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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
[Crowd] (live, 2008-06-22: Symphony Hall, Birmingham, UK) Goldfrapp 1:40
[data track] Goldfrapp 28:09
[data track] Goldfrapp 413 ms
[intro] (live, 2001: Festival Internacional de Benicàssim, Benicàssim, Spain) Goldfrapp 0:57
A & E Goldfrapp ?:??
A Short Film Goldfrapp 10:34
A Trip to Felt Mountain Goldfrapp 7:19
A&E Goldfrapp GBAJH0700733 3 3:18
A&E Goldfrapp 6:57
A&E Goldfrapp 3:39
A&E Goldfrapp 3:18
A&E (live, 2008-06-22: Symphony Hall, Birmingham, UK) Goldfrapp 3:33
A&E (Gui Boratto dub) Goldfrapp 7:20
A&E (Gui Boratto remix) Goldfrapp 6:53
A&E (Gui Boratto remix) Goldfrapp 7:03
A&E (Hercules and Love Affair remix) Goldfrapp GBAJH0700776 7:07
A&E (Maps instrumental mix) Goldfrapp ?:??
A&E (Maps instrumental remix) Goldfrapp 5:35
A&E (Maps remix) Goldfrapp 5:37
Alive Goldfrapp GBAJH0901616 3:28
Alive Goldfrapp 4:01
Alive Goldfrapp 3:28
Alive (live, 2010: iTunes Festival, London, UK) Goldfrapp 3:42
Alive (Arno Cost radio edit) Goldfrapp 3:40
Alive (Arno Cost remix) Goldfrapp 8:24
Alive (Cereal Spiller remix) Goldfrapp 4:20
Alive (Dave Audé club dub) Goldfrapp 7:19
Alive (Dave Audé radio edit) Goldfrapp 4:06
Alive (Dave Aude remix) Goldfrapp 3:36
Alive (Dave Audé remix) Goldfrapp 7:57
Alive (Dave Audé remix) Goldfrapp 3:58
Alive (Dave Audé remix) (part of a “Kontor: House of House, Volume 10” DJ‐mix) Goldfrapp 4:47
Alive (instrumental) Goldfrapp GBAJH1000290 3:28
Alive (Joakim NRG dub) Goldfrapp 6:14
Alive (Joakim remix) Goldfrapp 6:31
Alive (Joakim vocal remix) Goldfrapp 3:56
Alive (radio edit) Goldfrapp GBAJH1000288 3:00
Alive (Tensnake remix) Goldfrapp 7:23
All Night Operator Goldfrapp 4:00
All Night Operator, Part 1 Goldfrapp GBAJH0501265 3:56
All That I Need Is to Be Loved (edit) / Utopia (Tom Middleton dub) (extract) Moby / Goldfrapp 2:28
Alvar Goldfrapp GBR8R1300854 5:38
Alvar (live From Air Studios) Goldfrapp 5:55
Alvar (live in Manchester) Goldfrapp 6:28
Animation by Andreas Nilsson Goldfrapp ?:??
Annabel Goldfrapp GBR8R1300851 4:01
Annabel Goldfrapp 4:01
Anymore Goldfrapp GBR8R1600426 4 3:55
Anymore Goldfrapp 3:55
Anymore Goldfrapp ?:??
Anymore Goldfrapp 3:55
Anymore (Danny Dove remix edit) Goldfrapp 3:32
Anymore (Danny Dove remix) Goldfrapp 5:48
Anymore (Joe Goddard remix edit) Goldfrapp 3:29
Anymore (Joe Goddard remix) Goldfrapp 6:13
Anymore (Joe Goddard Remix) Goldfrapp 6:13
Anymore (Joe Goddard Remix) Goldfrapp ?:??
Anymore (Ralphi Rosario Tek Vocal Mix) Goldfrapp 7:01
Anymore (Whatever/Whatever Remix by Justin Strauss & Bryan Mette) Goldfrapp 7:55
Anymore (Will Gregory's Don't Stop Now Remix) Goldfrapp 7:26
Beast That Never Was Goldfrapp GBR8R1600432 4:39
Beast That Never Was Goldfrapp 4:36
Beast That Never Was Goldfrapp 4:39
Beautiful Goldfrapp GBAJH0500963 4:49
Beautiful Goldfrapp ?:??
Beautiful (live, 2005-10-03: Brighton Dome, Brighton, UK) Goldfrapp 5:54
Become the One Goldfrapp GBR8R1600429 4:44
Become the One Goldfrapp 4:44
Believer (live, 2010: iTunes Festival, London, UK) Goldfrapp 3:47
Believer (album version) Goldfrapp GBAJH0901622 3:43
Believer (Davide Rossi reinterpretation) Goldfrapp 3:59
Believer (Joris Voorn dub) Goldfrapp 7:11
Believer (Joris Voorn remix) Goldfrapp 5:46
Believer (Little Loud remix) Goldfrapp 4:11
Believer (radio edit) Goldfrapp 3:33
Believer (Subway remix) Goldfrapp 5:40
Believer (Vince Clarke remix edit) Goldfrapp 3:56
Believer (Vince Clarke remix) Goldfrapp 5:42
Big Black Cloud, Little White Lie Goldfrapp 3:07
Black Cherry Goldfrapp GBAJH0300030 3 4:56
Black Cherry Goldfrapp 4:35
Black Cherry Goldfrapp 4:20
Black Cherry Goldfrapp 3:46
Black Cherry Goldfrapp 4:45
Black Cherry Goldfrapp ?:??
Black Cherry Goldfrapp ?:??
Black Cherry Goldfrapp ?:??
Black Cherry (live, 2003-04-21: Studio 105, Paris, France) Goldfrapp 5:01
Black Cherry (live, 2005-10-03: Brighton Dome, Brighton, UK) Goldfrapp 6:47
Black Cherry (live: Vancouver, BC, Canada) Goldfrapp ?:??
Black Cherry (Lawrence remix) Goldfrapp 6:39
Black Cherry (Lawrence remix) (part of “Pete Gooding: Café Mambo Ibiza” DJ-mix) Goldfrapp 6:35
Black Cherry (M83 remix) Goldfrapp 3:39
Black Cherry (M83 remix) Goldfrapp 4:04
Black Cherry (single mix) Goldfrapp 3:54
Bodo Goldfrapp 3:42
Boys Will Be Boys Goldfrapp 2:51
Caravan Girl Goldfrapp GBAJH0700735 4:05
Caravan Girl Goldfrapp 4:04
Caravan Girl Goldfrapp GBAJH0800966 3:40

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