Lackluster (Finnish electronic artist Esa Juhani Ruoho)

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legal name: Esa Ruoho
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Date Title Artist Length
Aatu / Ussn (feat. Lackluster) Esem 4:21
[untitled] (Lackluster remix) Blamstrain ?:??
[untitled] (Lackluster remix) Blamstrain 6:27
707 (Lackluster Foiled Again remix) Anodyne 4:56
20333 (13/10/99 Lackluster Sample mix) Lackluster 3:53
20333 (13/10/99 Lackluster Sample mix) Lackluster 3:40
Chase H.Q. (Lackluster CaseQQ) Darth Phader 3:27
Chase. H. Q. (Lackluster Caseqq) Lord Fader 3:25
Dot Your Eyes (Cross Your Double L's) Max Waters 4:22
Dreams With the Fishes (Keep Still Its Your Achilles Heel) Mantrakid 12:38
Fools (Lackluster mix) Anne Garner 7:17
Gaylab (lackluster reconstruct) Ceniq 6:01
Gaylab (xx/xx/99 Lacklustermx) Ceniq ?:??
Harajuku (Lackluster Pitch mix) Joseph Auer 7:32
In the Mist (Lackluster Stumble) KiloWatts 8:50
Izey Rael (Lacklustermx) Machine Drum 7:56
Izey Rael (Lacklustermx) Machine Drum ?:??
Lackluster Ilkae 4:53
Lackluster Marumari 4:35
Lackluster Mix Machine Drum 0:30
Latatoo (Laa Laa Lacklustermx) Sleepy Town Manufacture 5:03
Lilypads (Lackluster Lights Out remix) Tiki Obmar 6:19
LL12 Machine Drum (Lacklustermx 28/04/01) Lackluster 7:44
Mithranix (Lcklstr Shoddymx) Global Goon 4:45
Nighthiker (Lackluster Limp 150603) ENV(itre) 4:19
Nighthiker (Lackluster Limp) ENV(itre) 4:19
Offsetcetera Lackluster Garment Machine Drum 5:55
Quasipede (Lackluster remix) Thug 3:32
Rely (Unreliable Llmx) Korpi Ensemble 5:48
Rock Robot (Lackluster remix) Multiplex 4:33
Rockrobot (Lacklustermx2) Multiplex 8:33
Rockrobot (Lacklustermx4) Multiplex 3:27
Sitting Pretty (Lacklustermx) Manta 7:31
Standard Naming Convention (Lackluster remix) Proem 3:45
Standard. Naming. Convention (80bpm Lacklustermx) Proem 7:26
Tilburg Crack City (Lackluster Remix) Ra-X 6:20
Too Few Arguments (No Arguments at All Lacklustermx) EEDL 6:41
Too Few Arguments (No Arguments LACKLUSTERMX) EEDL ?:??