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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Suffocating Right Neuroticfish 5:13
Suffocating Right (raw) Neuroticfish 4:30
The Bomb Neuroticfish 3 5:55
The Bomb (dub) Neuroticfish 4:58
The Bomb (extended) Neuroticfish 5:56
The Bomb (remix by O Froning) Neuroticfish 7:03
The Bomb (single edit) Neuroticfish 3:47
The Bomb (single mix) Neuroticfish 3:46
The Creep Neuroticfish 4:43
The Creep Neuroticfish feat. Jaymie Valentine 4:42
The Standard Redux Neuroticfish 5:21
There's a Light... Neuroticfish 4:59
They're Coming to Take Me Away Neuroticfish 3:33
Ultrahymn Neuroticfish 3:47
Ultrahymn Neuroticfish 7:13
Unexpected Neuroticfish 4:24
Velocity Neuroticfish 5:00
Velocity (Cleaner remix) Neuroticfish 5:32
Velocity (club edit) Neuroticfish 5:07
Velocity (club-edit) Neuroticfish 5:31
Velocity N2 Neuroticfish 4:37
Wake Me Up Neuroticfish 5:11
Wake Me Up (DAC remix) Neuroticfish 5:40
WakeMeUp! (club-edit) Neuroticfish 5:12
WakeMeUp! (extended dance) Neuroticfish 9:38
WakeMeUp! (JAB-remix) Neuroticfish 4:54
WakeMeUp! (Recompiled) Neuroticfish 5:54
War Neuroticfish 3:33
Waste Neuroticfish 3:59
Waving Hands Neuroticfish 5:03
Why Don't You Hate Me? Neuroticfish 6:45
You're the Fool Neuroticfish 4:56

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