Fish (Derek William Dick, ex-Marillion frontman)

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
So Fellini (Live in Poznan 31/05/01) Fish 4:00
Solo Fish 4:08
Solo Fish 5:38
Somebody Special Fish 5:23
Somebody Special Fish 4:25
Somebody Special Fish ?:??
Somebody Special Fish 4:52
Somebody Special Fish 5:16
Somebody Special Fish 4:48
Somebody Special Fish 4:00
Somebody Special (live, Norwich) Fish 4:46
Somebody Special (radio edit) Fish 4:01
Something in the Air Fish 5:06
Something in the Air Fish 6:51
Something in the Air Fish 6:46
Something in the Air (Christopher Robin mix) Fish 4:58
Something in the Air (radio edit) Fish 3:56
Something in the Air (Teddy Bear mix) Fish 6:46
Something in the Air (Teddybear mix) Fish 6:45
Square Go Fish 5:26
Square Go Fish 5:35
Square Go Fish 5:15
State of Mind Fish 4:46
State of Mind Fish 6:17
State of Mind Fish 6:57
State of Mind Fish 6:50
State of Mind Fish 8:20
State of Mind Fish 7:16
State of Mind Fish 5:46
State of Mind Fish 7:32
State of Mind (Album Version) Fish 4:46
State of Mind (Edited version) Fish 4:13
State of Mind (live, London) Fish 7:16
State of Mind (Presidential mix) Fish 5:48
State of Mind (Presidential Mix) Fish 5:48
Stay With Me T42, Ezio & Fish 7:26
Sugar Mice Fish 6:19
Sugar Mice Fish 5:46
Sugar Mice Fish 6:59
Sugar Mice (live, London) Fish 6:59
Sunsets on Empire Fish 6:55
Sunsets on Empire Fish 9:37
Sunsets on Empire Fish 10:11
Sunsets on Empire Fish 6:55
Sunsets on Empire, "Join the Dots" Lyrics, Night of the Big Awakening Fish 1:20
Tara Fish 5:11
Tara Fish 4:06
Tara Fish 5:29
Tara Fish 5:11
Tara, Sowetto and Brazil, Growing Up in the Sunsets World, Fairy Tale Versus Reality, Another Sunrise Fish 2:38
That Time of the Night Fish 4:48
That Time of the Night Fish 6:18
That Time of the Night Fish 6:19
The Album Title, Inspiration From a Dream, CNN, School Maps, Hollywood History, Vietnam, The Net, Mark Wilkinson's Artwork Fish 3:30
The artwork Fish 2:31
The Breaks Fish 1:32
The career curve Fish 5:48
The Company Fish 7:06
The Company Fish 5:20
The Company Fish 4:05
The Company Fish 4:03
The Company Fish 4:16
The Company Fish 5:39
The Company Fish 8:53
The Company Fish 5:46
The Company Fish 7:10
The Company Fish 4:14
The Company Fish 5:40
The Company Fish 9:19
The Company Fish 4:16
The Company Fish 4:02
The Company Fish 5:19
The Company Fish 4:55
The Company Fish 5:35
The Company Fish 4:34
The Company Fish 4:09
The Company Fish 6:42
The Company Fish 9:18
The Company Fish 6:08
The Company Fish 7:23
The Company T42 & Fish 5:27
The Company (Album Version) Fish 4:08
The Company (demo version) Fish 4:29
The Company (Demo Version) Fish 4:31
The Company (demo) Fish 4:30
The Company (live, Londdon) Fish 4:14
The concept behind Yin & Yang Fish 2:56
The Concept Running Through the New Album, Comparison With Marillion and Previous Solo Albums Fish 0:51
The Early Years Fish 7:04
The Field Fish 8:47
The Field Fish 8:17
The Great Unravelling Fish 6:27
The High Wood, I: High Wood Fish 5:21
The High Wood, II: Crucifix Corner Fish 7:20
The High Wood, III: The Gathering Fish 4:32
The High Wood, IV: Thistle Alley Fish 6:09
The High Wood, V: The Leaving Fish 5:03
The Last Straw Fish 5:38
The litigations Fish 8:03
The Lost Plot Fish 5:17

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