Meta-Stasis (Death Metal from Gibraltar)

~ Group



Name ISRCs Rating Length
Absence of the Corpus Luteum 2:37
Both Sides of the River 4:07
Both Sides of the River 4:08
Demon Barber Surgeon 4:31
Disintegrate 6:13
Dissolved and Diluted 3:07
Entering the Domains of the Body Snatcher 1:20
Frank the Body Snatcher 5:03
Hail Flesh 0:48
Misery Redefined 6:56
Space Occupying Lesion 5:22
Space Occupying Lesion 5:22
Thorn 6:39
Vascular Deficit 5:14
Ways of the Wise 5:47
We All Must Die 4:19

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