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'And what about your brother?' said Eddie 5:47
'Clever,' said Eddie... 4:55
'Do you have a name?' asked Bellis, glaring upward daggers 5:39
'Eddie?' Jack went all weak at the knees 8:11
'Good evening to you, chef,' hailed Jack 5:53
'Kidnapped.' Jack sat shivering in the coldness and dampness... 4:48
'Listen Eddie,' said Tinto... 9:33
'Little Tommy,' husked the Missy... 7:55
'Once upon a time,' said the big fat farmer... 8:31
'So where does Miss muffett live?' Jack asked... 3:01
'So,' said Jack, 'tell me about the case...' 5:21
'Terrible business,' said Eddie... 3:11
'There you go,' said Eddie Bear 3:21
'Three, two, one,' bawled the controller, variously 5:29
'Women,' said Jack 6:33
A single Spotlight illuminsted Miss Muffett 6:50
A sudden high pitched shriek... 5:14
A thorough search of Bill Winkie's office... 4:35
After a great deal of passageway perambulation... 4:39
Anthrax jogged merrily along 5:20
Apocalypse Blues 4:55
At length they were no longer in the factory 8:01
BONUS TRACK: Mark Stay interviews Robert Rankin 11:25
Burning Rope 1:22
Curiously, the rich and famous folk did not seem... 5:18
Da-da-de-da-da 3:16
Dance of The Sugar-Plum Technofairy 2:13
Eddie and Jack ran up the sweeping drive... 7:21
Eddie and Jack stood back... 7:14
Eddie looked up at the young man... 4:13
Eddie was a most unhappy bear 6:00
Evening was coming by the time Jack and Eddie... 6:48
For those who are unacquainted with the career of... 5:45
Had Eddie's eyes been able to widen... 8:18
Headless in Gunnersbury 1:09
Humpty Dumpty 3:20
If Eddie had been able to make fists... 5:07
In the morning the big smiley sun arose... 7:10
It is a fact well known to those who know it well... 4:19
It is a fact, well known to those who know it well... 5:29
It is another fact well known to those who know it well... 3:18
It was two whole days before Jack got around to... 5:27
Jack and Eddie stood once more upon the gravel drive 5:51
Jack awoke to find himself in strange surroundings 7:33
Jack awoke with a start... 7:05
Jack carried Eddie back to Bill Winkie's office 4:31
Jack drove once more through the streets of Toy City 4:08
Jack drove the car and Eddie sat trying to fold his arms... 4:38
Jack lifted Eddie, who clambered onto jack's head... 6:14
Jack sat awkwardly, nursing himself 7:34
Jack stared 2:33
Jack was suddenly covered in blood 3:00
Jack woke to find he had been thoughtfully covered... 4:39
Lobster Cracking (Air on a Loom) 6:06
Now, there is a knack to driving a car 2:22
Nursery Towers was big 5:54
Pelted with Stones 2:45
Presently he awoke from unconsciousness... 7:27
Presently they found themselves in a dead-end situation 3:56
Requiem for Jonny 4:50
Sides to a Story 4:25
Smart Hat Johnny 2:33
Some Call Me Laz 5:13
The cab was a fine looking automobile 4:59
The car was an Anders Faircloud... 4:19
The chocolate factory had big gates at the front... 3:49
The controller shouted instructions... 6:21
The exterior of the bawdy house was nothing to speak of 4:37
The exterior of Tinto's bar was colourful... 7:36
The Grand Salon of Oh Boy! was a monument to... 3:58
The moon was ducking down now... 5:55
The police van sped onwards through the night-time streets... 3:34
The sun was drifting down towards the horizon... 4:36
The two trudged up the toymaker's gravel drive... 6:31
The workroom was exactly as Jack might have expected... 3:46
There was a really nice police car parked near by, as it happened 5:59
Time passes slowly in a police interview room... 6:16
Tinto's voice became slower and slower... 9:34
Track 1 3:27
Track 2 4:16
Track 3 3:58
Track 4 4:52
Track 5 3:41
Track 6 3:48
Track 7 3:35
Track 8 3:36
Track 9 3:28
Track 10 4:42
Track 11 4:40
Track 12 4:51
Track 13 3:30
Track 14 5:31
Track 15 5:14
Wibbly inhabited a basement flat... 7:03
With a struggling lad beneath one big leg... 8:28
Would you mind opening the doors...' 6:01

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