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Legal name: Terrence Mitchell Riley


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2021ArchangelsTerry Riley1


1968In CTerry Riley; Terry Riley, Members of the Center of the Creative and Performing Arts in the State University of New York at Buffalo8
1969A Rainbow in Curved AirTerry Riley46
1970Keyboard Study 2 / Initiative 1 (+ Systèmes)GERM, Terry Riley & Pierre Mariétan1
1971Church of AnthraxJohn Cale & Terry Riley3.658
1972Persian Surgery DervishesTerry Riley43
1975Le Secret de la VieTerry Riley1
1980Shri CamelTerry Riley53
1982Descending Moonshine DervishesTerry Riley43
1983Songs for the Ten Voices of the Two ProphetsTerry Riley3
1985Cadenza on the Night PlainTerry Riley; Kronos Quartet4
1989Salome Dances for PeaceTerry Riley; Kronos Quartet1
1989In C (Music of a Thousand Springs - Zen (Ch'an) of Water)Terry Riley1
1989In CTerry Riley1
1990Reich: Six Pianos / Riley: In CSteve Reich, Terry Riley; Piano Circus2
1990Steve Reich: Six Pianos / Terry Riley: In CSteve Reich, Terry Riley; Piano Circus1
1992The Harp of New AlbionTerry Riley31
1992Harrison: Seven Pastorales / Glanville-Hicks: Etruscan Concerto / Riley: June Buddhas from Mexico City BluesLou Harrison, Peggy Glanville-Hicks, Terry Riley; Dennis Russell Davies, Keith Jarrett, Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra2
1992The Padova ConcertTerry Riley1
1994Chanting the Light of ForesightTerry Riley1
1994Intuitive LeapsTerry Riley, Zeitgeist2
1996Lisbon ConcertTerry Riley1
1996Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band "All Night Flight"Terry Riley33
1997Lazy Afternoon Among the CrocodilesTerry Riley + Stefano Scodanibbio1
1998Piano Music of John Adams and Terry RileyJohn Adams, Terry Riley; Gloria Cheng-Cochran1
1999The Book of AbbeyozzudTerry Riley1
1999Olson IIITerry Riley1
2000In CTerry Riley; Ictus, Blindman Kwartet1
2000In CTerry Riley; Raôul Duguay, SMCQ live, Walter Boudreau1
2000Music for the GiftTerry Riley2
2000You're NogoodTerry Riley1
2001Requiem for Adam / Philosopher's HandTerry Riley; Kronos Quartet3
2001In CTerry Riley; Bang on a Can2
2001In C / In DO(M) / In MoscowTerry Riley, Repetitition Orchestra1
2001Moscow Conservatory Solo Piano ConcertTerry Riley1
2001Y BolanzeroTerry Riley · David Tanenbaum · Michael Sagmeister · Gyan Riley · Jugendgitarrenorchester Baden-Württemberg1
2002Atlantis NathTerry Riley1
2003Cantos desiertosTerry Riley; Alexandra Hawley, Jeffrey McFadden1
2005Assassin ReverieTerry Riley1
2006In CTerry Riley; Ars Nova Copenhagen, Percurama Percussion Ensemble, Paul Hillier1
2007Early American Minimalism / Walls of Sound II / Wallpatterns-PatternwallsUlrich Krieger; Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Terry Riley1
2008The Cusp of MagicTerry Riley; Kronos Quartet and Wu Man1
2008Persian Surgery DervishesTerry Riley; Pekarsky Percussion Project1
2010Autodreamographical TalesTerry Riley1
2010In CTerry Riley; Salt Lake Electric Ensemble1
2012AlephTerry Riley1
2015Africa Express Presents… Terry Riley’s In C MaliTerry Riley; Africa Express51
2015In CRiley; Jeroen van Veen1
2015ZOFO Plays Terry RileyTerry Riley; ZOFO2
2016The MinimalistsReich, Riley, Andriessen, Gann, Adams, Lang; Geoffrey Douglas Madge, Orkest de Volharding, Jussi Jaatinen1
2016Four Four ThreeTerry Riley; Ragazze Quartet, Kapok, Slagwerk Den Haag1
2016Rainbow In CologneTerry Riley1
2017Dark Queen MantraTerry Riley, Stefano Scodanibbio; Del Sol String Quartet, Gyan Riley1
2017Eighty Trips Around the Sun: Music by and for Terry RileyTerry Riley; Sarah Cahill, Regina Myers, Samuel Adams1
2017The Palmian Chord Ryddle / At the Royal MajesticTerry Riley; Tracy Silverman, Todd Wilson, Nashville Symphony, Giancarlo Guerrero1
2018In CMeat Beat Manifesto Vs. Terry Riley1
2019In CLa Nòvia, Terry Riley1
2019Sun RingsTerry Riley; Kronos Quartet3
2022Autodreamographical TalesTerry Riley, Bang on a Can All-Stars2
2022Organum for StefanoTerry Riley21
2022Keyboard StudiesTerry Riley; John Tilbury1

Album + Compilation

1992Descending Moonshine Dervishes / Songs for the Ten Voices of the Two ProphetsTerry Riley1
1998Maximum MinimalistsJohn Adams, Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Terry Riley2
1998Reed Streams / In C (Mantra)Terry Riley / L'Infonie2
2015One Earth, One People, One Love: Kronos plays Terry RileyTerry Riley; Kronos Quartet1
2015Sunrise of the Planetary Dream CollectorTerry Riley; Kronos Quartet1

Album + Soundtrack

1972Happy EndingTerry Riley1
1975LifespanTerry Riley1
1986No Man's LandTerry Riley2
2007Les Yeux Fermes & LifespanTerry Riley1

Album + Live

1995In C: 25th Anniversary ConcertTerry Riley1
2008The Last Camel in ParisTerry Riley2
2010In CTerry Riley; Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble2
2011LIVEGyan Riley and Terry Riley1
2017Terry Riley Don Cherry DuoTerry Riley, Don Cherry1
2017Terry Riley Krishna Bhatt DuoTerry Riley & Krishna Bhatt1

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