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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Utopia (Genetically Enriched mix) (part of Ministry of Sound: The Chillout Annual 2002 DJ mix) Goldfrapp 3:27
Utopia (Genetically Enriched) Goldfrapp 3:51
Utopia (Genetically Enriched) Goldfrapp 3:53
Utopia (Genetically Modified mix) Goldfrapp 3:49
Utopia (Goldfrapp remix) Goldfrapp 3:11
Utopia (Jori Hulkkonen remix) Goldfrapp 6:15
Utopia (Jori Hulkkonen remix) Goldfrapp 6:17
Utopia (Jori Hulkkonen remix) Goldfrapp ?:??
Utopia (live From Air Studios) Goldfrapp 4:11
Utopia (Mick Harvey remix) Goldfrapp 4:31
Utopia (New Ears mix) Goldfrapp GBAJH0000334 3 3:10
Utopia (New Ears mix) Goldfrapp 3:13
Utopia (New Ears mix) Goldfrapp 3:12
Utopia (New Ears mix) Goldfrapp 3:06
Utopia (New Ears mix) Goldfrapp 3:09
Utopia (original mix) Goldfrapp 4:16
Utopia (original mix) Goldfrapp 4:11
Utopia (original mix) Goldfrapp 4:11
Utopia (Plaid mix) Goldfrapp 4:43
Utopia (Plaid mix) Goldfrapp ?:??
Utopia (Plaid remix) Goldfrapp 4:42
Utopia (Plaid remix) Goldfrapp 4:39
Utopia (Plaid remix) Goldfrapp 4:39
Utopia (Sunroof mix) Goldfrapp 7:40
Utopia (Sunroof mix) Goldfrapp 7:40
Utopia (Sunroof mix) Goldfrapp 7:30
Utopia (Sunroof mix) Goldfrapp 7:29
Utopia (Tim Wright remix) Goldfrapp 5:10
Utopia (Tim Wright remix) Goldfrapp ?:??
Utopia (Tom Middleton Cosmos Acid Dub) Goldfrapp 9:51
Utopia (Tom Middleton Cosmos vocal) Goldfrapp 8:16
Utopia (Tom Middleton Cosmos vocal) Goldfrapp ?:??
Utopia (Tom Middleton Cosmos Vocal) Goldfrapp 8:18
Utopia (Tom Middleton’s Cosmos vocal mix) Goldfrapp 8:19
Utopia (Torwater remix) Goldfrapp 4:31
Voicething Goldfrapp GBAJH0901623 4:44
We Did It at the End of the Album Goldfrapp 0:51
We Like the Slow-Y's Goldfrapp 0:47
We Radiate Goldfrapp 3:45
White Soft Rope Goldfrapp feat. the Midwich Children Choir GBAJH0300317 4:30
Winter Wonderland Goldfrapp 3:09
Yellow Halo Goldfrapp 4:43
Yes Sir Goldfrapp GBAJH0300537 3:58
Yes Sir Goldfrapp 4:02
Yes Sir Goldfrapp 3:57
Yes Sir (extended mix) Goldfrapp 8:33
You Never Know Goldfrapp GBAJH0500957 3:28
You Never Know (live, 2005-10-03: Brighton Dome, Brighton, UK) Goldfrapp 4:09
You Never Know (live, 2008-06-22: Symphony Hall, Birmingham, UK) Goldfrapp 4:10
You Never Know (iTunes Originals version) Goldfrapp 3:37
You Never Know (live in London) Goldfrapp 3:49
You Never Know (múm remix) Goldfrapp GBAJH0600528 2:59
Zodiac Black Goldfrapp 5:04

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