Scarface (US rapper Brad Jordan)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
"B" Word Scarface 2:33
1-800 Dial-a-Crook Scarface feat. The Convicts 7:04
2 Real Scarface feat. 3-2, UGK & F.L.A.J. 4:43
2 The Beat Scarface feat. B. James & Monk Kaza 4:06
11-09-70 (Intro) Scarface 0:32
11-09-2000 (Outro) Scarface 0:57
44 Cal Killa Benzino feat. Scarface & M3 3:54
A Minute to Pray Scarface 4:18
A Minute to Pray and a Second to Die Scarface of the Geto Boys 4:44
A Minute to Pray and a Second to Die Scarface 4:41
All Bad Scarface 4:38
All Night Long Scarface feat. F.L.A.J. 4:36
All the Time T.I. feat. Scarface 3:15
Always (Screwed & Chopped-A-Lot) Scarface feat. Spaide R.I.P.P.E.R. 5:11
American Nightmare BK-One with Benzilla feat. Brother Ali & Scarface 3:53
And Yo Scarface feat. Redman & Young Noble 4:55
And Yo Scarface feat. Redman 4:58
And Yo Scarface 4:34
Another Head Put to Rest Scarface 5:20
Anything Scarface 4:21
Baby (remix) Irv Gotti feat. Scarface 4:46
Baby (remix) Ashanti feat. Scarface 4:25
Baby Don't Do It Freeway feat. Scarface 3:27
Bad Man Scarface feat. Papa Reu 1:36
Balls and My Word Scarface 1:44
Bang Bang Scarface feat. T.I. & Famlay 3:23
Bang Bang Fam-Lay feat. T.I. & Scarface 3:45
Betrayal Gang Starr feat. Scarface USVI29800542 5:30
Betrayal Gang Starr feat. Scarface 4:51
Betrayal (clean) Gang Starr feat. Scarface 4:51
Big Dog Status Lil Wayne feat. Scarface & T.I. 5:02
Big Dog Status (remix) Scarface feat. Lil Wayne, T.I. & Wacko 5:07
Big Dogg Status Lil Wayne feat. Scarface, T.I. & UTP 5:02
Big Dogg Status Scarface feat. Wacko 4 4:40
Big Dogg Status Scarface feat. T.I. & Lil Wayne 5:03
Big Dreams The Game feat. Biggie & Scarface 3:51
Bitch Nigga Scarface feat. Z-Ro, Dirt Bomb & Bun B of UGK 4:35
Black Still Scarface 2:46
Blend Scarface & Nelly 0:34
Blessing in Disguise Rick Ross feat. Scarface & Z-Ro 4:56
Blow Your Fuckin' Head Off Scarface 0:44
Blowed B‐Real & Berner feat. Scarface 5:01
Body Snatcher Scarface ?:??
Body Snatchers Scarface of the Geto Boys 3:12
Boo Boo'n Scarface feat. Devin 4:36
Born Killa Scarface 3:34
Born Sinners Outlawz feat. Scarface 5:43
Boy Meets Girl Scarface feat. Tanya Herron 3:58
Boz-In Between Us Scarface feat. Nas & T 2:59
Broken Freddie Gibbs & Madlib feat. Scarface 4:08
Bumpin My Music Scarface 1:34
Bumpin My Music (part of "God vs. Tha Devil" DJ mix) Ray Cash feat. Scarface 4:32
Bumpin' My Music Ray Cash feat. Scarface 5 4:01
Burn Scarface feat. Z-Ro 3:53
Bust at You Fat Joe feat. Baby, Scarface & Tony Sunshine 4:37
Bust at You Scarface feat. Fat Joe & Baby 3:52
Can’t Be Life JAY Z feat. Beanie Sigel & Scarface 4:07
Can’t Get Right Scarface feat. Bilal 4:04
Chris Benoit (Kuma's Scrub club remix) Insane Clown Posse, Ice Cube & Scarface 5:44
City Under Siege Scarface feat. Facemob 3:25
Club Bangaz (Screwed & Chopped-A-Lot) Scarface feat. Juvenile & Partners-N-Crime 5:12
Cocaine Scarface feat. A-G-2-A-Ke 4:00
Comin' Agg Scarface 3:30
Concrete Couch (Hot Seat alternate version) Scarface 4:50
Conspiracy Theory Scarface 3:39
Conspiracy Theory Scarface 4:33
Crack (Made) Scarface 4:18
Crooked Cops Krayzie Bone feat. Scarface 2:23
Da Corner (Re.Gentrification mix) Scarface, Bavu Blakes & B. Mike ?:??
Daddy Fatal feat. Scarface 4:08
Dear Lord Rick Ross feat. Scarface 3:03
Death Is the Future Scarface 4:07
Deez Bitches (Screwed & Chopped-A-Lot) Scarface feat. Devin the Dude, Dolla Boy & Lil' Ron 6:04
Definition of Real Scarface feat. Ice Cube & Z-Ro 4:09
Definition of Real (Screwed & Chopped-A-Lot) Scarface feat. Ice Cube 5:37
Dem Boys Willie D feat. Scarface & Lil Wayne 3:57
Diary of a Madman Scarface of the Geto Boys 3:04
Diary of a Madman Scarface ?:??
Dirty Money Scarface feat. Tanya Herron 4:48
Do What I Do Scarface feat. Nas, Rick Ross & Z-Ro 4:25
Do What You Do Scarface feat. Bushwick Bill, K.B. & B-Legit 3:08
Do What You Want Scarface feat. Devin 4:28
Do What You Want Scarface 3:54
Do-re-mi Erick Sermon feat. LL Cool J & Scarface 3:44
Do-Re-Mi Scarface feat. LL Cool J & Erick Sermon 3:22
Dog These Ho's Scarface feat. E-Rock & C‐Note 3:46
Dolla (remix) Trae feat. Scarface 2:19
Dollar Scarface 4:26
Dollar Bill (Anything alternate version) Scarface 4:29
Don't Change Lil’ KeKe feat. Scarface 4:28
Don't Testify Scarface feat. Facemob & Hoodlumz 3:52
Dope Game Green City feat. Scarface 3:45
Dope Man Pushin’ Scarface feat. Papa Reu 3:17
Dopeman Music Scarface feat. B. James & Monk Kaza 3:38
Down With Us Scarface feat. U.G.K. 4:43
Drankin' Toon Scarface 1:00
Dying With Your Boots On Scarface 2:35
Dying With Your Boots On Scarface ?:??
Emeritus Scarface 3:32
Emeritus Scarface 3:39

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