Junior Gill

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member of:Billy Cobham's Culturemix
Billy Cobham Band
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
2010-11-11A Days GracepercussionBilly Cobham Band9:31
2010-11-11Cancun MarketpercussionBilly Cobham Band7:46
2010-11-11CrosswindspercussionBilly Cobham Band6:37
2010-11-11Drum-SolopercussionBilly Cobham Band5:19
2010-11-11MiragepercussionBilly Cobham Band9:10
2010-11-11Obliquely SpeakingpercussionBilly Cobham Band6:54
2010-11-11Red BaronpercussionBilly Cobham Band9:28
2010-11-11StratuspercussionBilly Cobham Band13:01
2010-11-11Two for JuanpercussionBilly Cobham Band8:29
2013-05-06 – 2013-05-08A Days GracepercussionBilly Cobham, Frankfurt Radio Big Band9:12
2013-05-06 – 2013-05-08Cancun MarketpercussionBilly Cobham, Frankfurt Radio Big Band7:28
2013-05-06 – 2013-05-08Cat in the HatpercussionBilly Cobham, Frankfurt Radio Big Band8:38
2013-05-06 – 2013-05-08FaiapercussionBilly Cobham, Frankfurt Radio Big Band8:13
2013-05-06 – 2013-05-08MiragepercussionBilly Cobham, Frankfurt Radio Big Band8:49
2013-05-06 – 2013-05-08PanamapercussionBilly Cobham, Frankfurt Radio Big Band14:06
2013-05-06 – 2013-05-08Red BaronpercussionBilly Cobham, Frankfurt Radio Big Band13:42
2013-05-06 – 2013-05-08Sweet BocaspercussionBilly Cobham, Frankfurt Radio Big Band8:53
A Days GracevibraphoneBilly Cobham8:12
Alfa WavessteelpanBilly Cobham6:49
Aurora BorealissteelpanBilly Cobham7:22
Behold!steelpanBilly Cobham5:14
Black OrchidsteelpanBilly Cobham5:30
Blue LinesteelpanBilly Cobham6:45
Cancun Marketsolo and steelpanBilly Cobham8:22
Cancun MarketsteelpanBilly Cobham8:22
Cap BretonsteelpanBilly Cobham5:29
Cara MiasteelpanBilly Cobham5:02
Cat in the Hatsolo and steelpanBilly Cobham7:37
ClairvoyancesteelpanBilly Cobham6:09
Coffee Brown-Olive GreensteelpanBilly Cobham5:27
Cuba on the HorizonsteelpanBilly Cobham7:26
Culture MixsteelpanBilly Cobham5:04
DemainsteelpanBilly Cobham4:38
Dessicated CoconutssteelpanBilly Cobham6:16
DreamersteelpanBilly Cobham4:52
Five Day RunsteelpanBilly Cobham6:08
Isle of Skyepercussion idiophone [mallets]Billy Cobham7:18
Locusts IncomingsteelpanBilly Cobham1:40
MiragemarimbaBilly Cobham7:37
Moon Germspercussion idiophone [mallets]Billy Cobham6:02
Moscow MeetingsteelpanBilly Cobham6:04
Mr. B.C.steelpanBilly Cobham3:40
Na Pasashoksolo and steelpanBilly Cobham12:03
Na PasashoksteelpanBilly Cobham12:03
Obliquely SpeakingsteelpanBilly Cobham6:16
PomegranatessteelpanBilly Cobham4:49
Red & Yellow CabrioletsteelpanBilly Cobham6:49
Rites of PetanchisteelpanBilly Cobham4:10
Sa PoblasteelpanBilly Cobham7:24
SaippuakivikauppiassteelpanBilly Cobham7:21
Sal si puedessteelpanBilly Cobham9:00
Sal si puedessolo and steelpanBilly Cobham9:00
Tales From the Skeleton Coast (outro)steelpanBilly Cobham0:48
There and BacksteelpanBilly Cobham6:21
Torpedo FlomarimbaBilly Cobham8:28
Two for Juanpercussion idiophone [mallets]Billy Cobham9:38
VolcanosteelpanBilly Cobham4:24
Where Do We Go From HeresteelpanBilly Cobham6:05
Fruit from The Loomsteelpan [Pan & PanKat]Billy Cobham
Culture Mix
Where Do We Go From HereWilbert Gill