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Date Title Artist Length
Brich es! (Lights of Euphoria mix) E-Craft 4:15
Corrosion (Lights of Euphoria mix) Decoded Feedback 5:42
Damn the Lie (Lights of Euphoria mix) Absurd Minds 5:00
Disappoint (Ward of Fear mix) Assemblage 23 5:45
End of Ages (Lights of Euphoria remix) Grendel 5:24
Forever (Knowledge remix by Lights of Euphoria) Bruderschaft 6:24
I Don’t Need You Anymore (Aqualite remix) Van Gils & Benno De Goeij 7:04
Industrial Love (Lightning version by Lights of Euphoria) In Strict Confidence 4:49
Laughingstock (Sandstorm-remix by Lights of Euphoria) [:SITD:] 5:26
Lies to Tell (Lights of Euphoria remix) Leæther Strip 4:51
Love Breeds Suicide (Lights of Euphoria remix) Suicide Commando 5:33
Nervenkrieg (Lights of Euphoria mix) Painbastard 5:18
Organism (Lights of Euphoria Neuphoric Mix) Regenerator 5:10
Punto Omega (Lights of Euphoria remix) Punto Omega 5:00
Slut (Light and Shadow) L’Âme Immortelle 4:23
So Much for Love (LOE Cafe mix) Cylix 3:37
The Dark Inside Me (Lights of Euphoria mix) Solitary Experiments 5:02