Sole (US experimental hip hop artist Tim Holland, Anticon associated)

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Slow, Cold Drops Sole 4:03
So The Rich Can Sleep Tonight (feat. Solillaquists of Sound) Sole 4:31
Sole Sole 3:05
Sole Has Issues Sole 5:56
Sole Has Issues Sole 5:58
Spoken Word Piece Sole 0:55
Stuffed Animals Trailer Sole 2:21
Suicide Machine Sole 3:22
Suicide Song Sole 5:55
Suicide Song Sole 5:54
Sunset Over a BP Oil Spill Sole 2:39
Swagger Like Us (feat. Astronautalis, Ceschi Ramos & Bleubird) Sole 5:27
Sweet Anything Kool A.D. feat. Ceschi, Sole & Pictureplane 4:23
T.I.M. Sole 4:16
T.I.M. Sole 4:25
T.I.M. (instrumental) Sole 4:25
Tar on Tar Sole 3:29
Technology (feat. Ceschi Ramos) Sole 4:05
Teepee on a Highway Blues Sole 4:02
Terra-Dome Sole 3:32
Terror in the Water Sole 4:42
Testimony Sage Francis feat. Sixtoo & Sole 4:12
The American Standard Sole 3:25
The Bigger Picture Sole 3:15
The Binger Is Over Sole 4:19
The Bridges Let Us Down Sole 4:05
The Candle (remix) Atmosphere feat. Dose One, Sole & Alias 5:56
The Complaint/On My 36th Year Sole 4:19
The Deadliest Game Sole 3:36
The Devils a Traveling Man Sole 3:15
The Game Sole 3:56
The Gauntlet Sole & DJ Pain 3:24
The Inferno Sole 3:20
The Janitor's Son Sole & DJ Pain 3:34
The Long War Sole 3:38
The Mosquito Song Sole 4:43
The New Official Sole 4:03
The Numbers Sole 1:03
The Owners of the World Sole 4:40
The Priziest Horse Sole 4:06
The Priziest Horse Sole 4:06
The Priziest Horse (instrumental) Sole 4:11
The Realness Continum Sole ?:??
The Realness Continuum Sole 2:22
The Right to the City Sole 2:57
The Singularity Sole 1:49
The Surface Sole ?:??
The Surface Sole 3:00
The Teachings Of Cube Sole & DJ Pain 4:34
The Trap Sole 4:07
The Untouchables Sole 5:20
The Video Game Song Sole 3:57
The Void Which Binds Sole 4:29
Theme Sole 3:53
Think Big Sole 5:03
Third Person Sole ?:??
Third Person Sole 3:45
Third Person (instrumental) Sole ?:??
Third Person (Instrumental) Sole 3:47
This Old World Don't Need Hope Sole 2:49
Three Men in a Bar Sole ?:??
Three Men in a Bar (feat. MC D-Stroy, Mr. Complex) Sole 4:22
Three Men in a Bar (Instrumental) Sole 4:21
Time Travel Is Lonely Sole 3:47
Tokyo Sole 3:49
Tokyo (My First Keyboard Solo) Sole 4:20
Too Small to Fail Sole & DJ Pain 1 3:11
Tough Love 1634 Sole 3:16
Tourist Trapeze Sole 3:14
Tourist Trapeze Sole 3:12
UCK Rt Sole ?:??
Understanding Sole 4:50
Understanding (Freestyle) Sole 4:01
Unscorch The Earth Sole & DJ Pain 2:56
Untitled Josh Martinez feat. Sole 2:29
Using the Illusion Sole 3:40
Vaults and Walls Sole 3:05
Very Important Message Sole 0:56
Very Important Message Sole 0:56
Wale Sole 2:52
Walk The Plank Sole feat. DJ Pain 1 & Jah Boogie 3:18
War Sole & DJ Pain 4:25
We Stay Eatin' Sole 3:53
Welcome to the Future Sole 1:02
What It Is Sole & JC 3:24
What_future_tech? Sole 2:50
Where They Put My Flag On? Sole 3:27
White Rage/Arizona Goddamn Sole 5:15
Who's Gonna Save Me From Me Sole 3:14
Win Win Win Sole 3:48
Y.D.E.L.O. Sole & DJ Pain 3:39
Year of the $exxx $ymbol Sole 4:09
Year of the $exxx $ymbol Sole 4:10
Year of the Sex Symbol Sole 3:02
Year Ov da $eXXX $ymbl Sole 4:10
Yet Another Rant Sole 2:36
You Are a Happy Camper Sole 0:18
You Don't Need a Thermometer Sole 2:23
Young Americans B. Dolan feat. Sole 2:40
Young Sole Sole 3:31

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