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member of:Adolph's Dog
romantically involved with:Deborah Harry (until 1989)
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
La Dolce Vita SuiteSharon Freeman, Muhal Richard Abrams & Chris Stein7:22
Angel’s Song
BackroomChristopher Stein
Bermuda Triangle Blues (Flight 45)
Bettie Page: Dark Angel (2004 film soundtrack)
Bettie's Bounce
Dig Up the Conjo
Don't Break My (Heart of Glass) (Car mix)
Double Take
Dragonfly (Blondie)
English Boys
EuphoriaChristopher Stein
Fade Away and Radiate
For Your Eyes Only
Forgive and Forget
Happy Dog
I Screwed UpChristopher Stein
In the Sun
Invocation Song
Island of Lost Souls
Little Caesar
Live It Up
Night Wind Sent
No Exit
No Exit (Loud Allstars version)
RaveChristopher Stein
Screaming Skin
Send Love Through
Step Into a World (Rapture's Delight)additional
Sugar on the SideChristopher Stein
Sunday Girl
Take It BackChristopher Stein
The Attack of the Giant Ants
The Dream’s Lost on Me
Under the Gun
WinterChristopher Stein
Youth Nabbed as Sniper
2004-05-07Hanging on the Telephone (live)guitarBlondie2:55
(Can I) Find the Right Words (to Say)guitarBlondie3:07
(I’m Always Touched by Your) Presence, Dearelectric guitar [lead guitar]Blondie2:43
(I’m Always Touched by Your) Presence, DearvibraphoneBlondie2:43
(I’m Always Touched by Your) Presence, Dearbass guitarBlondie2:43
A Shark in Jets ClothingguitarBlondie3:40
Accidents Never HappenguitarBlondie4:14
Angels on the BalconyguitarBlondie3:46
Angels on the BalconytimpaniBlondie3:46
Atomic (single version)guitarBlondie3:49
Bermuda Triangle Blues (Flight 45)bass guitarBlondie2:48
Bermuda Triangle Blues (Flight 45)electric guitar [lead guitar]Blondie2:48
Bermuda Triangle Blues (Flight 45)vibraphoneBlondie2:48
Bulldozerbass guitarIggy Pop2:19
Call MeguitarBlondie3:31
Call Me (Ben Liebrand remix)guitarBlondie7:00
Call Me (instrumental)guitarGiorgio Moroder3:29
Call Me (theme from American Gigolo)timpaniBlondie8:05
Call Me (theme from American Gigolo)guitarBlondie8:05
Cautious Lipbass guitarBlondie4:27
Cautious LipvibraphoneBlondie4:27
Cautious Lipelectric guitar [lead guitar]Blondie4:27
Contact in Red SquarevibraphoneBlondie2:01
Contact in Red Squareelectric guitar [lead guitar]Blondie2:01
Contact in Red Squarebass guitarBlondie2:01
Denisbass guitarBlondie2:18
Deniselectric guitar [lead guitar]Blondie2:18
Detroit 442vibraphoneBlondie2:29
Detroit 442electric guitar [lead guitar]Blondie2:29
Detroit 442bass guitarBlondie2:29
Detroit 442 (live, 1978‐11‐06: Walnut Theatre, Philadelphia, PA, USA)vibraphoneBlondie2:33
Detroit 442 (live, 1978‐11‐06: Walnut Theatre, Philadelphia, PA, USA)electric guitar [lead guitar]Blondie2:33
Detroit 442 (live, 1978‐11‐06: Walnut Theatre, Philadelphia, PA, USA)bass guitarBlondie2:33
Die Young Stay Pretty (live, BBC Radio 1, 1979-12-31: Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland)guitarBlondie3:28
Die Young Stay PrettyguitarBlondie3:33
Do the DarkguitarBlondie3:52
Do the DarktimpaniBlondie3:52
Eat to the BeatguitarBlondie2:40
English BoysguitarBlondie3:50
Fade Away and RadiateguitarBlondie4:00
Fade Away and Radiate (108 BPM mix)guitarBlondie5:18
Fan Mailelectric guitar [lead guitar]Blondie2:39
Fan Mailbass guitarBlondie2:39
Fan MailvibraphoneBlondie2:39
Follow MetimpaniBlondie3:02
Follow MeguitarBlondie3:00
Follow MetimpaniBlondie3:00
Follow MeguitarBlondie3:02
For Your Eyes OnlyguitarBlondie3:07
German KidguitarDee Dee King4:07
Go Through ItguitarBlondie2:42
Go Through IttimpaniBlondie2:42
Hanging On the TelephoneguitarBlondie2:22
Hanging On the Telephone (Nose Bleed Handbag mix)guitarBlondie6:10
