Dave Camp

~ Artist



Piece of the City
All I WantsaxophonePeter White3:19
All I WantflutePeter White3:19
All I WantoboePeter White3:19
All I WantpiccoloPeter White3:19
Blow Your Mansion DownsaxophoneAl Stewart4:55
BoulevardsaxophonePeter White5:29
BoulevardflutePeter White5:29
By CandlelightsaxophonePeter White2:59
By CandlelightflutePeter White2:59
Deep in My HeartsaxophonePeter White4:14
Deep in My HeartflutePeter White4:14
Don't Wait for MepiccoloPeter White5:17
Don't Wait for MeflutePeter White5:17
Don't Wait for MeoboePeter White5:17
Don't Wait for MesaxophonePeter White5:17
DreamwalkpiccoloPeter White5:56
DreamwalksaxophonePeter White5:56
DreamwalkoboePeter White5:56
DreamwalkflutePeter White5:56
Drive by NightpiccoloPeter White5:22
Drive by NightflutePeter White5:22
Drive by NightoboePeter White5:22
Drive by NightsaxophonePeter White5:22
Excusez-MoisaxophonePeter White3:16
Excusez-MoioboePeter White3:16
Excusez-MoiflutePeter White3:16
Excusez-MoipiccoloPeter White3:16
In the RainpiccoloPeter White3:44
In the RainoboePeter White3:44
In the RainflutePeter White3:44
In the RainsaxophonePeter White3:44
Lost in Your EyespiccoloPeter White3:57
Lost in Your EyesflutePeter White3:57
Lost in Your EyesoboePeter White3:57
Lost in Your EyessaxophonePeter White3:57
Mr. CaribbeanoboePeter White3:43
Mr. CaribbeanflutePeter White3:43
Mr. CaribbeansaxophonePeter White3:43
Mr. CaribbeanpiccoloPeter White3:43
My Girl MadgepiccoloPeter White2:24
My Girl MadgeflutePeter White2:24
My Girl MadgeoboePeter White2:24
My Girl MadgesaxophonePeter White2:24
NovemberflutePeter White4:21
NovembersaxophonePeter White4:21
Peeto BanditosaxophonePeter White4:29
Peeto BanditoflutePeter White4:29
Piece of the CityflutePeter White feat. Bernard Oattes4:44
Piece of the CitysaxophonePeter White feat. Bernard Oattes4:44
PromenadeflutePeter White4:41
PromenadesaxophonePeter White4:41
Reason to LiveflutePeter White feat. Bernard Oattes4:41
Reason to LivesaxophonePeter White feat. Bernard Oattes4:41
Smooth SailingpiccoloPeter White5:08
Smooth SailingsaxophonePeter White5:08
Smooth SailingflutePeter White5:08
Smooth SailingoboePeter White5:08
The JugglerpiccoloPeter White4:38
The JugglersaxophonePeter White4:38
The JuggleroboePeter White4:38
The JugglerflutePeter White4:38
The StormflutePeter White5:45
The StormsaxophonePeter White5:45
UndercoversaxophonePeter White5:44
UndercoverflutePeter White5:44
What's Going OnsaxophonePeter White5:05
What's Going OnflutePeter White5:05
Piece of the City