Talamasca (French psytrance DJ/producer)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Pisces Talamasca 5:59
Play the Game Talamasca & XSI 7:20
Polarity Talamasca 4:31
Psychedelic Knights Talamasca 7:51
Psychedelic Trance Talamasca 7:41
Psycho Tribute to Infected Mushroom (Nomad vs. Talamasca) Talamasca 8:06
Psychological Dynamite Talamasca 6:40
Psykick X-perience Talamasca 8:17
Raj Against the Machine Talamasca & Raja Ram 7:33
Reality Plague Talamasca 5:46
Remote Viewing Talamasca feat. Sharlo 7:24
Resistance Talamasca 4:40
Robotic Planet Talamasca 8:31
Roswell Mania Talamasca 9:10
Roswell Mania (Dizzy Mind Remix) Talamasca 7:01
Running Blade Talamasca 8:20
Safe Places Talamasca 11:47
Sage Incense Talamasca 7:15
Sagittarius Talamasca 6:32
Scorpio Talamasca 6:26
Secret Life Talamasca 3:27
Self Aware Talamasca 5:26
Serious Magic Talamasca 4:07
Sharks Talamasca 4:10
Sinaï Talamasca 7:27
Something You Know Talamasca & XSI 7:57
Speaking Robot (GMS remix) Talamasca 1:02
Speaking Robot (Growling Mad Scientists remix) Talamasca 7:12
Speaking Robot (Growling Mad Scientists remix) Talamasca 8:17
Speedy Tour (remix) Talamasca & XSI 7:36
Spiritual Feelings Talamasca 7:40
Spiritual Renewal Talamasca 7:14
Spy Talamasca 7:06
Still Here Talamasca & XSI 8:15
Strangers (feat. Xerox & Domestic) Talamasca 7:38
Summer Time Talamasca 8:00
Super Hero Talamasca 7:56
Supernatural Talamasca 8:22
Take Control Talamasca feat. Mesmerizer 7:55
Take Less Disorder Talamasca 8:33
Take Off, Man (feat. Jeremy Tsunami) Talamasca 7:45
Talafrica Talamasca 8:49
Taurus Talamasca 6:46
Telepathic Atmosphere Talamasca 8:08
Telepathic Atmosphere (live mix) Talamasca 7:40
Telepathic Atmospheres (live mix) Talamasca 7:36
Tell Me You Need This Talamasca 7:46
The Awakening (Egosentrifug remix) Talamasca 7:24
The Awakening (feat. Nomad) Talamasca 9:01
The Fifth Revelation Talamasca 8:59
The Flow Talamasca 7:09
The Flow (remix) Talamasca 7:43
The Frequency Talamasca & XSI feat. Nomad 7:34
The Frequency (feat. Nomad) Talamasca & XSI 7:35
The Good Team (feat. XSI and DJ Gogo) Talamasca 8:33
The Hunted Becomes the Hunter Talamasca 8:03
The Hunted Becomes the Hunter (feat. Nomad) Talamasca 8:07
The Mental Codes Talamasca 8:06
The Messenger (feat. DJ Neshama and DJ Gui) Talamasca 8:45
The Missing Link Talamasca 8:35
The Missing Link (Silicon Sound Remix) Talamasca 6:45
The Old School Talamasca 7:39
The Racer Talamasca 8:28
The T.H.C Philosophy Talamasca 8:17
The Time Machine Talamasca 8:44
The Ultimate Debate Talamasca feat. Deedrah 7:00
The Whisper Talamasca 3:30
Thief Talamasca 8:17
This Isn't a Mistake (feat. Shagma) Talamasca 7:44
Time Hunter Talamasca 8:51
Time Simulation Talamasca 7:56
Time Simulation Talamasca 7:55
Time Simulation Talamasca 6:47
Time Simulation Talamasca 6:48
Time Simulation (live version) Talamasca 7:08
Time Simulation (Polypheme remix) Talamasca 7:30
Time Simulation (Remix) Talamasca 7:36
To Be Continued (feat. Eskimo) Talamasca 7:41
To Be Continued (SynSUN remix) Talamasca vs. Eskimo 8:38
Tribal Journey Talamasca 8:58
Tribal System Talamasca 7:17
Tribalagan Talamasca & XSI 7:57
Tribalagan Talamasca XSI 7:57
Tribalistic Talamasca 7:59
Twilight Zone State Talamasca feat. DJ Lucid 7:10
Unidentified Aircraft Deedrah vs. Talamasca 8:04
Unknown (feat. Life Extension) Talamasca 8:10
Virgo Talamasca 6:33
Vitam Eternam Talamasca 4:26
Wake Up! Talamasca 7:59
Warming the Luna Park... Talamasca 7:37
We Are Aliens Talamasca, DJ Lucid & Block Device 8:20
We Are Freedom Talamasca 8:03
What Have You Done? Talamasca 6:57
Who Touch My Base Line? Talamasca vs. Skazi 6:06
Why Not Talamasca 8:10
Winter Tale Talamasca 7:10
Winter Tale (Check Mates remix) Talamasca 7:35
Z Trancepose Space Cat vs. Talamasca 8:00
Ze Masterplan Talamasca and Yuman 9:28

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