Name ISRCs Rating Length
'Reelin' With the Feelin (original mix) 7:25
Better Love (Deep vocal mix) 7:12
Better Love (Voodoo dub) 4:15
Better Love (Voodoo dub) 6:58
Can't Give You Up 5:27
Can't Give You Up 10:08
Can't Give You Up (part of “After the Playboy Mansion” DJ-mix) 4:14
Can’t Give You Up 3:39
Can’t Give You Up (part of “House Warming 01” DJ-mix) 6:14
Don't Stop 5:08
Don't Stop 3:36
Don't Stop 6:15
Don't Stop (part of “Nude Dimensions, III” DJ-mix) 3:28
Get Together (Because I'm Housin' mix) 5:55
Get Together (Deep vocal mix) 6:41
Get Together (Deep vocal mix) 6:42
Get Up 4:56
Get Up (Jazz Funk mix) ?:??
Get Up (remix) 11:04
Reelin' With the Feelin' 6:42
Reelin' With the Feelin' 7:27
Reelin' With the Feelin' (Deep Jazz dub) 6:42
Reelin' With the Feelin' (original mix) (part of “Klubbjazz 2” DJ-mix) 6:35
Reelin’ With the Feelin’ (Deep Jazz mix) 5:36
Somehow Somewhere (There's a Soul Heaven) 5:52
Somehow, Somewhere (part of a “The Disco Boys, Volume 1” DJ‐mix) 3:30
Somehow, Somewhere (Cleptomaniacs Ghetto Anthem mix) ?:??
Somehow, Somewhere (There's a Soul Heaven) ?:??
Somehow, Somewhere (There's a Soul Heaven) 5:52
Somehow, Somewhere (There's a Soul in Heaven) (MAW dub) 3:52
Somehow, Somewhere (There’s a Soul Heaven) (Cleptomaniac’s Ghetto Anthem) (part of “Bargrooves: Bar Anthems” DJ-mix) 3:46
Soul Heaven 2:02
Soul Heaven 5:08
Soul Heaven ?:??
Soul Heaven (Clepto's Soul mix) 6:40
Soul Heaven (Cleptomaniacs Ghetto Anthem) 8:02
Soul Heaven (Cleptomaniacs Ghetto dub) 5:55
Soul Heaven (Copyright re-edit) 3:14
Soul Heaven (Copyright re-edit) (part of “Knee Deep: Testament of House: The Second Prophecy” DJ-mix) 5:19
Soul Heaven (instrumental) ?:??
Soul Heaven (original mix) 6:05
Soul Heaven (original mix) (part of “DefCom2” DJ-mix) 5:29
Soul Heaven (original mix) (part of “Soul Heaven” DJ-mix) 4:04
Stay a While 5:49
Stay a While 4:47
Talkin' 5:32
Talkin' (Deep Soul dub) 5:32
Talkin' (Hunter's original mix) 7:01
Talkin'... (Deep Soul dub) 6:18
Talkin'... (Hunter's original mix) 6:59
Togetherness 2:17
Togetherness (original mix) 3:12

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