member of:Antonio Faraò & "News From Europe" Trio (saxophone)
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers
artistic director for:Tipitina’s Interns
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
Hu Ta Nay
1982-05-20Aliciaalto saxophoneArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers5:54
1982-05-20Duck Soupalto saxophoneArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers6:01
1982-05-20My Funny Valentinealto saxophoneArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers8:16
1982-05-20Oh-By the Wayalto saxophoneArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers6:30
1982-05-20One by Onealto saxophoneArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers5:23
1982-05-20Sudan Bluealto saxophoneArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers7:09
1982-05-20Tropical Breezealto saxophoneArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers4:54
1983-01-27Little Manalto saxophoneArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers13:18
1983-01-27Moaninalto saxophoneArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers10:12
1983-01-27Polka Dots and Moonbeamsalto saxophoneArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers11:20
1983-01-27The Themealto saxophoneArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers3:56
1983-10-15 – 1983-10-16Doctor Drumsalto saxophoneTerence Blanchard, Donald Harrison5:58
1983-10-15 – 1983-10-16Duck Stepsalto saxophoneTerence Blanchard, Donald Harrison3:37
1983-10-15 – 1983-10-16I Can't Get Startedalto saxophoneTerence Blanchard, Donald Harrison3:21
1983-10-15 – 1983-10-16Isn't It So?alto saxophoneTerence Blanchard, Donald Harrison3:40
1983-10-15 – 1983-10-16New York Second Linealto saxophoneTerence Blanchard, Donald Harrison4:18
1983-10-15 – 1983-10-16Oliver's Twistalto saxophoneTerence Blanchard, Donald Harrison5:19
1983-10-15 – 1983-10-16Subterfugealto saxophoneTerence Blanchard, Donald Harrison7:48
1984-05Ballad Medley: My One and Only Love / It's Easy to Remember / Who Caresalto saxophoneArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers7:30
1984-05Controversyalto saxophoneArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers5:49
1984-05Falafelalto saxophoneArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers10:03
1984-05Oh, By the Wayalto saxophoneArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers10:21
1984-05Tenderlyalto saxophoneArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers11:20
1985-02-25Dr. Jeckyllalto saxophoneArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers11:19
1985-02-25I Want to Talk About Youalto saxophoneArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers6:39
1985-02-25On the Ginzaalto saxophoneArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers14:23
1985-02-25Two of a Kindalto saxophoneArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers19:53
1985-04-13Dr. JacklesaxophoneArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers5:22
1985-04-13I Love YousaxophoneArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers6:01
1985-04-13JodysaxophoneArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers9:12
1985-04-13Old FolkssaxophoneArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers4:02
1985-04-13Polka Dots and MoonbeamssaxophoneArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers10:18
1985-04-13Second ThoughtssaxophoneArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers8:45
