Sparkle of Hope (Belgian hardcore band)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Arson Is My Middlename 3:54
Butterflies Escape the Grave 3:56
Cliché #1: Don't Trust Vampires, They Might Bite You 1:54
Cliché #2: Either They Dialed the Wrong Number or They're About to Kill You 1:25
Dead's Hot! 4:00
Even Heroes Need to Be Saved 3:47
I Walked With a Zombie 0:47
Keep Me From Sleep 4:34
Knives to Meet You 2:58
Last Night, Our Hearts Stopped Beating 4:14
Lay Down Play Dead 3:19
Light the Torches 3:58
Morphine and Make Believe 5:47
Send More Paramedics 4:09
The Midnight Escape 3:38
The Monsters Cult 4:20
This Ain't Hollywood, That's for Sure 2:33
This Gun for Hire 4:03

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