Heart of GlassguitarBlondie5:50
Heart of GlassguitarBlondie3:54
Heart of Glass (12″ disco mix edit)guitarBlondie4:10
Heart of Glass (7" version)guitarBlondie4:10
Heart of Glass (A Shep Pettibone mix)guitarBlondie5:34
Heart of Glass (basic track)guitarBlondie6:16
Heart of Glass (original 12″ instrumental)guitarBlondie5:16
Here’s Looking at YouguitarBlondie2:58
Here’s Looking at YoutimpaniBlondie2:58
Heroes (live, 1980‐01‐12: Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK)guitarBlondie6:19
Heroes (live)guitarBlondie6:15
I Didn’t Have the Nerve to Say Noelectric guitar [lead guitar]Blondie2:53
I Didn’t Have the Nerve to Say Nobass guitarBlondie2:53
I Didn’t Have the Nerve to Say NovibraphoneBlondie2:53
I Know but I Don’t KnowguitarBlondie3:55
I’m Gonna Love You TooguitarBlondie2:08
I’m on Ebass guitarBlondie2:18
I’m on Eelectric guitar [lead guitar]Blondie2:18
I’m on EvibraphoneBlondie2:18
In the FleshguitarBlondie2:31
In the SunguitarBlondie2:40
Island of Lost SoulsguitarBlondie3:50
Island of Lost SoulsguitarBlondie4:40
Just Go AwayguitarBlondie3:27
Kidnapperbass guitarBlondie2:38
Kidnapperelectric guitar [lead guitar]Blondie2:38
Kung Fu GirlsguitarBlondie2:33
La Dolce Vita SuiteguitarSharon Freeman, Muhal Richard Abrams & Chris Stein7:22
Little CaesarguitarBlondie3:01
Little Girl LiesguitarBlondie2:08
Live It UptimpaniBlondie4:10
Live It UpguitarBlondie4:10
Live It Up (special disco mix)timpaniBlondie8:15
Live It Up (special disco mix)guitarBlondie8:15
Living in the Real WorldguitarBlondie2:42
Look Good in BlueguitarBlondie2:55
Love at the PiervibraphoneBlondie2:28
Love at the Pierbass guitarBlondie2:28
Love at the Pierelectric guitar [lead guitar]Blondie2:28
Man OverboardguitarBlondie3:22
No Imaginationbass guitarBlondie2:56
No Imaginationelectric guitar [lead guitar]Blondie2:56
No ImaginationvibraphoneBlondie2:56
Once I Had a Love (aka The Disco Song) (1975 version)guitarBlondie3:58
Once I Had a Love (aka The Disco Song) (1975 version)electric guitar [lead guitar]Blondie3:58
Once I Had a Love (aka The Disco Song) (1975 version)bass guitarBlondie3:58
Once I Had a Love (aka The Disco Song) (1975 version)vibraphoneBlondie3:58
Once I Had a Love (aka The Disco Song) (1978 version)guitarBlondie3:18
One Way or AnotherguitarBlondie3:29
Orchid ClubguitarBlondie5:46
Picture ThisguitarBlondie2:56
Platonicbass guitarIggy Pop2:42
Poets Problembass guitarBlondie2:20
Poets Problemelectric guitar [lead guitar]Blondie2:20
Poets ProblemvibraphoneBlondie2:20
Pretty BabyguitarBlondie3:21
Rapture (special disco mix)timpaniBlondie9:59
Rapture (special disco mix)guitarBlondie9:59
Rifle RangeguitarBlondie3:41
Ring of Fire (live)guitarBlondie3:30
Rip Her to ShredsguitarBlondie3:21
Run Like a Villainbass guitarIggy Pop3:01
Run Like a Villainbass guitarIggy Pop3:05
Sceneryelectric guitar [lead guitar]Blondie3:11
Scenerybass guitarBlondie3:11
Seven Rooms of Gloom (live, BBC Radio 1, 1979-12-31: Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland)guitarBlondie2:49
Slow MotionguitarBlondie3:28
Street Craziesbass guitarIggy Pop3:58
Sunday GirlguitarBlondie3:06
Sunday Girl (French version)guitarBlondie3:11
Sunday Girl (French version)guitarBlondie3:03
Suzy & JeffreyguitarBlondie4:10
Suzy & JeffreytimpaniBlondie4:10
Suzy and JeffreyguitarBlondie4:06
Suzy and JeffreytimpaniBlondie4:06
The Attack of the Giant Antsguitar familyBlondie3:24
The Ballad of Cookie McBridebass guitarIggy Pop3:00
The BeastguitarBlondie4:54
The City and the Seakeyboard [keyboard treatments]Deborah Harry and The Jazz Passengers8:04
The Hardest PartguitarBlondie3:41
The Hunter Gets Captured by the GameguitarBlondie3:37
