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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Arriving in Barcelona 6 [language instruction] 0:29
Årstiderne Univerb 1:32
Asking about price and numbers 30 to 70 BBC Languages 1:55
Asking About the Music [language instruction] 1:06
Asking About Weather [language instruction] 2:02
Asking Directions [language instruction] 3:08
Asking Directions [language instruction] 3:09
Asking Directions [language instruction] 3:17
Asking Directions [language instruction] 3:17
Asking Directions [language instruction] 2:41
Asking Directions 1 [language instruction] 1:51
Asking Directions 2 [language instruction] 1:43
Asking Directions to a Bookstore (Chapter 12) [language instruction] 1:43
Asking for a Doctor [language instruction] 1:52
Asking for a room BBC Languages 1:31
Asking for simple directions BBC Languages 1:26
Asking How much? and numbers 11 to 20 BBC Languages 1:16
Asking People Where They Are From (Chapter 3) [language instruction] 1:22
Asking Questions [language instruction] 6:27
Asking Questions and Describing Things [language instruction] 5:48
Asking Questions and Describing Things [language instruction] 6:43
Asking the Time (Chapter 4) [language instruction] 1:21
Asking the way [language instruction] 1:12
Asking what there is to see BBC Languages 1:55
Aspirine en ville [language instruction] 1:32
At a restaurant [language instruction] 1:56
At Home [language instruction] 3:41
At school [language instruction] 2:35
At School [language instruction] 3:11
At the Airport [language instruction] 3:03
At the Airport [language instruction] 3:05
At the Airport [language instruction] 3:12
At the Airport [language instruction] 3:00
At the Airport [language instruction] 2:22
At the Airport [language instruction] ?:??
At the Airport 1 [language instruction] 1:46
At the Airport 2 [language instruction] 2:54
At the Airport 3 [language instruction] 0:36
At the Airport 4 [language instruction] 1:31
At the Airport 5 [language instruction] 3:17
At the Airport 6 [language instruction] 0:41
At the bar [language instruction] 7:41
At the bookstore [language instruction] 7:56
At the bus stop [language instruction] 7:12
At the cinema [language instruction] 8:56
At the cosmetics store/At the jeweller's [language instruction] 9:14
At the dietician [language instruction] 9:07
At the doctor's [language instruction] 2:00
At the doctor's [language instruction] 8:16
At the hairdresser's [language instruction] 7:59
At the hospital [language instruction] 7:16
At the hotel [language instruction] 8:06
At the Hotel [language instruction] 3:49
At the Hotel [language instruction] 3:47
At the Hotel [language instruction] 3:44
At the Hotel [language instruction] 2:16
At the Hotel [language instruction] 3:29
At the kiosk [language instruction] 8:59
At the market [language instruction] 0:55
At the Metro [language instruction] 8:30
At the party [language instruction] 8:11
At the Police Station [language instruction] 8:33
At the post office [language instruction] 8:37
At the restaurant Earworms 7:21
At the restaurant [language instruction] 2:04
At the Restaurant [language instruction] 7:54
At the Restaurant [language instruction] 6:58
At the Restaurant [language instruction] 4:13
At the Restaurant [language instruction] 6:37
At the Restauraunt [language instruction] 7:06
At the shops [language instruction] 1:52
At the store [language instruction] 8:21
At the super market/at the open-air market [language instruction] 8:14
At the super market/At the street market [language instruction] 7:59
At the taverna Earworms 9:01
At the Train Station [language instruction] 1:53
At the Train Station [language instruction] 1:44
At the Train Station [language instruction] 1:54
At the Train Station [language instruction] 1:31
At the travel office [language instruction] 9:08
At the U.S. Consulate [language instruction] 22:08
At the video store/At the record store [language instruction] 8:27
Au Café Smart språkkurs 2:51
Au camp de vacances 1 [language instruction] 0:17
Au camp de vacances 2 [language instruction] 0:40
Au camp de vacances 3 [language instruction] 0:44
Au camp de vacances 4 [language instruction] 0:47
Au club d'escalade 1 [language instruction] 0:20
Au club d'escalade 2 [language instruction] 0:50
Au club d'escalade 3 [language instruction] 0:09
Au club d'escalade 4 [language instruction] 0:21
Au club d'escalade 5 [language instruction] 0:08
Au club d'escalade 6 [language instruction] 0:53
Au cours de dessins [language instruction] 1:25
Au cyberkafé Smart språkkurs 2:28
Au feu rouge & Phonétique (p74-77) (1) [language instruction] 1:25
Au feu rouge & Phonétique (p74-77) (2) [language instruction] 0:34
Au feu rouge & Phonétique (p74-77) (3) [language instruction] 1:23
Au feu rouge & Phonétique (p74-77) (4) [language instruction] 1:20
Au feu rouge & Phonétique (p74-77) (5) [language instruction] 1:15

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