Fricis Kuģis

~ Person


Performed as "Fricis Upenieks" in duet "Brāļi Laivinieki"

In 1944-10 emigrated to Germany, later Australia

Australia Death Index, 1787-1985 about Fricis Kugis
Name: Fricis Kugis
Death Date: 3 Nov 1962
Death Place: Queensland
Father's Name: John
Mother's Name: Kebelis
Registration Year: 1962
Registration Place: Queensland
Registration number: B055056
Page Number: 1593

Wife "Darija Kuģis" ("Daria Kuģis")
Australian Electoral Rolls, 1903-1980: Residence: 1977 - city, Griffith, Queensland

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Legal name: Fricis Kuģis



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