PMT (William Brunner)

~ Person



Name ISRCs Rating Length
Afro Lava Lamp (Smithmonger's Menu Monkey remix) 2:10
Afro Lavalamp 4:30
Afro Lavalamp 4:30
Deeper Water (Koma & Bones remix) 4:53
Deeper Water (Koma & Bones remix) 7:11
Deeper Water (Sander Kleinenberg mix) (part of a “Global Underground 021: Deep Dish in Moscow” DJ-mix) 6:01
Deeper Water (Sander Kleinenberg's Caffeine remix) 7:12
Deeper Water (Sander Kleinenberg's Caffiene remix) 8:22
Deeper Water (Sander Kleinenberg's Caffiene remix) (part of a "Renaissance Ibiza 2001" DJ mix) 6:07
Deeper Water (Wookie Slut extended dub) ?:??
Deeper Water (Wookie Slut extended vocal mix) 5:03
Deeper Water (Wookiee Slut extended vocal remix) 7:20
Gyrodancer 2:53
Gyromancer 5:22
Gyromancer 5:52
Gyromancer 5:50
Gyromancer (part of a “FabricLive 02: Ali B” DJ‐mix) 3:39
Gyromancer (part of a “Global Underground 018: Nick Warren: Amsterdam” DJ‐mix) 6:02
Gyromancer (Elite Force mix) 7:23
Gyromancer (Elite Force remix) 4:15
Gyromancer (Elite Force remix) ?:??
Gyromancer (False Prophet mix) 6:24
Gyromancer (False Prophet mix) 5:33
Gyromancer (False Prophet mix) 7:19
Gyromancer (False Prophet remix) 6:30
Gyromancer (False Prophet remix) ?:??
Gyromancer (original mix) 5:10
Gyromancer (Stanton Warriors remix) 5:36
Gyromancer (Wookie Slut mix) 5:43
Insinuendo (Principled Dub mix) 6:04
Intro (spective) 4:09
Marching Powder 6:29
Necromancer 5:35
Necromancer 5:47
Necromancer (Found mix) 6:25
Tequila Flange 3:50
Turquoise Dreams (Silversonic dub) 6:53
Turquoise Dreams (Silversonic's Smashing Dub mix) 6:00

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