The Tide Is HighguitarBlondie4:40
The Tide Is HightimpaniBlondie4:40
The Tide Is High (7″ edit)timpaniBlondie3:52
The Tide Is High (7″ edit)guitarBlondie3:52
Union City BlueguitarBlondie3:20
Walk Like MetimpaniBlondie3:46
Walk Like MeguitarBlondie3:46
War ChildguitarBlondie4:01
Watermelon ManbongosThe Gun Club4:08
Well Did You EvahsynthesizerDeborah Harry & Iggy Pop3:30
Well Did You EvahguitarDeborah Harry & Iggy Pop3:30
Well, Did You Evah!synthesizerIggy Pop feat. Deborah Harry3:28
Well, Did You Evah!guitarIggy Pop feat. Deborah Harry3:28
Will Anything Happen?guitarBlondie3:00
X Offenderbass guitarBlondie3:12
Youth Nabbed as SniperebowBlondie3:04
Youth Nabbed as SnipervibraphoneBlondie3:04
Youth Nabbed as Sniperbass guitarBlondie3:04
Youth Nabbed as Sniperelectric guitar [lead guitar]Blondie3:04
Angel’s Song
BackroomChristopher Stein
Bermuda Triangle Blues (Flight 45)
EuphoriaChristopher Stein
Fade Away and Radiate
Forgive and Forget
I Screwed UpChristopher Stein
In the Sun
Invocation Song
Live It Up
RaveChristopher Stein
Send Love Through
Sugar on the SideChristopher Stein
Sunday Girl
Take It BackChristopher Stein
The Attack of the Giant Ants
The Beast
Under the Gun
WinterChristopher Stein
Youth Nabbed as Sniper
Heroes (live)Blondie6:15
A Devil in the WoodsThe Gun Club3:07
Angel’s SongDebbie Harry4:21
Angry HillsIggy Pop3:01
Bad IndianThe Gun Club2:38
Brother and SisterThe Gun Club3:00
BulldozerIggy Pop2:19
Carry HomeThe Gun Club3:15
Come Back JimThe Gun Club3:53
Death PartyThe Gun Club5:53
Eat or Be EatenIggy Pop3:16
Faites le protonCasino Music5:18
Heroes (live, 1980-01-12: Hammersmith Odeon, Hammersmith, London, UK)C. SteinBlondie6:27
Heroes (live)Blondie6:15
Invocation SongDebbie Harry3:34
John HardyThe Gun Club3:25
Life of WorkIggy Pop3:57
Like Calling Up ThunderThe Gun Club2:30
Mother of EarthThe Gun Club3:24
Ordinary BummerIggy Pop2:44
Pain & SufferingIggy Pop2:58
Pain and SufferingIggy Pop2:57
PlatonicIggy Pop2:42
Run Like a VillainIggy Pop3:05
Run Like a VillainIggy Pop3:01
Run Through the JungleThe Gun Club4:11
Send Love ThroughDebbie Harry & Robin Zander5:10
Sleeping in Blood CityThe Gun Club3:30
Street CraziesIggy Pop3:58
Texas SerenadeThe Gun Club4:45
The Ballad of Cookie McBrideIggy Pop3:00
The Fire of LoveThe Gun Club2:10
The Horse SongIggy Pop2:58
The House on Highland AveThe Gun Club3:29
The LieThe Gun Club3:16
The Light of the WorldThe Gun Club3:10
The VillagersIggy Pop3:52
Watching the NewsIggy Pop4:13
Watermelon ManThe Gun Club4:08
Well Did You EvahDeborah Harry & Iggy Pop3:30
Well, Did You Evah!Iggy Pop feat. Deborah Harry3:28
Wild Style Subway RapGrandmaster Caz & Chris Stein?:??
Wild Style Theme Rap 1Grandmaster Caz & Chris Stein?:??
MiamiThe Gun Club
Well Did You EvahDeborah Harry & Iggy Pop3:30
Bike Boy
Boom Bye Yae
Brite Side
Cautious Lip
China Shoes
Dancing Down the Moon
Detroit 442
Die Young Stay Pretty
Dog Star Girl
Doom or Destiny
End of the Run
End of the World
Get Your Way
Go Through It
He Is So
Heart of Glass
Heart of Glass (Japanese version)
Here’s Looking at You
Horizontal Twist
I'm on E
In Love With Love
In the Flesh
Inner City Spillover
Jen Jen
Jump Jump
Le Bleu
Love Level
Make a WayChristopher Stein
Man Overboard
Maybe for Sure
Military Rap
Mood Ring
Naked Eye
Once I Had a Love
Picture This
Pretty Baby
Puerto Rico
Rifle Range
Rip Her to Shreds
Secret Life
Sleeping Giant
The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel
The Date
The Fugitive
The Hardest Part (Blondie)
The Jam Was Moving
The Thin Line (Blondie)
Wipe Off My Sweat
Yuletown Throw Down (Rapture)Stein
硝子の心 ~Heart of Glass~