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This is a Special Purpose Artist; as such, it is a catch-all artist for language courses and the like.

For a list of candidates to be merged with this SPA, see the language instruction tag. Feel free to tag other candidates!

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Other + Spokenword

English G21 A2 Schülerfassung (Workbook und Schülerbuch)[language instruction]1
English to NorwegianUniverb1
Express Track to ItalianBarron's Education1
Express Track to Italian - Unit 2Barron's Education1
Expresskurs Russisch[language instruction]1
Französisch in 30 Tagen[language instruction]1
Französisch: Keine Hexerei[language instruction]1
German: Level 1Learn in Your Car1
German: Level 2Learn in Your Car1
German: Level 3Learn in Your Car1
Grade 1 Orange CD 2Hooked on Phonics - Learn to Read1
Greek Course[language instruction]1
Griechisch für unterwegs[language instruction]1
Hebrew Level 1Rosetta Stone4
Hebrew Level 2Rosetta Stone4
Hebrew Level 3Rosetta Stone4
Hebrew Travel PackBerlitz1
Hugo in 3 Months - German[language instruction]1
Instant Immersion: German[language instruction]1
Italien 3ème, collège, cycle d'orientationCNED1
Italien 4ème LV2 (Palier 1 année 1)CNED1
Japanisch, bitte! Nihongo de dooso![language instruction]1
Mandarin Chinese Level 1Penton Learn In Your Car1
New Basic German Unit 2Berlitz1
Powerkurs für Anfänger[language instruction]1
Powerkurs für Anfänger - Griechisch[language instruction]1
Powerkurs für Anfänger - Türkisch[language instruction]1
Powerkurs Schwedisch[language instruction]1
Praktischer Sprachlehrgang Griechisch[language instruction]1
Praktischer Sprachlehrgang Griechisch: Hör- und Sprechtraining[language instruction]1
Praktischer Sprachlehrgang Polnisch: Hör- und Sprechtraining[language instruction]1
Quickstart Spanish[language instruction]1
Russian: Level 1Penton1
Spanish Level 1Learn in Your Car2
Spanish Level 1Rosetta Stone1
Spanish Level 2Learn in Your Car1
Spanish Level 3Learn in Your Car1
Spanish Level 3 Disc 1 Lessons 82-92Penton Learn In Your Car1
Sprachen Lernen mit Musik - voyager: verreisen[language instruction]1
studio d B1[language instruction]1
Sueños: World Spanish[language instruction]1
TagalogTeach Yourself1
Take Off in RussianOxford University Press1
Teach Yourself DanishTeach Yourself1
Teach Yourself IrishTeach Yourself1
Teach Yourself: Complete Korean[language instruction]1
Think and Talk Spanish (Units 3 and 4)Berlitz1
Total FrenchMichel Thomas Method1
Vol.01 DAILY ENGLISHSpeed Learning - Beginner - English Version1

Broadcast + Spokenword

2006Introductions[language instruction]1
2006At the party[language instruction]1
2006Family[language instruction]1
2006Making an appointment[language instruction]1
2006Shopping[language instruction]1
2006At the store[language instruction]1
2006Giving and asking for directions[language instruction]1
2006Getting ill[language instruction]1
2006Commands[language instruction]1
2006At the cinema[language instruction]1
2006What are we going to eat?[language instruction]1
2006Looking for an apartment[language instruction]1
2006At the kiosk[language instruction]1
2006At the post office[language instruction]1
2006Working out[language instruction]1
2006How I spent my weekend[language instruction]1
2006Looking for a job[language instruction]1
2006At the super market/at the open-air market[language instruction]1
2006At the travel office[language instruction]1
2006Faulty products[language instruction]1
2006Weather[language instruction]1
2006Cinema tickets[language instruction]1
2006Directions for use[language instruction]1
2006Moving house[language instruction]1
2006A new telephone number[language instruction]1
2006At the bookstore[language instruction]1
2006At the bar[language instruction]1
2006At the hotel[language instruction]1
2006At the doctor's[language instruction]1
2006At the bus stop[language instruction]1
2006Using the ATM[language instruction]1
2006Homework[language instruction]1
2006Dialing the wrong number[language instruction]1
2006At the super market/At the street market[language instruction]1
2006Preferences[language instruction]1
2006At the hospital[language instruction]1
2006Congratulations and sympathy[language instruction]1
2006At the Police Station[language instruction]1
2006At the hairdresser's[language instruction]1
2006Family and feelings[language instruction]1
2006At the video store/At the record store[language instruction]1
2006Damages in the house/The plumber[language instruction]1
2006Pollution/Measures[language instruction]1
2007Apologies and excuses[language instruction]1
2007The Power Company bill[language instruction]1
2007Utilities/Flat owners' meeting[language instruction]1
2007A break in/The Police[language instruction]1
2007Theater tickets[language instruction]1
2007Arguing over a party[language instruction]1
2011At the cosmetics store/At the jeweller's[language instruction]1
2011At the dietician[language instruction]1

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