The Horrorist (American electronic musician Oliver Chesler)

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legal name: Oliver Chesler (American electronic musician)
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Strange Times (The Horrorist remix) additional TSTI 4:27
Dead Market (The Horrorist-remix) Haujobb 5:02
Heartless (The Horrorist Remix) Bestial Mouths 4:31
Horrormone (The Horrorist remix) Dave Tarrida 3:29
Horrormone (The Horrorist remix) Dave Tarrida ?:??
Input Error (Horrorist remix) Haujobb ?:??
Input Error (The Horrorist remix) Haujobb 5:31
Membrane (The Horrorist remix) Haujobb 3:58
Moskow Reise (The Horrorist remix) The Hacker, Millimetric & David Carretta 5:12
Strange Times (The Horrorist remix) TSTI 4:27
The Pain (The Horrorist remix) The Soft Moon 5:47
We Are Noise (The Horrorist remix) Implant 5:07
Saturday Noise Fever additional Micropoint feat. Oliver Chesler aka The Horrorist 4:49