King Tee

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Shake da Spot King Tee feat. Shaquille O’Neal 3:46
Sharkz (Suwoopmix) King T feat. The Relativez, Short Khop & Mitchy Slick 2:37
Sharkz in da Watah King T feat. Kurupt, MC Eiht, Tha Chill, Gangsta & Jayo Felony 3:38
Skanless King Tee 4:20
Skanless King Tee 4:19
Skit Diirty OGz feat. King T, Polly & DJ Cell 1:33
Skweez Ya Ballz King Tee feat. Baby S 3:45
Slidin' Sadat X feat. King T 3:05
Some L.A. Niggaz Dr. Dre feat. DeFari, Xzibit, Knoc‐Turn’Al, Time Bomb, King T, MC Ren & Kokane USIR19915084 4:27
Sonic J. Wells feat. King T 0:12
Soul Plate King T feat. Tha Chill & Deadly Threat 3:48
Southland Killers Cypress Hill feat. M.C. Ren & King Tee USSM10111840 3 3:26
Speak on It King T 3:31
Speak On It King Tee 3:29
Special Thanx King Tee ?:??
Squeeze Ya Balls King T 3:58
St. Ides King Tee 1:03
Stay Down King Tee 4:12
Step 2 da' Left King T feat. J‐Ro 4:01
Step on By Dr. Dre feat. King Tee, R.C. & Crystal ?:??
Step on By King Tee feat. Dr. Dre 0:43
Step on By King Tee feat. Dr. Dre, R.C., Crystal 5:14
Step on It King T 5:17
Str‐8 Gone King Tee 4:35
Straight Outta Compton King T, MC Eiht & Dre'sta 4:12
Sucka Free King T 3:54
Summertime clipping. feat. King T 4:02
Super Nigga King Tee feat. DJ Pooh & Rashad 4:03
Take You Home King Tee 4:18
Take You Home King Tee 4:17
Tha Bomb Malt Liquor King Tee & DJ Pooh 1:01
Tha Game (It's Ruff) King Tee feat. Playa Hamm 5:27
Tha Great King Tee 2:23
Tha Return King T 1:52
That's Drama King Tee 3:53
The Bubble Tha Liks feat. King T 4:13
The Coolest King Tee 5:21
The Coolest King Tee 5:08
The Coolest King Tee 5:19
The Feast A.B. Original feat. King T 3:55
The Krown King T, Dresta & MC Eiht ?:??
The Kush Dr. Dre feat. King Tee 4:09
The Likwit Tash & Black Silver feat. King Tee & E‐Swift 5:29
The Rat Pack King Tee, Maylay & Roscoe 3:28
The V King T 4:55
Time to Get Out King Tee 3:29
Time To Get Out King Tee 3:28
Triflin' Nigga King Tee 3:30
Twist a Corner King T 4:17
Twist a Corner King T feat. WC 4:10
Twist A Corner Young Maylay feat. King Tee & WC 4:04
U Better Believe Xzibit feat. King Tee 4:06
U Got Me Ph**ked Up Baby S feat. King Tee 5:02
U'za Hoe King T feat. Jay Da' Man, 1PUNCH & Ruff Dogg 3:26
Way Out There King Tee 4:35
We Do This Tash feat. King T, Knoc‐Turn’Al & J Beam 4:29
We Got tha Fat Joint King Tee feat. Mad Kap & Nefertiti 4:05
We Got the Fat Joint King Tee 3:10
We Up Mako Capone feat. Gangsta & King T 3:29
West Coast Young Maylay feat. WC & King T 3:19
West Coast Hiphop Xzibit feat. Kurupt & King Tee 3:49
West Coast Love Marco Polo feat. MC Eiht & King Tee 3:41
West Riden' King T & Spice 1 4:58
Westcoast Hiphop Xzibit feat. Kurupt, Rosco, King T ?:??
Where da Paper At Likwit Crew feat. King T & Xzibit 3:54
Where You From? (Westside Hoodsta remix) Dazzie Dee feat. King Tee, Mixmaster Spade & Toddy Tee 4:18
Where's T King Tee feat. Dr. Dre ?:??
Where's T King Tee feat. Dr. Dre 0:53
Where's T? King Tee feat. Dr. Dre 3:16
Where'sa Hoe Sat King Tee 0:46
Where'sa Hoe Sat (Cont.) King Tee 0:39
Who's Who (The Original) King Tee 4:32
Whole World Spends Kurupt, MC Eiht, King T & Bokie Loc 3:55
Ya Better Bring a Gun King Tee 3:45
Ya Better Bring a Gun King Tee feat. Mixmaster Spade & The Compton Posse 3:43
Ya Better Bring a Gun King Tee 3:51
You Better Believe It King Tee feat. Xzibit 4:04
You Better Believe It! Xzibit feat. King T ?:??
You Can't See Me King Tee 4:23
You Need a Six-Pack Yo‐Yo & King Tee 0:56

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