Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
「戦国BASARA4」プロモーションムービー T.M.Revolution | SCANDAL ?:??
「戦国BASARA4」プロモーションムービー (Count ZERO ver.) T.M.Revolution ?:??
1st OPENING THEME: resonance T.M.Revolution JPE380900701 1:32
09 (nine) Lives T.M.Revolution JPES01100451 3:29
ABORT//CLEAR T.M.Revolution JPES00300281 3:24
Albireo -アルビレオ- T.M.Revolution JPES00400001
Albireo -アルビレオ- (UNDER:COVER 2 version) T.M.Revolution JPES01202372 4:34
AMAKAZE -天風- T.M.Revolution JPU901501138 4:04
AMAKAZE -天風- (Live) T.M.Revolution 4:03
AQUALOVERS 〜DEEP into the night〜 (UNDER:COVER version) T.M.Revolution JPES00502004 4:48
AQUALOVERS~DEEP into the night T.M.Revolution JPA809800322 4:04
AQUALOVERS~DEEP into the night (Album mix) T.M.Revolution JPA809900006 4:04
AQUALOVERS~DEEP into the night (Liquid Moon Night K-Mix) T.M.Revolution JPA800000407 4:11
ARTERIAL FEAR T.M.Revolution JPES00400105 4:42
ARTERIAL FEAR (T.M.R. LIVE REVOLUTION 11-12 -CLOUD NINE-) T.M.Revolution JPES01201538 5:09
B.E.S.T T.M.Revolution 0:06
Back Lot of INAZUMA ROCK FES. 2014 T.M.Revolution JPU981501272 ?:??
Behind the Scene of RAIMEI MUSIC VIDEO Shooting T.M.Revolution JPU981602394 ?:??
BLACK OR WHITE? ESPECIAL "MATT" Mix T.M.Revolution JPFH09502420 4:38
BLACK OR WHITE? neo classic T.M.Revolution JPA800000204 4:29
BLACK OR WHITE? version 3 T.M.Revolution JPA800000201 4:22
BLACK OR WHITE? version 3 DA extend T.M.Revolution JPA800000203 5:46
BLACK OR WHITE? version 3 Instrumental T.M.Revolution JPA800000205 4:23
BLACK OR WHITE? version 3 Split~Attention L or R ch! T.M.Revolution JPA800000202 4:21
BOARDING T.M.Revolution JPA800000841 4:09
BOARDING (UNDER:COVER version) T.M.Revolution JPES00502007 4:44
BOARDING (phase shift armoured version) T.M.Revolution JPES00300288 5:00
BRIGADE T.M.Revolution JPA800000842 5:59
BRING IT ON T.M.Revolution JPES00401988 4:40
Burnin' X'mas T.M.Revolution JPA809800701 4:31
Burnin' X'mas (UNDER:COVER 2 version) T.M.Revolution JPES01202181 5:35
Burnin' X'mas (Album mix) T.M.Revolution JPA809900009 4:56
Burnin' X'mas (DING DONG mix) T.M.Revolution JPA809800702 4:33
Burnin' X'mas (Original Backing Track) T.M.Revolution JPA809800704 4:31
Burnin' X'mas (soothing X'mas mix) T.M.Revolution JPA809800703 3:16
Burnin'X'mas (For South People I-Mix) T.M.Revolution JPA800000403 4:47
CHASE / THE THRILL T.M.Revolution JPES00401990 7:07
CHASE / THE THRILL (T.M.R. LIVE REVOLUTION 11-12 -CLOUD NINE-) T.M.Revolution JPES01201546 8:18
CLOUD NINE -instrumental- T.M.Revolution JPES01100441 1:22
Committed RED T.M.Revolution JPU901600758 4:02
Committed RED (Re:boot) T.M.Revolution JPU901600760 4:35
Count ZERO T.M.Revolution JPES01301408 4:00
Count ZERO T.M.Revolution JPU981501277 ?:??
