Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
A Story About Force and Pain Weichentechnikk ?:??
Bitch's Delight Weichentechnikk 5:07
Bitch's Delight (Switchblade remix) Weichentechnikk 4:26
Bitch's Pain Weichentechnikk 5:27
Blingah Long Weichentechnikk ?:??
Bloodbath Weichentechnikk ?:??
Darkness in Yer Eyes Weichentechnikk vs. Marcel Cousteau ?:??
Down of the Dead Weichentechnikk ?:??
Fuck Me Before I Fuck You Weichentechnikk 4:54
Hamster Butcher Weichentechnikk 5:36
He Is Bad Weichentechnikk ?:??
Infected Weichentechnikk 1:55
Lacerate Weichentechnikk 5:40
Moments of Hate Weichentechnikk 5:29
Rebirth Weichentechnikk ?:??
Schneeshuffle Weichentechnikk vs. Marcel Cousteau ?:??
Sunblocker Weichentechnikk vs. Marcel Cousteau ?:??
The Awakening Weichentechnikk ?:??
We Come at Night and Know You're Tight Weichentechnikk vs. Waldhaus 3:49

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