Scrimshire (Adam Scrimshire)

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
7th Tide Scrimshire GBLQT1400095 5:17
1000 Lost Letters Scrimshire 7:55
A Place for Everything Scrimshire GBLQT1400096 6:35
A Promise Is All It Was Scrimshire 6:04
A Promise Is All It Was (acoustic version) Scrimshire GBLQT1200023 5:15
Afar Scrimshire 3:33
Afar (Original Ending) Scrimshire 0:58
Alignment Scrimshire 5:30
All I Do scrimshire feat. Stac 2:57
All Roads Lead You Home Scrimshire 5:10
Along Came the Devil One Night... Scrimshire 5:45
Ascension Scrimshire 4:53
Beached Scrimshire 4:58
Blister Scrimshire 3:54
Blue Sky Scrimshire 5:42
By Hook or by Crook Scrimshire 9:44
Chaka's Night in Tunisia (Scrimshire edit) Scrimshire 4:01
Convergent Scrimshire 3:37
Corporeal Scrimshire 3:20
Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes (Scrimshire Bass edit) Scrimshire 7:11
Drift (Part One) Scrimshire 3:58
Drift (Part Two) Scrimshire 2:02
Driftwood Scrimshire GBLQT1400094 4:33
Emperor Scrimshire 2:21
Everything You Say Scrimshire 5:36
Everything You Say (album instrumental) Scrimshire GBLQT1200022 5:44
Everything You Say (LV Deep Bump remix) Scrimshire feat. Heidi Vogel GBLQT1200020 4:50
Everything You Say (radio edit) Scrimshire feat. Heidi Vogel GBLQT1200019 4:36
Everything You Say (Scrimshire dub remix) Scrimshire feat. Heidi Vogel GBLQT1200021 5:33
Fuselage Scrimshire GBLQT1400093 5:00
Golden Lady (Scrimshire Golden edit) Scrimshire 4:38
Grandma's Hands (Scrimshire edit) Scrimshire 4:14
Handle It (Scrimshire Silver edit) Scrimshire 4:25
Home Scrimshire 4:40
Home (acoustic re-version) Scrimshire GBLQT1100043 5:36
Home (Captain Planet remix) Scrimshire feat. Faye Houston GBLQT1100040 5:19
Home (Paper Tiger remix) Scrimshire feat. Faye Houston GBLQT1100041 5:51
Home (radio edit instrumental) Scrimshire GBLQT1100042 4:25
Home (radio edit) Scrimshire feat. Faye Houston GBLQT1100039 4:25
I Have Come to You Scrimshire feat. Stac 4:54
I Really Don't Want to Go to Chelsea (Scrimshire edit) Scrimshire 3:44
It's Too Late (Scrimshire Later edit) Scrimshire 4:19
Jedna Mala Plava (Scrimshire UKgo edit) Scrimshire 4:25
Kindle a Fire Scrimshire 5:25
Manhattan Night in Tunisia Scrimshire 4:17
Mistaken Scrimshire feat. Rob Hynd 4:51
Modified Man Scrimshire GBLQT1400092 6:30
No More Scrimshire 3:42
Ode to Daddy Scrimshire 4:43
People We Spoke To Scrimshire 3:57
Rain in July Scrimshire feat. Nick Etwell 8:21
Repeat Scrimshire 4:13
Saltwater scrimshire feat. Matthew Halsall GBLQT1400091 7:15
Say Something scrimshire feat. Inga-Lill Aker 6:18
Sinnerman Scrimshire 4:36
Siren Scrimshire 4:31
Sonolo Scrimshire 4:54
Southern Man (Scrimshire edit) Scrimshire 4:31
Springtime Scrimshire feat. Claire Laurent 5:57
Tenth Tone Scrimshire 3:04
Tenth Tone (Scrimshire dub) Scrimshire feat. Faye Houston 5:29
The Hollow Scrimshire 5:06
The Low Road Scrimshire feat. Rob Hynd 4:33
Through a Window Scrimshire 5:43
Turn It Round Scrimshire 3:49
Warm Sound Scrimshire feat. Inga-Lill Aker 5:51
When the World Was Young (Part One) Scrimshire 2:34
When There Is No Sun Scrimshire 2:40
Whitney vs. Loleatta (2009 Rum edit) Scrimshire 6:27
You Made Your Bed (Scrimshire I'm Soapy edit) Scrimshire 4:19

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