1985-04-13You and the Night and the MusicsaxophoneArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers4:38
1985-06-12 – 1985-06-13All Is Wellalto saxophoneDon Pullen Quintet1:58
1985-06-12 – 1985-06-13Gratitudealto saxophoneDon Pullen Quintet7:36
1985-06-12 – 1985-06-13In the Beginningalto saxophoneDon Pullen Quintet11:56
1985-06-12 – 1985-06-13Tales From the Bright Sidealto saxophoneDon Pullen Quintet8:53
1985-06-12 – 1985-06-13The Sixth Sensealto saxophoneDon Pullen Quintet9:46
1985-06-18 – 1985-06-19Arboretumalto saxophoneTony Williams6:01
1985-06-18 – 1985-06-19Clearawatsalto saxophoneTony Williams5:09
1985-06-18 – 1985-06-19Foreign Intriguealto saxophoneTony Williams5:31
1985-06-18 – 1985-06-19Life Of The Partyalto saxophoneTony Williams6:10
1985-06-18 – 1985-06-19My Michelealto saxophoneTony Williams6:57
1985-06-18 – 1985-06-19Sister Cherylalto saxophoneTony Williams7:04
1985-06-18 – 1985-06-19Takin' My Timealto saxophoneTony Williams6:48
1985-12-30 – 1985-12-3181alto saxophoneArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers15:57
1985-12-30 – 1985-12-31Dr. Jeckylealto saxophoneArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers10:29
1985-12-30 – 1985-12-31Fuller Lovealto saxophoneArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers11:43
1985-12-30 – 1985-12-31Hide and Seekalto saxophoneArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers9:29
1985-12-30 – 1985-12-31I Want to Talk About Youalto saxophoneArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers10:38
1985-12-30 – 1985-12-31Little Manalto saxophoneArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers13:48
1985-12-30 – 1985-12-31New Yorkalto saxophoneArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers13:44
1985-12-30 – 1985-12-31One by Onealto saxophoneArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers5:59
1986-10-03 – 1986-10-04Bee VampreedsMal Waldron, Richard Davis, Eddie Blackwell, Donald Harrison, Terence Blanchard14:05
1986-10-03 – 1986-10-04Fire WaltzreedsMal Waldron, Richard Davis, Eddie Blackwell, Donald Harrison, Terence Blanchard17:26
1986-10-03 – 1986-10-04Number EightreedsMal Waldron, Richard Davis, Eddie Blackwell, Donald Harrison, Terence Blanchard15:54
1987-04-01 – 1987-04-03Crystal StairsaxophoneDonald Harrison & Terence Blanchard6:50
1987-04-01 – 1987-04-03Duck's RevengesaxophoneDonald Harrison & Terence Blanchard3:03
1987-04-01 – 1987-04-03EndicottsaxophoneDonald Harrison & Terence Blanchard7:08
1987-04-01 – 1987-04-03Forbidden DreamssaxophoneDonald Harrison & Terence Blanchard6:21
1987-04-01 – 1987-04-03God Bless the ChildsaxophoneDonald Harrison & Terence Blanchard4:13
1987-04-01 – 1987-04-03Grace of GodsaxophoneDonald Harrison & Terence Blanchard8:35
1987-04-01 – 1987-04-03NeoclassicismsaxophoneDonald Harrison & Terence Blanchard3:25
1987-04-01 – 1987-04-03SlamsaxophoneDonald Harrison & Terence Blanchard5:08
1987-04-01 – 1987-04-03Softly as in a Morning SunrisesaxophoneDonald Harrison & Terence Blanchard6:05
1993-02-25 – 1993-02-26Andreaalto saxophoneCharles Fambrough6:58
1993-02-25 – 1993-02-26Better Days Are Comingalto saxophoneCharles Fambrough7:55
1993-02-25 – 1993-02-26Blues for Bualto saxophoneCharles Fambrough13:37
1993-02-25 – 1993-02-26Duck Feathersalto saxophoneCharles Fambrough15:18
1993-02-25 – 1993-02-26Steve's Bluesalto saxophoneCharles Fambrough11:10
1993-09-05 – 1993-09-06Baptized in the FiresaxophoneEddie Allen6:14
1993-09-05 – 1993-09-06I Can't ExplainsaxophoneEddie Allen5:07
