Katie Lee

~ Person



Name ISRCs Rating Length
(Little Willie and the Cat) 0:25
(Little Willie Found Some Dynamite) 0:23
(Little Willie in the Well) 0:25
(Little Willie's Sister Ruth) 0:25
Be Miserable 2:21
Bert Loper 5:00
Blow the Candles Out 2:12
Case History ("A" Loves "B" Loves "C") 2:34
Don'tville 2:38
Ghosts Of The Old San Juan 4:28
Gunslinger (A Ballad for Adult Westerns) 3:12
Gunslinger (A Ballad for Adult Westerns) 2:52
Hush Little Sibling 3:08
I Can't Get Adjusted to the You Who Got Adjusted to Me 2:39
It Must Be Something Psychological 2:29
Kavitatin' Katie 3:22
Life Is Just a Bed of Neuroses 2:21
Lotsa Money 2:21
Love That Man 3:15
Mental Blocks 3:12
Muddy River 3:26
My Mother Chose My Husband 2:22
Poor Miss Bailey 3:22
Pore Colly Raddy 3:46
Properly Loved 3:00
Rapids Ahead 3:11
Real Sick Sounds 2:19
Repressed Hostility Blues 2:26
River Lullaby 1:42
Rusty Old Red River 4:21
Schizophrenic Moon 2:47
Shining River 3:08
Shrinker Man 1:25
Song Of The Boatman 3:43
Stay as Sick as You Can 2:29
The Ballad for Group Therapy 2:53
The Canyoneers 3:06
The Drinking Song 0:41
The Frozen Logger 2:52
The Get Well March 1:58
The Giants Once Among Us 3:35
The Guilty Rag 2:35
The Hippopotami 2:05
The House of the Rising Sun 1:59
The Insecure Tango 2:14
The Tale of the Tickaboo 4:53
The Tale Of The Tickaboo 4:55
The Will to Fail 2:34
The Will to Fail 2:32
The Wrect-The-Nation-Bureau Song 3:42
Through This World 2:22
Two Little Flies 2:44
We Must Adjust 3:00
When I Was a Little Girl 2:55
When The Colorado Rises 1:51
Why Johnny Why 1:31
Woman, Go Home 1:33

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