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2011Dependent Club AnthemsVarious Artists1


1998New Violent BreedVarious Artists1
2003Krieg gegen die MaschinenLights of Euphoria4

Album + Compilation

1990Moonraker, Volume 4Various Artists2
1995Cyber-Tec AmericaVarious Artists1
1995Elektrauma, Volume 2Various Artists1
1995Maschinenwelt CompilationVarious Artists1
1995Taste This 4Various Artists1
1998We Came to Dance, Volume 11Various Artists1
1998Zillo Festival Sampler '98Various Artists1
1998The Tyranny Off the Beat, Volume 5Various Artists1
1998The Flatline CompilationVarious Artists1
1998Zwischenfall, Volume 4: From the 80's to the 90'sVarious Artists1
1999Best of Electronic MusicVarious Artists1
1999Zillo: Mystic Sounds, Volume 8Various Artists1
1999Zillo Club Hits 4Various Artists1
1999ElectroManiaVarious Artists1
1999Electro Club Attack, Shot TwoVarious Artists1
1999Extreme Clubhits IIIVarious Artists1
1999Off Beat ClassixVarious Artists1
1999Sacrilege: A Tribute to Front 242Various Artists1
1999SepticVarious Artists1
2000Best of Electronic Music, Volume 2Various Artists1
2000Zillo Club Hits 5Various Artists2
2000Orkus Club Hits 1Various Artists1
2000Deejay TribeVarious Artists1
2000Critical M@55Various Artists51
2000Club Bizarre 1Various Artists1
2000Orkus Presents: The Best of 2000Various Artists1
2000Metropolis 2000Various Artists1
2001Modern Sound Files: The Other Side of MusicVarious Artists1
2001Zillo Festival Sampler 2001Various Artists1
2001Septic IIVarious Artists2
2001Future Pop 01: The Best of Modern ElectronicVarious Artists1
2001We Came to Dance 2000Various Artists1
2002Synth & Wave EssentialsVarious Artists1
2002Advanced ElectronicsVarious Artists1
2002Critical M@55, Volume 3Various Artists1
2002M'Era Luna Festival 2002Various Artists1
2002Zillo Dark Summer 2002Various Artists1
2002Goodbye Ibiza: The Closing Party CompilationVarious Artists1
2002Die FlutVarious Artists1
2002Orkus Presents: The Best of the 90s, Volume 2Various Artists1
2002Orkus Presents: The Best of 2002Various Artists1
2002DJ Convention: Code ThirteenVarious Artists1
2002Metropolis 2002Various Artists1
2002Orkus Presents: The Best of 2001Various Artists1
2002Trancemaster 3004Various Artists1
2003Extreme Club Hits VIIVarious Artists1
2003Music for the Masses: Visions of Future PopVarious Artists1
2003This Is Neo-GothVarious Artists1
2003Advanced Electronics, Volume 2Various Artists1
2003Dark Roses: 36 Mystic and Electropop RomanticsVarious Artists1
2003Schattenreich, Volume 1Various Artists1
2003NachtweltenVarious Artists1
2004Non‐Stop RideVarious Artists2
2004Dependence: Next Level ElectronicsVarious Artists1
2004Alternative Club Dark FlowerVarious Artists1
2004Blessed and CursedΔημήτρης Παπασπυρόπουλος1
2004Psycho Tina's Hell House of HorrorsVarious Artists1
2005Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Vol. 44Various Artists1
2005E:O:D, Volume 1Various Artists1
2005This is... Techno Body Music, Volume 1Various Artists1
2005Extreme Club Hits XVarious Artists1
2005M’Era Luna Festival 2005Various Artists1
2005Advanced Electronics, Volume 4Various Artists1
2005Cyberl@b, Volume 5.0Various Artists1
2005Metropolis 2005Various Artists1
2005Zeplin's Nightclub - The CDVarious Artists1
2006Orkus Presents: The Best of 2005Various Artists1
2006Infacted3Various Artists2
2006Extended ElectronicsVarious Artists1
2006M'Era Luna Festival 2006Various Artists2
2006Castle Party 2006Various Artists1
2006Dark Flower IIVarious Artists1
2007This Is Industrial Hits of the ’90sVarious Artists2
2007Extreme Clubhits XIVarious Artists1
2007Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Volume 70Various Artists1
2007Fxxk the Mainstream, Volume 1Various Artists1
2007Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Volume 72Various Artists1
2008Metropolis: Rebirth 1.0Various Artists1
2008Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Volume 82Various Artists1
2008Schattenreich, Volume 5Various Artists1
2008M'Era Luna Festival 2008Various Artists1
2010Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Volume 102Various Artists1
2011Electro Pop, Volume 2Various Artists1
2011Kinetik Festival, Volume 4Various Artists1
2011M'era Luna Festival 2011Various Artists1
2011Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Volume 125Various Artists1
2012Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Volume 132Various Artists1
2012Aderlass, Volume 8Various Artists1
2013Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Volume 138Various Artists1
2013Gothic File 13 | 3Various Artists1
2014Mehmet Scholl: Miss MillaVarious Artists1
2017Symphonies of Pain: Hits and RaritiesMono Inc.1
2017Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Volume 183Various Artists1
Empire of Darkness 1Various Artists1
Orgazmatracks 4Various Artists1

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