Plaid (British electronic music duo)

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collaborator on: The Plaid/M.O.R. Alliance
members: Ed Handley
Andrew Turner (electronic producer Plaid/Black Dog Productions)
signed by: Warp (UK independent label)
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
On My Bus Plaid 4:16
Purple Screaming coba 4:58
Double Figure Plaid
Peel Session Plaid
B Born Droid
Baby Step Giant Step
Ceder City
Crumax Rins
Do Matter
Even Spring
Get What You Gave
I Citizen the Loathsome
Quick Emix
Reeling Spiders
Super Positions
The Bee
The Launching of Big Face
The Return of Super Barrio - End Credits
The Return of Super Barrio - Instrumental
War Dialer
Yu Mountain
Zn Zero
Purple Screaming coba 4:58
FACT Mix 287: Plaid Plaid
Futura Connect Plaid
Different Time guest Leila 4:59
E.M.R. Plaid 10:23
I Citizen the Loathsome Plaid 5:19
Nature's Word Kushti 3:03
Race Against Time Kushti 1:39
Super Positions Plaid 7:03
The Launching of Big Face Plaid 4:14
The Return of Super Barrio - End Credits Plaid 1:29
The Return of Super Barrio - Instrumental Plaid 6:52
Tipivog Kushti 3:29
To Plaid 5:11
War Dialer Plaid 3:50
Zn Zero Plaid 7:19
Android Plaid 6:58
Angry Dolphin Plaid 8:15
Anything Plaid 5:01
Arabesk +One 7:36
B Born Droid Plaid 5:31
Baby Step Giant Step Plaid 4:15
Beautiful Day Nicolette 5:26
Bouncing Checks Plaid 5:30
Buns Plaid 6:41
Cedar City Plaid 5:48
Chirpy Plaid 4:48
CLOCK Plaid 4:24
Coat Plaid 4:40
Crumax Rins Plaid 6:00
Diddymousedid Plaid 5:29
Dilatone Plaid 3:41
Do Matter Plaid 3:41
Even Spring Plaid 5:25
Fly Wings Plaid 4:06
Foreign Bodies (Plaid mix) additional Herbert 5:15
Get What You Gave Plaid 5:16
Held Plaid 3:46
Helix +One 6:42
Il +One 5:40
Jan + Jeff + Jungle Curry Coppé 4:09
Lambswood Plaid 4:10
Link Plaid 6:04
List / Mayday +One 14:49
Marry Plaid 6:47
Melifer Plaid 4:05
Metro +One 4:31
Mfaus Plaid 4:33
Miamivice Plaid 3:51
Nibble +One 6:02
On My Bus Plaid 4:16
Perplex Plaid 4:05
Quick Emix Plaid 6:10
Reeling Spiders Plaid 3:23
Saladore Plaid 3:51
Scoobs in Colombia Plaid 5:35
Shao +One 7:31
Slice of Cheese Plaid 6:01
Sticker +One 5:05
Stills Plaid 5:57
Summit Plaid 4:37
Taking Hold Kushti feat. Alice Russell 6:22
Tan Sau Plaid 6:07
The Bee Plaid 2:51
Uneasy Listening Plaid 5:37
Upona Plaid 5:07
We Never Know Nicolette 5:15
Wen Plaid 2:42
Where Have All the Flowers Gone? Nicolette 4:41
Yak Plaid 5:51
Yip +One 6:03
Yu Mountain Plaid 4:04
Zeal Plaid 6:02
Bare Necessities +One
Peel Session Plaid
Secret Handshakes Kushti
Purple Screaming coba 4:58
All Is Full of Love (Plaid mix) Björk 4:15
All Is Full of Love (Plaid remix) Björk 4:19
Atlantis Is Kushti, Ed (Plaid remix) Coppé 4:29
Big Time Sensuality (Plaid mix) Björk 5:20
Big Time Sensuality (Plaid remix) Björk 5:18
Blue (remix by Plaid) Coppé 5:05
Bonded (Plaid mix) Addie Brik 4:28
Can’t Kill Us (Plaid remix) The Glitch Mob 5:15
Coffeehouse Conversation (Plaid Remix) UNKLE 5:19
Colours (Plaid mix) Tim Hutton 4:09
Cover Me (Plaid mix) Björk 5:24
Cover Me (Plaid mix) Björk 5:27
Curved Engines Pt. 04 (Plaid remix) Gajek 4:37
Drivin' Around the Block (Plaid remix) Dickie Harrell 7:15
Fish Dances (remix by Plaid) The Irresistible Force 6:50
Foreign Bodies (Plaid mix) Herbert 5:15
Foreign Bodies (Plaid remix) Herbert 5:15
Fototienda (Plaid remix) Dropshadow Disease 6:32
Fototienda (remix) Plaid vs Dropshadow Disease 6:33
Get Some Sleep Tiger (Plaid remix) Red Snapper 6:47
Huba (Plaid's 15 Years Lost remix) LJ Kruzer 5:05
Huba (Plaid's 15 Years Lost remix) (part of a “Fabric 44: John Tejada” DJ‐mix) LJ Kruzer 2:55
Juicy Jazz Girls (Plaid mix) Gregory Fleckner Quintet 7:47
Juicy Jazz Girls (Plaid remix) Gregory Fleckner Quintet 7:46
Juicy Jazz Girls (Plaid remix) Gregory Fleckner Quintet ?:??
