Jimmy Shand

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
2 / 4 Marches: Aunice Gillie's Farewell to Loch Gilphead / Johan Bain Mackenzie 2:39
Bluebell Polka 2:25
Bluebell Polka 2:51
Bluebell Polka 2:26
Bluebell Polka 2:25
Bluebell Polka 2:26
Bluebell Polka 2:26
Braes O'Killiekrankie 2:19
Canadian Three-Step Medley (Colonel R F Mason; The Steamboat; Jeannie King) 2:56
Doonaree 2:11
Fear A' Phige 2:08
Gaelic Waltz Selection: Cailin Mo Ruin Sa / Maclaren & Sons / Leaving Barra / Morag of Dunvegan 2:49
Galloway House Reel: Original Tune / Georgina Catherine Macdonald's Fancy / Earl Gray 4:26
Gay Gordons 2:29
Gay Gordons 2:29
Gay Gordons (The Braes O'Bonil; Woods O'Stirkit; Bonnie Woods O'Craigielea) 3:01
Gay Gordons: Cock O' the North / Jeannie King 2:29
Highland Barn Dance Medley (Fort Charlotte; The Lobster Pot) 2:30
Highland Scottische: Lord Lyndochthe / The Duke of Gordon / The Laird O'Thrums / Lady Anne Hope 2:26
Hooper's Jig: Peter's Perie Boat / Boonie Doon / Jeanie's Blue E'En 4:24
Irish Two-Step: If You're Irish, Come Into the Parlour / With My Shillelagh Under My Arm 2:23
Lambs Skinnet Jig: Lambs Skinnet / John Grumlie / I Lo'Ed Nae a Lassie but Ane / Brinkie Braes 4:23
Line Redpath Waltz 1:22
Marching With Jimmy Shand: Scotland the Brave / The Thistle of Scotland / We're No' Awa Tae Bide Awa' 3:17
Medley 3:46
Medley (Larry O-Gaff; Rollicking Dandy; O'er The Sea) 2:10
Miss Bennetts Jig: Original Tune / John Mearn's Favourite / Balcomie House 4:21
Mountains Of Pines 2:47
Mrs Cholmondekley's Reel: Lass O'Patie's Mill / Harveston Castle / The Deveron Reel 4:28
Neidpath Castle-Strathspey: Dr & Mrs Jones / Tom's Highland Fling / Scotch Mist 3:08
Reels Medley (Jimmy Shand Reel; Sherwood Rangers; Gordons' Favourite) 2:21
Royal Scots Polka 2:26
Scottish Waltz (The Nameless Lassie; Crooked Bawbee; When You And I Were Young Maggie) 3:19
Singalong Two-Step Medley (Tramp, Tramp, Tramp; Home, Boys, Home; John Brown's Body) 2:15
Singalong Waltz Medley (The Wild Mountain Theme; Many A Day) 2:34
The 6.20 Two Step (mono recording electronically reprocessed to give stereo effect) 2:40
The Black Dance-Reel: Original Tune / The Thruso Wedding / The Wandering Drummer / Breadalbane Reel 4:19
The Brydie Ring Polka 1:43
The Gie Gordons (Scotland) (Beltona BL 2455 78) (couple) (easy) 3:12
The Linton Ploughman-Jig: Muckin' O'Geordie's Byre / Lady Nellie Wemyss / Braidley's House / Major Mackie 4:21
The Mairsland Two-Step 2:19
The Northern Lights of Aberdeen 2:17
The Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen 2:16
The Original Yankee Doodle Medley (Yankee Doodle; Murshin Durkin) 1:43
The Swilcan: Gordon B. Cosh / Kinkell Braes / Ythan Bar 2:21
Threave Castle Polka 2:32
Tyneside Waltz: Blow the Wind Southerly / O Hey ya Seen the Roses Blow / Cushie Butterfield / The Cullercoats Fish Lass 3:13
Waltz The Henshine (Scotland) (Beltona BL 2455 78) (couple) (easy) 3:00

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