Rat Scabies

~ Person


collaborator on: Motordam (1979-05-14)
member of: Vicious White Kids
The Damned (UK punk band) (1976 – 1995)
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Date Title Credited As Attributes Artist Length
I Hate War Chris Millar
Melody Lee
Plan 9 Channel 7
Smash It Up
Stab Yor Back
1977-11-27 Born to Kill membranophone The Damned 2:44
1977-11-27 Creep membranophone The Damned 2:11
1977-11-27 Fan Club membranophone The Damned 2:47
1977-11-27 Feel Alright membranophone The Damned 4:32
1977-11-27 I Fall membranophone The Damned 2:14
1977-11-27 New Rose membranophone The Damned 2:18
1977-11-27 Problem Child membranophone The Damned 2:14
1977-11-27 So Messed Up membranophone The Damned 1:57
1977-11-27 You Take My Money membranophone The Damned 2:20
1985 Sanctum Sanctorum membranophone The Damned 6:21
Ballroom Blitz membranophone The Damned 3:29
Over the Top membranophone Motordam 3:19
Stab Yor Back
Thanks for the Night (Rat mix) The Damned 3:56
13th Floor Vendetta
Curtain Call
Disguise Chris Millar
Do the Blitz
Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde
Drinking About My Baby
Gun Fury
History of the World, Part 1
Hit or Miss
I Just Can’t Be Happy Today
I Need a Life
I Think I’m Wonderful
Idiot Box
Liar (The Damned)
Lively Arts
Love Song Chris Millar
Lovely Money Chris Millar
Machine Gun Etiquette
Noise, Noise, Noise
Problem Child
Rabid (Over You)
Sick of This and That
Silly Kids Games
Stranger on the Town
Street of Dreams Chris Millar
Stretcher Case
These Hands
Torture Me
Twisted Nerve
Wait for the Blackout