Name ISRCs Rating Length
’Deed I Do GBUM70707946 2:38
A Foggy Day GBUM70707937 5:57
Adventures in Paradise USWH19800600 3:47
All the Love USWH19101159 3:42
All the Love 5:30
All the Love (live) USTRP0400028 4:02
All This Love USWH19800814 5:28
All This Love (radio mix w/ guitar solo) USWH19800907 4:21
All This Love (radio mix) USWH19800906 3:33
All This Love (remix) USWH19800902 5:03
All This Love (Smooth Jazz edit) 4:17
As Time Goes By USWH19101160 2:54
Better Than Anything USWH18801158 3:17
Better Than Anything 4:38
Better Than Anything (live) USTRP0400030 4:40
Better Than Everything (live, 1988: USA) 3:59
Blast Past Your Illusions USTRP0200009 5:23
Can’t Help Falling in Love USTRP0200012 3:29
Cantador (Like a Lover) USWH18901084 5:07
Captain for Dark Mornings USWH19800601 4:26
Castles Made of Sand / Little Wing USWH18901025 5:57
Chocolate Moment USTRP0200007 5:00
Christmas Wish USWH19800726 4:26
Christmas Wish 3:17
Close to You USTRP0200019 6:18
Comfort Me USTRP0200001 5:30
Dance With Me USWH19800813 4:43
Dream USWH19101043 4:49
Drum USSM10025987 3:02
Early Morning Music Box USWH10000033 3:48
Embraceable You GBUM70707945 3:54
Europa USWH18901086 5:03
Europa 10:22
Europa (live) USTRP0400026 8:33
Europa (live, 1988: USA) 7:03
Everything Is Gonna Be Alright (live, 1988: USA) 3:55
Everything’s Gonna Be All Right USWH18801157 3:55
Forgiveness USWH19800607 4:39
Friends in High Places USWH19101153 4:28
From Now On (We’re One) USWH19101155 4:33
Getaway USSM10025990 4:36
Glory Glory USWH18901087 7:26
Heaven Down Here USSM10107576 4:58
High Heel Blues USWH19101158 4:57
High Heel Blues 9:17
High Heel Blues (live) USTRP0400025 9:03
Hold Me Tight and Don’t Let Go USTRP0200017 3:03
Hold Out, Hold Up and Hold On USWH18901083 4:43
Holiday… Paradise Found USWH19800604 4:15
Honey Pie USWH18901081 2:34
I Remember You GBUM70707939 3:52
I Was Born to Love You USTRP0200016 4:42
I Will USWH19800605 2:56
I Wish USWH19101156 4:17
I’ve Got Just About Everything USWH18801155 3:12
I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face USWH19800603 3:09
If It’s Magic USWH18901088 4:40
In a Sentimental Mood GBUM70707944 4:34
In My Life USSM10026742 3:26
Interlude in the Key of P USTRP0200008 3:50
It Might as Well Be Spring GBUM70707943 5:28
Joy Spring USWH19800682 2:40
Just the Way You Are USTRP0200014 4:31
Knowing USTRP0200010 5:47
Learning How to Fly USSM10022106 4:27
Learning How to Fly 5:20
Learning How to Fly (live) USTRP0400023 5:18
Lembranças USWH19800599 4:39
Lembranças (remix) USWH19800610 4:39
Let’s Stay Together USWH19800609 4:38
Lifeline USWH10000028 5:16
Live in the Light USSM10025991 4:35
Love Flows Like a River USTRP0200002 4:17
Love Flows Like a River 4:46
Love Flows Like a River (live) USTRP0400022 4:44
Love Is the Key USWH18801162 3:49
Love Is the Key 16:37
Love Is the Key (live) USTRP0400033 14:37
Love Is the Key (live, 1988: USA) 5:16
Love Warriors USWH18901080 4:53
Love Warriors 6:13
Love Warriors (live) USTRP0400027 8:09
Lovin’ You USTRP0200015 5:16
Mad Mad Me USWH18801161 5:41
My Romance USWH18801159 3:40
My Romance (live, 1988: USA) 6:08
Old Devil Moon GBUM70707941 3:38
On a Clear Day USWH18901085 3:19
One for All USTRP0200003 3:22
One for All 3:50
One for All (live) USTRP0400021 4:16
One Hand, One Heart USWH19101152 2:48
Out of the Night 5:12
Out of the Night (live) USTRP0400031 5:11
Path to Peace USWH10000027 3:55
Ready to Love USWH10000025 4:55
Rejoice USTRP0200006 4:50
Reverie USTRP0200004 6:02
Sitting in Limbo USWH19101157 4:51
Song for the Souls USWH10000029 5:58

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