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Name ISRCs Rating Length
"Babylon" or "Snap" (James Blackshaw mix) 4:06
"Babylon" or "Snap" (The Bricoleur mix) 4:14
A DogStar at the DogBar 4:34
Aiwass the Wooden Hall (James Blackshaw mix) 4:47
Aiwass the Wooden Hall (The Bricoleur mix) 4:42
BadLuckClock 3:35
Breast Point: Cairo 1904 2:20
CatNip Pastures 4:09
Chaos in His ChoirBoy 4:43
Crow Hotel (James Blackshaw mix) 4:15
Crow Hotel (The Bricoleur mix) 4:20
FangBell, TwiLight 2:30
Flame Stable (James Blackshaw mix) 3:52
Flame Stable (The Bricoleur mix) 3:42
Flat Æons Chorus (James Blackshaw mix) 3:24
Flat Æons Chorus (The Bricoleur mix) 3:26
In Your Mouth Is Rome (James Blackshaw mix) 4:39
In Your Mouth Is Rome (The Bricoleur mix) 5:04
Journey to Avebury 13:39
Long Home Sick Tonight 4:49
Magick in the Haunted Air? (James Blackshaw mix) 2:08
Magick in the Haunted Air? (The Bricoleur mix) 2:02
Meanwhile the Helicopter (James Blackshaw mix) 5:58
Meanwhile the Helicopter (The Bricoleur mix) 5:59
Red Me (James Blackshaw mix) 3:29
Red Me (The Bricoleur mix) 3:38
Roadworks for TinkerBell 3:17
Ten Green Sothis Bottles 3:23
The Dead Queen of Cleves (James Blackshaw mix) 4:19
The Dead Queen of Cleves (The Bricoleur mix) 4:19
The Dog Is Unwell 5:57
The Sun Like a Hound 4:25
To Be Trapeze 4:29
Waiting for the Jays (James Blackshaw mix) 3:12
Waiting for the Jays (The Bricoleur mix) 3:18
World War Ninety-Three (James Blackshaw mix) 2:22
World War Ninety-Three (The Bricoleur mix) 2:23

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