Cradle of Filth (British Dark/Black/Extreme/Gothic Metal Band)

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1994The Principle of Evil Made FleshCradle of Filth3.85
1996Dusk and Her EmbraceCradle of Filth4.6513
1998Cruelty and the BeastCradle of Filth4.17
2000MidianCradle of Filth4.57
2003Damnation and a DayCradle of Filth3.44
2004NymphetamineCradle of Filth46
2006ThornographyCradle of Filth3.6510
2008Godspeed on the Devil’s ThunderCradle of Filth2.655
2010Darkly, Darkly, Venus AversaCradle of Filth39
2012Midnight in the LabyrinthCradle of Filth32
2012The Manticore and Other HorrorsCradle of Filth37
2015Hammer of the WitchesCradle of Filth32
2016Dusk… and Her Embrace: The Original SinCradle of Filth31
2017Cryptoriana: The Seductiveness of DecayCradle of Filth2
2019Cruelty and the Beast: Re‐MistressedCradle of Filth4
2021Existence Is FutileCradle of Filth44

Album + Compilation

2002Lovecraft & Witch HeartsCradle of Filth3.655
2014Total Fucking DarknessCradle of Filth2
2016Classic FilthCradle of Filth1

Album + Live

2001Live Bait for the DeadCradle of Filth3.358
2005Peace Through Superior FirepowerCradle of Filth1
200711 Burial MassesCradle of Filth1
2019Live at Dynamo Open Air 1997Cradle of Filth2
2023Trouble and Their Double LivesCradle of Filth4

Album + Demo

1992A Pungent and Sexual MiasmaCradle of Filth / Malediction1


1998Twisted Nails of FaithCradle of Filth1
2002Babalon A.D.Cradle of Filth2
2008Honey and SulphurCradle of Filth2
2011Lilith ImmaculateCradle of Filth1
2021Crawling King ChaosCradle of Filth1
2021Necromantic FantasiesCradle of Filth1

Single + Live

2007Peace Through Superior Firepower (Live In Paris)Cradle of Filth1


1996V Empire or Dark Faerytales in PhallusteinCradle of Filth4.758
1999From the Cradle to Enslave E.P.Cradle of Filth46
2001Bitter Suites to SuccubiCradle of Filth3.510
2006ThornographicCradle of Filth1
2011Evermore Darkly…Cradle of Filth2

EP + Demo

1992Orgiastic Pleasures FoulCradle of Filth41
1992Invoking the UncleanCradle of Filth41
1992The Black Goddess RisesCradle of Filth31
1993Total Fucking DarknessCradle of Filth41

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