1993-09-05 – 1993-09-06It's the Nights I LikesaxophoneEddie Allen7:57
1993-09-05 – 1993-09-06LatersaxophoneEddie Allen3:19
1993-09-05 – 1993-09-06NudgesaxophoneEddie Allen5:46
1993-09-05 – 1993-09-06Once in a WhilesaxophoneEddie Allen7:52
1993-09-05 – 1993-09-06RemembrancesaxophoneEddie Allen6:26
1993-09-05 – 1993-09-06SarahsaxophoneEddie Allen6:45
1993-09-05 – 1993-09-06The SpoilersaxophoneEddie Allen7:08
1993-09-05 – 1993-09-06To Those Who Unselfishly GavesaxophoneEddie Allen6:34
1996-08-11 – 1996-08-13Amazing Gracealto saxophoneDonald Harrison0:50
1996-08-11 – 1996-08-13Bob Marleyalto saxophoneDonald Harrison5:58
1996-08-11 – 1996-08-13Christopher Jr.alto saxophoneDonald Harrison5:02
1996-08-11 – 1996-08-13Come Back Jackalto saxophoneDonald Harrison5:10
1996-08-11 – 1996-08-13Dance Hallalto saxophoneDonald Harrison6:42
1996-08-11 – 1996-08-13Duck's Groovealto saxophoneDonald Harrison0:55
1996-08-11 – 1996-08-13Eighty-Onealto saxophoneDonald Harrison5:26
1996-08-11 – 1996-08-13Little Flowersalto saxophoneDonald Harrison6:13
1996-08-11 – 1996-08-13New Hopealto saxophoneDonald Harrison7:19
1996-08-11 – 1996-08-13Nouveau Swingalto saxophoneDonald Harrison5:37
1996-08-11 – 1996-08-13One of a Kindalto saxophoneDonald Harrison3:28
1996-08-11 – 1996-08-13Setembroalto saxophoneDonald Harrison5:02
1996-08-11 – 1996-08-13Sincerely Yoursalto saxophoneDonald Harrison6:38
1996-08-11 – 1996-08-13South Side Peoplealto saxophoneDonald Harrison1:11
1997-06-26 – 1997-06-28Clairevoyancealto saxophoneBrian Lynch8:02
1997-06-26 – 1997-06-28Green Is Meanalto saxophoneBrian Lynch5:41
1997-06-26 – 1997-06-28Jamaica Silveralto saxophoneBrian Lynch5:46
1997-06-26 – 1997-06-28Lukemanalto saxophoneBrian Lynch13:34
1997-06-26 – 1997-06-28Oriental Folk Songalto saxophoneBrian Lynch8:23
1998-04-07A Streetcar Named Desirealto saxophoneTerence Blanchard7:55
1998-04-07Anatomy of a Murderalto saxophoneTerence Blanchard8:25
1998-04-07The Pawnbrokeralto saxophoneTerence Blanchard7:03
2007If That's Truealto saxophoneEsperanza Spalding7:33
2007She Got to Youalto saxophoneEsperanza Spalding4:29
2008-05-05 – 2008-05-06A Matterapatalto saxophoneDr. Lonnie Smith6:46
2008-05-05 – 2008-05-06And the World Weepsalto saxophoneDr. Lonnie Smith7:39
2008-05-05 – 2008-05-06Come Togetheralto saxophoneDr. Lonnie Smith5:07
2008-05-05 – 2008-05-06Dapper Danalto saxophoneDr. Lonnie Smith7:21
2008-05-05 – 2008-05-06People Make the World Go Roundalto saxophoneDr. Lonnie Smith10:42
2008-05-05 – 2008-05-06Pilgrimagealto saxophoneDr. Lonnie Smith6:49
2008-05-05 – 2008-05-06Sweet Dreamsalto saxophoneDr. Lonnie Smith6:47
2008-05-05 – 2008-05-06Tyronealto saxophoneDr. Lonnie Smith6:15
2008-05-05 – 2008-05-06Voodoo Dollalto saxophoneDr. Lonnie Smith4:42
2009-12-15Indian RedDonald Harrison, Jr.saxophoneDonald Harrison4:57
2011-05-28Hu Ta NaypercussionDonald Harrison & Friends5:24
2011-05-28Hu Ta NaysaxophoneDonald Harrison & Friends5:24
2016-04-11 – 2016-04-12Beyond Foreveralto saxophone and soloThe Cookers6:07
2016-04-11 – 2016-04-12Blackfootalto saxophone and soloThe Cookers5:41
2016-04-11 – 2016-04-12If One Could Only Seealto saxophoneThe Cookers10:02
2016-04-11 – 2016-04-12Oceans of Timealto saxophone and soloThe Cookers8:34
2016-04-11 – 2016-04-12Teule’s Redemptionalto saxophoneThe Cookers11:31
2016-04-11 – 2016-04-12The Call of the Wild and Peaceful Heartalto saxophoneThe Cookers11:11
2016-04-11 – 2016-04-12Third Phasealto saxophone and soloThe Cookers8:24