Juicy Jazz Girls (Plaid remix) Gregory Fleckner Quintet 7:42
King Ashabanapal (Plaid mix) Funki Porcini 6:59
King Ashabanapal (Plaid remix) Funki Porcini 7:00
L.E.D. Down (Plaid mix) Tipper 5:15
La Lune Noire (Plaid remix) Person 5:20
Malawi Gold (Plaid remix) Ebz 6:03
Marina Motel (Plaid remix) John Tejada 6:00
Memory String (Plaid remix) Giorgio Moroder & Raney Shockne 4:17
Metamorphosis 5 (Plaid remix) Philip Glass 4:28
Metro Dade (Plaid mix) Ko-Wreck Technique 6:06
My Hard Boiled Egg Heart (Plaid remix) Coppé 6:10
No Government (Plaid remix) Nicolette 6:34
No Government (Plaid remix) Nicolette 6:32
One Latin (Plaid edit) Koolaking 5:47
One Latin (Plaid remix) Koolaking 4:54
Perfection (Plaid mix) SOFT BALLET 8:02
Plaided Chimee (Plaid Remix) Red Snapper 5:43
Purple Screaming coba 4:58
Relics (Plaid mix) Studio Pressure 7:08
Relics (Plaid mix) Studio Pressure 7:09
Relics (Plaid mix) Studio Pressure 7:14
Relics (Plaid remix) Studio Pressure 7:08
Riot in Lagos (Plaid remix) Tao 5:08
Sassafras (Plaid mix) UNKLE 8:12
Scorpio (Plaid remix) Grandmaster Flash 4:58
Scorpio (Plaid remix) Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five 4:58
Snow White Lies (The Plaid instrumental) Scalaland 6:05
Snow White Lies (The Plaid mix) Scalaland 5:59
Spiral Bits (Plaid mix) Reflection 4:04
Spiral Bits (Plaid remix) Reflection 4:08
Street Preacher (Plaid remix) Jung Collective 5:12
Tee (Plaid mix) Sun Electric 5:21
The Time Has Come (Coffeehouse Conversation Plaid mix) UNKLE 8:17
Utopia (Plaid mix) Goldfrapp ?:??
Utopia (Plaid mix) Goldfrapp 4:43
Utopia (Plaid remix) Goldfrapp 4:39
Utopia (Plaid remix) Goldfrapp 4:42
Utopia (Plaid remix) Goldfrapp 4:39
Vletrmx (Plaid remix) Autechre 6:20
What's a Girl to Do? (Plaid remix) Bat for Lashes 5:15
Where Did He Go... & Why (Plaid remix) As One 4:38
Wholesome (Plaid remix) Nicolette 4:41
Wrong Ways (Plaid remix) Plaid ?:??
You'll Never Come Back (Plaid remix) Sieg über die Sonne 5:42
Zone 30 (Plaid remix) Sensorama 6:57
Zone 30 (Plaid remix) Sensorama 6:58
Parts in the Post Plaid
Air Locked
Face Me