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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Phonetik intensiv (Vokale) [language instruction] 0:38
Phonetik intensiv (Vokale) [language instruction] 0:38
Phrases [language instruction] 2:46
Phrases and Questions [language instruction] 3:25
Phrases for Meeting Somebody [language instruction] 5:10
Phyme: Les Couleurs de l'univers [language instruction] 0:23
Ping pong and Mahjong [language instruction] 0:41
Pingpong und Mah-Jongg [language instruction] 0:41
Place settings [language instruction] 1:22
Planning a Trip - Packing [language instruction] 2:13
Planning a Trip by Plane [language instruction] 3:15
Planning to See a Movie Wiley 2:31
Playback: Apples and bananas [language instruction] 0:58
Playback: Bienvenue au collège! [language instruction] 0:45
Playback: Bonjour la France [language instruction] 3:45
Playback: Days of the week [language instruction] 1:14
Playback: Ensemble, on fait des découvertes. [language instruction] 2:33
Playback: Father Christmas [language instruction] 0:28
Playback: Five little ducks [language instruction] 1:45
Playback: Goodbye, children [language instruction] 0:19
Playback: Happy birthday [language instruction] 0:27
Playback: Happy birthday [language instruction] 0:30
Playback: Head and shoulders [language instruction] 0:30
Playback: Head and shoulders [language instruction] 0:49
Playback: Hello, goodbye [language instruction] 0:46
Playback: Hot cross buns [language instruction] 0:26
Playback: I can sing a rainbow [language instruction] 0:45
Playback: I hear thunder [language instruction] 0:28
Playback: I sent a letter to my love [language instruction] 0:27
Playback: I'm a troll [language instruction] 0:25
Playback: I'm Mr Mole [language instruction] 0:25
Playback: If you're happy [language instruction] 0:49
Playback: Let's go by bus [language instruction] 1:37
Playback: Listen to the rain [language instruction] 0:40
Playback: Mary had a baby [language instruction] 0:32
Playback: My mother is a teacher [language instruction] 2:48
Playback: Old MacDonald had a farm [language instruction] 2:07
Playback: Santa Claus is coming [language instruction] 1:12
Playback: The hokey-cokey [language instruction] 2:57
Playback: The lion is the king of the jungle [language instruction] 0:54
Playback: The present goes round and round [language instruction] 0:44
Playback: The wheels on the bus [language instruction] 1:06
Playback: This is the way [language instruction] 1:22
Playback: Today is Monday [language instruction] 2:16
Playback: We wish you a Merry Christmas [language instruction] 0:39
Playback: Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? [language instruction] 0:42
Playback: Wind the bobbin up [language instruction] 0:32
Playing Tennis Tomorrow (Chapter 8) [language instruction] 1:31
Poème A [language instruction] 0:34
Poème B [language instruction] 0:37
Pojedeme autem! [language instruction] 1:31
Polite Expressions [language instruction] 2:47
Polizei Kauderwelsch AusspracheTrainer 1:02
Pollution/Measures [language instruction] 8:06
Portuguese Equivalents of Some English Idioms [language instruction] 3:31
Possessivartikel im Nominativ (phonetik) [language instruction] 0:21
Post & Telefon Kauderwelsch AusspracheTrainer 0:39
Post Office - Vocabulary [language instruction] 3:37
Post Offices and Banks [language instruction] 2:22
Post und Telefon Kauderwelsch AusspracheTrainer 1:47
Post, Bank, Behörden Kauderwelsch AusspracheTrainer ?:??
Post, Telefon und Bank [language instruction] 3:09
Postcards and Stamps 1 [language instruction] 1:41
Postcards and Stamps 2 [language instruction] 4:29
Postcards and Stamps 3 [language instruction] 0:37
Postcards and Stamps 4 [language instruction] 1:36
Postcards and Stamps 5 [language instruction] 2:51
Postcards and Stamps 6 [language instruction] 0:47
Pour aller à la Gare du Nord, s'il vous plaît? (p72-73) (1) [language instruction] 1:23
Pour aller à la Gare du Nord, s'il vous plaît? (p72-73) (2) [language instruction] 1:59
Pour moi, un menu du jour (p130) (1) [language instruction] 0:46
Pour moi, un menu du jour (p130) (2) [language instruction] 2:41
Practicas algun deporte? [language instruction] 3:48
Practice 1. Text and Excercise [language instruction] 2:50
Practice 2. Dialogue: Na esplanada [language instruction] 1:13
Practice 3. Dialogue: A senhora Smith procura un banco ... [language instruction] 1:03
Practice 4. Dialogue No banco [language instruction] 1:46
Practice 5. Dialogue: Problemas con telefones [language instruction] 1:56
Practice 6. Dialogue: Um dia de anos [language instruction] 2:36
Practice 7. Dialogue: Um senhor muito chato entra numa loja ... [language instruction] 1:58
Practice 8. Dialogue: Uma senhora, que tinha visto um ladrao ... [language instruction] 1:44
Practice 9. Dialogue: As ferias ... [language instruction] 0:59
Practice Speaking with Native Certified Language Teachers [language instruction] 0:32
Practice Time [language instruction] 1:39
Practicing Chinese Initials Wiley 3:54
Practicing Chinese Tones Wiley 1:10
Prager Schönheiten [language instruction] 0:56
Prager Untergrund [language instruction] 0:48
Prapositionen + Dativ [language instruction] 0:29
Pratique [language instruction] 1:12
Preferences [language instruction] 8:07
Preferences/Birthdays [language instruction] 8:03
Preferences/Priorities [language instruction] 7:59
Přejete si? [language instruction] 1:48
Preparo la cena todas las noches [language instruction] 4:54
Prima giorno in ufficio (11) [language instruction] 3:54
Problems, problems! Earworms 7:38
Problems, problems! Earworms 8:11
Problems, problems! Earworms 5:52
Problems, problems! Earworms 6:44

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