Rosey 105.1

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
99 Things to do to a Naked Man 1:46
Call to Doug the Firefighter 5:16
Carl Moving to Nashville 2:47
Cottage Cheese Thighs on Men 1:10
Dale the Sexual Dynamo 2:20
Dale's Ode to Spring 2:26
Death of the Camaro 4:30
GayBC 2:18
Harold Returns Some Drugs 3:11
Hidden Track 0:08
Introduction 0:45
Janet Reno Bumped Her Head 1:50
Long Distance Offer 3:51
Manatee Man and the Giant Squid 3:21
Nelvis 3:36
New Fairy in Town 2:57
Purplebeard Grammar Lesson 1:28
Questions for Wayne the Biker 3:52
Richest Women in America 1:41
Terri Ann's First Kiss 2:37
Terry's Sick House 1:45
The Exaggeranger 1:36
The Great Golf Story 5:04
The War Bandage 2:52
Treasury of Bluegrass 3:56
Tubby LaRue and Blue Margarine 3:09

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