Vexilumelectric bass guitarCookie Duster3:37
Vexilumelectric guitarCookie Duster3:37
Vexilumdouble bassCookie Duster3:37
VexilumsamplerCookie Duster3:37
VexilumWurlitzer electric pianoCookie Duster3:37
Wild GooseorganBroken Social Scene6:10
Honey Honeybackground vocals and guestFeist3:27
Stars and SonsBroken Social Scene5:09
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: Original Score (HDtracks, 48kHz / 24bit)Nigel Godrich
Ana Don't Leave
Book It to Fresno
Capture the Flag
Cause = Time
Da Da Dada
Feel Good Lost Reprise
Finish Your Collapse and Stay for Breakfast
Fire Eye'd Boy
Handjobs for the Holidays
Hey Marika
I’m Still Your Fag
It's All Gonna Break
Keystone Dealers
Late Nineties Bedroom Rock for the Missionaries
Lover’s Spit
Money Mark
Nashville Late Pass
No Smiling Darkness
Once I Was a Runner
Pacific Theme
Pitter Patter Goes My Heart
Shampoo Suicide
Sleeping Birds Like Lazers
Stars and Sons
Tremoloa Debut
Vibration Walls
Windsurfing Nation
Work out in the Wash
Handjobs for the Holidays
Stars and Sons
7/4 (Shoreline)
All the Gods
Almost Crimes
Anthems for a Seventeen Year‐old Girl
Can't Find My Heart
Canada vs. America
Gonna Get Better
Halfway Home
Her Disappearing Theme
Hug of Thunder
I'm So Sad, So Very, Very, Sad
Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)
KC Accidental
Looks Just Like the Sun
Major Label Debut
Mouth Guards of the Apocalypse
Our Faces Split the Coast in Half
Please Take Me With You
Protest Song
Sol Luna
Stay Happy
Towers and Masons
Vanity Pail Kids
Victim Lover
We Hate You Please Die