Legal name: Paul Mark Oakenfold

Also performs as: Perfecto Allstarz (Paul Oakenfold)



1994Bust a GroovePaul Oakenfold2.53
2006A Lively MindPaul Oakenfold6
2014Trance MissionPaul Oakenfold23
2021Soundtrek Mount Everest: A Musical Journey by Paul OakenfoldPaul Oakenfold1
2022Shine OnPaul Oakenfold1

Album + Compilation

1995Perfection: Perfecto FCPaul Oakenfold1
1996Perfection: Perfecto CompilationPaul Oakenfold1
2002Perfecto CollectionPaul Oakenfold3
2003Perfecto Chills, Volume 1Paul Oakenfold1
2003Perfecto Presents Paul Oakenfold: Great WallPaul Oakenfold4
2004Perfect Remixes, Volume 1Paul Oakenfold1
2007Greatest Hits & RemixesPaul Oakenfold5
2008Oakenfold AnthemsPaul Oakenfold1
2009Perfecto VegasPaul Oakenfold4.55
2011Never Mind the Bollocks… Here’s Paul OakenfoldPaul Oakenfold1
2011DJ Box (July 2011)Paul Oakenfold1
2011DJ Box - September 2011Paul Oakenfold1
2011DJ Box - October 2011Paul Oakenfold1
2011DJ Box - November / December 2011Paul Oakenfold1
2012DJ Box - January 2012Paul Oakenfold1
2012DJ Box - February 2012Paul Oakenfold1
2012DJ Box - March 2012Paul Oakenfold1
2012DJ Box - April 2012Paul Oakenfold1
2012DJ Box - May 2012Paul Oakenfold1
2012DJ Box - June 2012Paul Oakenfold1
2012DJ Box - July 2012Paul Oakenfold1
2012DJ Box - August 2012Paul Oakenfold1
2012DJ Box - September 2012Paul Oakenfold1
2012DJ Box - October 2012Paul Oakenfold1
2012DJ Box - November / December 2012Paul Oakenfold1
2012DJ Box - Best Of 2012Paul Oakenfold1
2013DJ Box - January 2013Paul Oakenfold1
2013DJ Box - February 2013Paul Oakenfold1
2013DJ Box - March 2013Paul Oakenfold1
2013DJ Box - April 2013Paul Oakenfold1
2013DJ Box - May 2013Paul Oakenfold1
2013DJ Box - June 2013Paul Oakenfold1
2013DJ Box - July 2013Paul Oakenfold1
2013DJ Box - August 2013Paul Oakenfold1
2013DJ Box - September 2013Paul Oakenfold1
2013DJ Box - October 2013Paul Oakenfold1
2013DJ Box - November 2013Paul Oakenfold1
2013DJ Box - December 2013Paul Oakenfold1
2013DJ Box - Best Of 2013Paul Oakenfold1
2013Perfecto Records Miami 2013Paul Oakenfold1
2014DJ Box - January 2014Paul Oakenfold1
2014DJ Box - February 2014Paul Oakenfold1
2014DJ Box - March 2014Paul Oakenfold1
2014DJ Box - April 2014Paul Oakenfold1
2014DJ Box - May 2014Paul Oakenfold1
2014DJ Box - June 2014Paul Oakenfold1
2014DJ Box - July 2014Paul Oakenfold1
2014DJ Box - August 2014Paul Oakenfold1
2014DJ Box - September 2014Paul Oakenfold1
2014DJ Box - October 2014Paul Oakenfold1
2014DJ Box - November 2014Paul Oakenfold1
2014DJ Box: December 2014Paul Oakenfold1
2014DJ Box - Best Of 2014Paul Oakenfold1
2015DJ Box - January 2015Paul Oakenfold2
2015DJ Box - February 2015Paul Oakenfold1
201525 Years of Perfecto RecordsPaul Oakenfold1
2015DJ Box - April 2015Paul Oakenfold2
2015DJ Box - May 2015Paul Oakenfold2
2015DJ Box - June 2015Paul Oakenfold1
2015DJ Box - July 2015Paul Oakenfold1
2015DJ Box November 2015Paul Oakenfold1
2015DJ Box - December 2015Paul Oakenfold1
2016DJ Box - January 2016Paul Oakenfold1
2016DJ Box - April 2016Paul Oakenfold1
2016DJ Box: May 2016Paul Oakenfold1
2016DJ Box - June 2016Paul Oakenfold1
2016DJ Box - July 2016Paul Oakenfold1
2016DJ Box - August 2016Paul Oakenfold1
2016DJ Box - December - The Best Of 2016Paul Oakenfold1
2017DJ Box: September 2017Paul Oakenfold1
2017DJ Box: Best of 2017Paul Oakenfold1
2018Mount Everest: The Base Camp MixPaul Oakenfold2
2019Sunset at StonehengePaul Oakenfold2
2021Perfecto 2021 MixPaul Oakenfold1

Album + Compilation + Soundtrack

2001SwordfishPaul Oakenfold53

Album + Compilation + DJ-mix

1994Journeys by Stadium DJ: Paul OakenfoldPaul Oakenfold1
1994Journeys by DJ, Volume 5: Journey Through the SpectrumPaul Oakenfold1
1994The Sessions, Volume 2Paul Oakenfold2
1994The Goa MixPaul Oakenfold54
1995A Voyage Into TrancePaul Oakenfold44
1995Essential MixTong / Cox / Sasha / Oakenfold1
1996Cream Live TwoPaul Oakenfold / Nick Warren / James Lavelle1
1996Perfecto FluoroPaul Oakenfold31
1996Journeys by DJ: MarathonJohn Digweed & Paul Oakenfold / Coldcut & DJ Rap1
1997Global Underground 004: Paul Oakenfold in OsloPaul Oakenfold2
1997The House Collection, Volume 6Paul Oakenfold & Mike Cosford1
1997Cream Anthems 97Paul Oakenfold & Nick Warren1
1998Global Underground 007: New YorkPaul Oakenfold53
1998TranceportPaul Oakenfold2
1998Essential Selection ’98Pete Tong / Paul Oakenfold / Carl Cox2
1999Resident: Two Years of Oakenfold at CreamPaul Oakenfold1
1999Essential MillenniumPete Tong / Fatboy Slim / Paul Oakenfold2
2000Essential Selection, Vol. OneFatboy Slim & Paul Oakenfold1
2000Perfecto Presents Another WorldPaul Oakenfold2

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