The Johnson Party is the name given to a group of musicians, who became trapped in the Cohutta mountains during a fierce winter not long ago. Nearly half of the party died, and some resorted to eating their dead in an effort to survive. The experience has become legendary as the most spectacular episode in the history of American music. The surviving members of the Johnson Party are an eclectic group of musicians playing rock, reggae, hip-hop, country, bluegrass, among other genres. Members hail from the West, Southern States and Senegal. EJ, founder of The Johnson Party, brings a Northern California vibe to the group and has lived and played music in San Francisco, Jackson Hole, Napa, and currently resides in Atlanta, GA. As lead songwriter, his music is influenced by artists spanning many cultures and genres including Willie Nelson, Marley, the Dead, Sublime, etc… Indeed, rare experiences in vast wilderness, megapolises, country towns, and countless triumphs and heartbreaks have all carved their way into the songs brought to the Johnson Party. Within the realm of this unique band, audiences discover charismatic and challenging performances, evocative melodies, timeless and universal lyrics and a visionary spirit of optimism. Venues Played in Atlanta Area: Andrews Upstairs Park Tavern CJ’s Landing Front Page News (L5P) Sweetwater Brewery Black Bear Tavern

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