Count ZERO (Instrumental) T.M.Revolution JPES01301410 4:00
Count ZERO (Live) T.M.Revolution 4:25
Count ZERO (Re:boot) T.M.Revolution JPU901401247 4:44
Count ZERO (Re:boot) T.M.Revolution JPU901502004 4:18
CRIMSON AIR T.M.Revolution JPU901501141 3:53
crosswise T.M.Revolution JPES00501102
crosswise (T.M.R. LIVE REVOLUTION 11-12 -CLOUD NINE-) T.M.Revolution JPES01201536 6:03
crosswise (Live) T.M.Revolution 4:36
crosswise (Re:boot) T.M.Revolution JPU901502006 4:37
destined for… T.M.Revolution JPES00400104 5:08
DOUBLE-DEAL T.M.Revolution JPU901501137 4:55
DOUBLE-DEAL (Live) T.M.Revolution 4:44
Dream Crusader T.M.Revolution JPU901501140 4:23
DREAM DRUNKER T.M.Revolution JPA809900008 3:25
DYNAMITE PASSION T.M.Revolution JPA809700004 5:40
Engraved on the Moon T.M.Revolution JPES00400109 5:22
Fate and Faith T.M.Revolution JPES01100452 4:20
Fate and Faith (T.M.R. LIVE REVOLUTION 11-12 -CLOUD NINE-) T.M.Revolution JPES01201537 4:17
FLAGS T.M.Revolution JPES01100822
FLAGS (T.M.R. LIVE REVOLUTION 11-12 -CLOUD NINE-) T.M.Revolution JPES01201542 4:07
FLAGS (MOVIE OP Ver.) T.M.Revolution JPES01101061 2:08
FLAGS (Re:boot) T.M.Revolution JPU901502005 4:10
Flags / Sword Summit / The Party Must Go On (live from Inazuma Rock Festival 2012) T.M.Revolution 13:27
Fortune Maker T.M.Revolution JPES01100454 3:14
fragile T.M.Revolution 5:19
Goin' T.M.Revolution JPES00400002 4:36
HEALING MY SOUL T.M.Revolution JPA809600220 3:29
hear T.M.Revolution JPA800200041 4:09
HEART OF SWORD 〜夜明け前〜 T.M.Revolution JPA809600239 4:03
HEART OF SWORD 〜夜明け前〜 (UNDER:COVER version) T.M.Revolution JPES00502003 4:31
HEART OF SWORD 〜夜明け前〜 (ANIME ED Ver.) T.M.Revolution JPES01301285 1:38
HEART OF SWORD 〜夜明け前〜 (original backing track) T.M.Revolution JPA809600241 4:04
HEART OF SWORD 〜夜明け前〜 ESPECIAL"MATT"Mix T.M.Revolution JPA809700002 5:54
HEART OF SWORD ~夜明け前~ (Beat Run Beat U-Mix) T.M.Revolution JPA800000408 4:15
HEAT CAPACITY T.M.Revolution JPA800000341 3:34
HEAT CAPACITY (Instrumental) T.M.Revolution JPA800000342 3:37
HEAT CAPACITY Split~Attention L or R ch! T.M.Revolution JPA800000343 3:33
HEAVEN ONLY KNOWS ~Get the Power~ T.M.Revolution JPES01301379 3:14
HIGH PRESSURE T.M.Revolution JPA809700164 4:23
HIGH PRESSURE T.M.Revolution JPU981501273 ?:??
HIGH PRESSURE (UNDER:COVER version) T.M.Revolution JPES00502001 5:03
HIGH PRESSURE -MORE HEAT MIX- T.M.Revolution JPA809700880 4:25
HIGH PRESSURE “夏祭り SUMMER FESTA” MIX T.M.Revolution JPA809700165 4:12
HIGH PRESSURE (Original Backing Track) T.M.Revolution JPA809700166 4:25
HIGH PRESSURE (Pic-Nic I-Mix) T.M.Revolution JPA800000412 4:50
HIGH PRESSURE〜HOT LIMIT (「イナズマロック フェス 2009」LIVE映像) T.M.Revolution JPES81000666 ?:??
HIGH PRESSURE("夏祭り SUMMER FESTA" MIX) T.M.Revolution JPA809700165 3:35
HOT LIMIT T.M.Revolution JPA809800321 3:40
HOT LIMIT T.M.Revolution JPU981501274 ?:??
HOT LIMIT (UNDER:COVER version) T.M.Revolution JPES00502008 4:21
HOT LIMIT (MITSUYA-MIX) T.M.Revolution JPA809800323 3:38
HOT LIMIT (T8-Floor P-Mix) T.M.Revolution JPA800000402 4:09
HOT LIMIT(Y&Co. Remix) T.M.Revolution JPA800000464 3:14
I.D.~LOVE ME CRAZY~ T.M.Revolution 3:39
ignited -イグナイテッド- T.M.Revolution JPES00401341 3:17
ignited -イグナイテッド- (ANIME OP Ver.) T.M.Revolution JPES01301286 1:33
ignited -イグナイテッドー T.M.Revolution JPES00402721 1:14

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