2016-04-11 – 2016-04-12Thy Will Be Donealto saxophoneThe Cookers12:39
All I Want Is Youalto saxophoneDonald Harrison3:47
Blues for Happy PeoplesaxophoneDonald Harrison, Ron Carter & Billy Cobham4:46
Blues M45alto saxophoneRoy Haynes7:07
Body and SoulsaxophoneDonald Harrison, Ron Carter & Billy Cobham10:49
Caravan (Who Is the Funky Drummer)alto saxophoneDonald Harrison5:18
Ceoraalto saxophoneDonald Harrison5:00
Close the Dooralto saxophoneDonald Harrison5:46
Cool Breezealto saxophoneDonald Harrison5:20
Easy LivingsaxophoneDonald Harrison, Ron Carter & Billy Cobham8:37
EP Bluesalto saxophoneEddie Palmieri8:18
Fouralto saxophoneDonald Harrison4:05
Goin’ Homeadditional and alto saxophoneB.B. King with Ivan Neville's Dumpstaphunk2:17
Good for the Soulalto saxophoneRoy Haynes6:44
GuidancesaxophoneGuru feat. Amel Larrieux4:02
Harrisburg AddresssaxophoneDonald Harrison, Ron Carter & Billy Cobham10:26
I'll Remember AprilsaxophoneDonald Harrison, Ron Carter & Billy Cobham9:30
If I Couldalto saxophoneRoy Haynes8:12
In Flightalto saxophoneEddie Palmieri5:42
In Walked Budalto saxophoneEddie Palmieri6:00
Jamesalto saxophoneRoy Haynes4:35
JavaDonald Harrison Jr.alto saxophoneStanton Moore4:56
John McKeealto saxophoneRoy Haynes6:25
Just Like ThatsaxophoneForgotten Souls Brass Band5:05
Kielalto saxophoneChristian Scott6:20
Like Thisalto saxophoneRoy Haynes5:27
Model Aalto saxophoneKevin Eubanks5:28
Nica's Dreamalto saxophoneEddie Palmieri5:53
Nouveau Swingalto saxophoneDonald Harrison7:41
Oriental Folk Songalto saxophoneDonald Harrison7:53
Paradise Foundalto saxophoneChristian Scott6:35
RiverboatDonald Harrison Jr.alto saxophoneStanton Moore6:00
Shadowbrooksoprano saxophoneDonald Harrison6:37
Sincerely Yoursalto saxophoneDonald Harrison9:26
So Whatalto saxophoneChristian Scott4:06
St. Louis bluestenor saxophoneLarry Coryell5:20
Star EyessaxophoneDonald Harrison, Ron Carter & Billy Cobham10:33
Subealto saxophone and soloEddie Palmieri4:38
Suicidealto saxophoneChristian Scott6:44
Summertimealto saxophoneDonald Harrison9:28
The Hook Upalto saxophoneDonald Harrison9:08
The Power of Coolalto saxophoneDonald Harrison6:07
The Survivoralto saxophoneDonald Harrison8:48
The Tropic of Coolsopranino saxophoneDonald Harrison5:00
The Wind Cries Maryalto saxophoneDonald Harrison4:12
Third PlanesaxophoneDonald Harrison, Ron Carter & Billy Cobham8:31
Till U Comebackalto saxophoneDonald Harrison4:47
Tin Tin Deoalto saxophoneEddie Palmieri6:21
Too Fastalto saxophoneDonald Harrison5:59
Trigonometryalto saxophoneRoy Haynes7:15
Trinkle Twinklealto saxophoneRoy Haynes6:22
Twerk It Upalto saxophoneDonald Harrison8:42
Vals con bataalto saxophoneEddie Palmieri5:16
Vera Cruzsopranino saxophoneLarry Coryell9:04
Vera Cruzalto saxophoneLarry Coryell9:04
When I See Youalto saxophoneOlu Dara and The Natchezippi Band feat. Donald Harrison, Jr.3:50
Message: The Art Of Blakeyalto saxophoneArt Blakey & The Jazz Messengers
Rise Up!alto saxophoneDr. Lonnie Smith
Hu Ta Nay
Amazing GraceDonald Harrison0:50
Bob MarleyDonald Harrison5:58
Christopher Jr.Donald Harrison5:02
Come Back JackDonald Harrison5:10
Dance HallDonald Harrison6:42
Duck's GrooveDonald Harrison0:55
Eighty-OneDonald Harrison5:26
Indian RedDonald Harrison4:57
Little FlowersDonald Harrison6:13
New HopeDonald Harrison7:19
Nouveau SwingDonald Harrison5:37
One of a KindDonald Harrison3:28
SetembroDonald Harrison5:02
Sincerely YoursDonald Harrison6:38
South Side PeopleDonald Harrison1:11
2011-05-28Hu Ta NayDonald Harrison & Friends5:24