Grendel (Industrial/EBM band)

~ Group


members: MRK.0 (keyboard)
[4N1T4] (– 2006)
[FLRS] (2001 – 2003)
[M4RC] (membranophone) (2006 –)
original members: [VLRK] (aka JD Tucker) (1997 –)
signed by: NoiTekk (2000 – 2006)
Infacted Recordings (2006-09-15 –)
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Bound With Sympathy (Back 2 Body remix by Grendel) additional Neikka RPM 4:23
End of Ages Grendel
Abgebrannt (Grendel remix) The Firm Incorporated 4:35
An Army of Ruin (Grendel remix) Ruinizer 4:28
Bound With Sympathy (Back 2 Body remix by Grendel) Neikka RPM 4:23
Can You Feel the Beat? (Grendel remix) Nachtmahr 4:51
Cause of Death: Suicide (remix by Grendel) Suicide Commando 5:30
Censored Innocence (remix by Grendel) Infekktion 4:56
Crusade (London Standing remix by Grendel) [:SITD:] 5:47
El Laberinto (Grendel remix) Punto Omega 4:24
End of Love (Grendel remix) Schallfaktor 4:50
Es tut mir Leid (Entschuldigung remix by Grendel) L’Âme Immortelle 5:04
Fly to Target (Shellshox remix by Grendel) Lights of Euphoria feat. Tactical Sekt 4:29
Fly to Target (Shellshox remix) Lights of Euphoria 4:29
Forever (Essenz remix by Grendel) Bruderschaft 4:55
Interference (Collapsed mix by Grendel) God Module 5:37
L.O.I.C. (Grendel remix) Sirus 4:59
Le son de la pluie (Fils de pute remix by Grendel) Tamtrum 4:54
Le Son de la Pluie (Fils de Pute remix by Grendel) Tamtrum 4:43
Let Me Go (Grendel remix) Stray 5:04
Let Me Go (Grendel remix) Stray 5:04
Let Your Blood Run Dry (Grendel remix) DYM 4:28
Let’s Pretend (Grendel remix) Detroit Diesel 4:46
Lost Cause (Grendel mix) Derma-Tek 5:01
Menschenfresser (Grendel remix) Suicide Commando 5:02
Meskalin (Grendel remix) Tyske Ludder 4:56
No Pulse (Grendel remix) Glis 4:57
Open the Gate (Grendel remix) Agonoize 5:11
Pale Candle Light (Grendel remix) Solitary Experiments 5:10
Pathways (Grendel remix) Cyferdyne 4:48
Portrait of Homicide (Grendel mix) Dawn of Ashes 4:44
Riot in Progress (Grendel remix) Seraphim System 5:34
Snakes (Grendel remix) XMH 4:10
Spit It Out (Grendel remix) Aesthetic Perfection 4:47
The Noise Inside My Head (Grendel remix) Assemblage 23 4:53
The Noise Inside My Head (Grendel remix) Assemblage 23 4:54
This Is the Night (Grendel remix) CygnosiC 5:12
Trastorno (Grendel remix) C-Lekktor 5:27
X-Junkie (Grendel remix) Reaper 4:15
Your Nightmare (Grendel mix) Unter Null 5:21