I-Octane (Reggae singer)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
A Yah Wi Deh I-Octane feat. Ky-Mani Marley 2:54
All We Need Is Love I Octane feat. Tarrus Riley 3:19
Babylon I-Octane 3:33
Badmind Dem a Pree I-Octane & Bounty Killer ?:??
Blood a Go Run I-Octane 3:37
Blood A Go Run I-Octane 3:37
Burn Dem Bridge I-Octane 3:09
Burn Dem Bridge I-Octane 2:58
Burn Dem Bridge I-Octane 3:07
Burn It I-Octane 3:23
Bwoy Yuh Deaf I-Octane 1:07
Can't Suffer Nitty Kutchie feat. I-Octane 3:29
Crime A Rise I-Octane 3:21
Crying for the Nation I-Octane 4:01
Crying for the Nation (instrumental) I-Octane 4:05
Crying for the Nation (TV) I-Octane 4:05
Different Page I-Octane 3:09
Double Trouble I-Octane & Bounty Killer ?:??
Everywhere We Go I-Octane 2:40
Example For The Poor I-Octane 2:50
Falling I-Octane 2:53
False Pretenders I-Octane 4:01
Flashlite Ana Caprix feat. I-Octane 3:20
Fly Over Badmind People I-Octane 1:53
Gal a Gimmi Bun I-Octane 2:51
Gal Gimmie Bun I-Octane 2:51
Go Hard Wayne Marshall feat. Damian Marley & Bounty Killer & I-Octane & Idonia & Vybz Kartel 3:27
Go Hard Wayne Marshall feat. Asssassin, Aidonia, I-Octane, Bounty Killer, Damian Marley & Vybz Kartel 3:45
Help I Please I Octane 2:51
I Will Be There I-Octane 3:39
Its Alright I-Octane feat. Gentleman 3:18
Jah Jah Mission I-Octane 3:11
Jah Jah Mission I-Octane 3:11
Jah Jah Warrior I-Octane 3:14
Jiggle Fi Mi I-Octane 3:17
Julene Duane Stephenson feat. I-Octane 3:44
L.O.V.E. Y.O.U. I Octane 3:29
Life of the Ghetto (dub) I Octane 1:46
Lighters Up I-Octane feat. Alaine 3:30
Long Division I-Octane & Spice 3:03
Lose a Friend I-Octane 3:35
Lose a Friend I-Octane 1:42
Lose a Friend I-Octane 3:34
Lost Our Way I-Octane 3:54
Lost Our Way I-Octane 3:51
Love Di Vibes I-Octane 3:23
Love You Like I Do I-Octane ?:??
Love You Like I Do I-Octane 3:14
Mama You Alone I-Octane 3:13
Mama You Alone I-Octane 4:00
Mama You Alone I-Octane 4:01
Mamma I-Octane 4:46
Me Know Seh I-Octane 2:45
Million Miles Away I-Octane 4:38
Mind Who You Diss I-Octane ?:??
Miss a Loop I-Octane 3:36
Missing You I-Octane 4:02
Missing You I-Octane 4:15
Missing You (remix) I Octane feat. Agent Sasco 4:05
My Life I-Octane 2:44
My Life I-Octane 3:34
My Problem's Gone I-Octane 3:06
My Problems Gone I-Octane 3:17
My Story I-Octane 3:02
My Story I-Octane 3:01
Nah Let Dem Kill Me I-Octane 1:04
No Love Inna Dem I-Octane ?:??
No Love inna Them I Octane 1:44
No More I-Octane 3:23
No More Violence I Octane 3:18
Nuh Frighten We I-Octane ?:??
Nuh Let Dem Kill Me I-Octane 3:51
Nuh Love inna Dem I Octane 3:24
Nuh Ramp Wid We I-Octane 3:19
Nuh Ramp Wid We I-Octane ?:??
Once More I-Octane 2:52
Once More I Octane 2:53
Once More I-Octane ?:??
Pain & Suffering Bugle feat. I-Octane 4:09
Peepin' Tom (Evian Christ UN edit) I-Octane 3:59
Poverty I-Octane 3:22
Prayer Yomo, Bad Bunny, I-Octane, Benny Benni, Almighty & DJ Luian 5:12
Pressure I-Octane 3:11
Pretty Little Flower I Octane 2:15
Pretty Loud I-Octane feat. J Boog 3:24
Puff it I-Octane 3:28
Puff It I-Octane ?:??
Puff It I-Octane 3:26
Rough Road (remix) Demarco, I-Octane & Chronixx 3:59
Rules of Life I Octane 3:50
Sew Thy Seeds I-Octane ?:??
Sinking Sand I-Octane 3:26
Space for All of Us I Octane feat. Alborosie 3:50
Stab Vampire I-Octane ?:??
Stepping in the Name of Love I-Octane 4:16
System a Beat Dem I Octane 2:59
Thank You Father I-Octane 4:26
Thank You Father I-Octane 4:26
The Master's Plan I Octane 4:07
Think a little time I-Octane 3:30

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