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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Situation 10 : Exercice six : Conversation [language instruction] 2:03
Situation 10 : Exercice trois [language instruction] 1:47
Situation 10 : Exercice un [language instruction] 1:44
Situation 10 : Imaginez-vous... [language instruction] 0:40
Six Little Ducks [language instruction] 1:15
Slang [language instruction] 1:16
Slang [language instruction] 1:13
Snacks and Drinks - Vocabulary [language instruction] 3:07
Snowdrops in winter [language instruction] 0:17
Snowman Song [language instruction] 3:36
Soccer in Greece [language instruction] 4:21
Some Basic Questions and Answers [language instruction] 7:47
Some Problem Words [language instruction] 1:12
Song : Old McDonald - Listening 11 - p.28 - Actividad 1 Oxford University Press 1:31
Song: À la clair fontaine [language instruction] 6:22
Song: Ainsi font, font, font [language instruction] 1:15
Song: Apples and bananas [language instruction] 1:03
Song: Apples and bananas - Version 2 [language instruction] 1:32
Song: Au clair de la lune [language instruction] 3:05
Song: C'era una volta [language instruction] 3:13
Song: Cadet Rousselle [language instruction] 4:10
Song: Che bel castello [language instruction] 1:57
Song: Cu-cu, cu-cu [language instruction] 3:04
Song: Days of the week [language instruction] 1:15
Song: Faid dodo [language instruction] 3:16
Song: Father Christmas [language instruction] 0:33
Song: Five little ducks [language instruction] 1:52
Song: Frère Jacques [language instruction] 1:48
Song: Frère Jacques (reprise) [language instruction] 1:45
Song: Girotondo [language instruction] 1:47
Song: Giu nell'orto [language instruction] 2:06
Song: Goodbye, children [language instruction] 0:24
Song: Grillo, grillino [language instruction] 2:49
Song: Happy birthday [language instruction] 0:33
Song: Happy birthday [language instruction] 0:33
Song: Head and shoulders [language instruction] 0:34
Song: Head and shoulders [language instruction] 0:52
Song: Hello, goodbye [language instruction] 0:51
Song: Hot cross buns [language instruction] 0:32
Song: I can sing a rainbow [language instruction] 1:42
Song: I hear thunder [language instruction] 0:33
Song: I sent a letter to my love [language instruction] 0:29
Song: I'll be there for you New Headway English Course (Liz & John Soars) 2:50
Song: I'm a troll [language instruction] 0:29
Song: I'm Mr Mole [language instruction] 0:29
Song: If you're happy [language instruction] 0:53
Song: Il était un petit navire [language instruction] 4:33
Song: Il était une bergère [language instruction] 3:58
Song: Il pollaio [language instruction] 2:32
Song: J'ai descendu dans mon jardin [language instruction] 1:46
Song: Joyeux anniversaire [language instruction] 0:37
Song: Killing me softly with this song New Headway English Course (Liz & John Soars) 5:01
Song: La Carolina [language instruction] 3:06
Song: La storia del pane [language instruction] 3:23
Song: Le Furet [language instruction] 2:18
Song: Le voci della giornata [language instruction] 2:43
Song: Let's go by bus [language instruction] 1:38
Song: Listen to the rain [language instruction] 0:41
Song: Mary had a baby [language instruction] 0:35
Song: My mother is a teacher [language instruction] 2:51
Song: O Teresina! [language instruction] 2:57
Song: O Teresina! (reprise) [language instruction] 2:55
Song: Old MacDonald had a farm [language instruction] 2:13
Song: Povero merlo mio! [language instruction] 2:14
Song: Quand trois poules s'en vont aux champs [language instruction] 2:01
Song: Santa Claus is coming [language instruction] 1:13
Song: Savez-vous planter les choux ? [language instruction] 2:42
Song: Sing a Rainbow - Listening 5 - p.14 - Actividad 1 Oxford University Press 1:30
Song: Sitting on the dock of the bay New Headway English Course (Liz & John Soars) 3:34
Song: Stornelli della mamma [language instruction] 5:02
Song: Sur le pont [language instruction] 2:29
Song: Ten little teddy bears - Listening 17 - p.42 - Actividad 1 Oxford University Press 1:19
Song: Tête, épaules, genoux et pieds [language instruction] 1:35
Song: The hokey-cokey [language instruction] 3:01
Song: The lion is the king of the jungle [language instruction] 0:57
Song: The present goes round and round [language instruction] 0:50
Song: The wheels on the bus [language instruction] 1:11
Song: This is the way [language instruction] 1:27
Song: Today is Monday [language instruction] 2:20
Song: Un gran tesoro [language instruction] 1:39
Song: Vieni, mia bella biondina [language instruction] 1:53
Song: We wish you a Merry Christmas [language instruction] 0:46
Song: Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? [language instruction] 0:47
Song: Wind the bobbin up [language instruction] 0:37
Sonria, por favor [language instruction] 2:38
Sorcélines Tiere [language instruction] 6:25
Sorry! Oxford University Press 1:19
Souvenirs de Donneville 4 [language instruction] 0:33
Souvenirs de Paris 3 [language instruction] 0:23
Souvenirs de Pont d'Arc 1 [language instruction] 0:34
Souvenirs de Saint-Malo 2 [language instruction] 0:38
Soy estudiante [language instruction] 4:52
Spaans [language instruction] ?:??
Speak loudly, please [language instruction] 0:39
Speaking to a Customs Agent Wiley 2:05
Sport [language instruction] 0:59
Sport Univerb 4:05
Sport und Spiel [language instruction] 1:02
Sports [language instruction] 2:11
Sports and Recreation [language instruction] 2:34

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