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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
A Few Thousand More Azoora 5:04
A Thousand Ways Azoora 4:44
Astray Azoora 4:58
Be Here Azoora 4:29
Be Here Goes Into the Deep Azoora 4:02
Bein' Alone Azoora featuring Graciellita 4:36
Bit by Bit Azoora featuring Graciellita 4:04
Cruise Control Azoora 2:54
Cruise Control Attacks!!! Azoora 4:28
Desert Storms Azoora 4:07
Desert Storms (remix) Azoora 4:09
Episodes Azoora featuring Graciellita 3:36
Fantastic 64 Azoora 4:35
His Majesty - Return of the King Azoora 4:33
Keep on Running Azoora 3:45
Life of Fantastic Azoora 4:55
Love Will Find It's Own Way Azoora 4:51
Love Will Find It's Own Way (remix) Azoora 5:17
Lying Back - Fire in Our Eyes Azoora 3:42
Lying Back - Stare at the Skies Azoora 5:11
Marzipan Azoora 4:24
Marzipan (remix) Azoora 5:08
Marzipan Remix Azoora 5:06
Motionless Azoora featuring Graciellita 4:06
On My Terms Azoora 5:37
On My Terms Again Azoora 5:40
Predetermined Azoora 4:35
Premeditated Azoora 5:56
Pretense Release Azoora 3:27
Restless Azoora 5:09
Restless at the Hacienda Azoora 4:34
Second Coming Azoora 3:21
Second Sight Azoora 3:53
Second Sight Azoora 3:53
Shadow of You Azoora 4:00
She's Coming Azoora 3:37
She's Coming Deep Down Azoora 3:41
Sleep on the Way Azoora 4:07
Tension Azoora 3:59
The King Azoora 3:53
Too Late (feat. Trudi Lawrence) Azoora 3:36
Ugly Weather Azoora featuring Graciellita 4:12
You Capture Me Azoora 3:22
You Capture Me in Slow Motion Azoora 4:31

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