Performance name of: Will Oldham (Joseph Will Oldham)

Also performs as: Palace (Will Oldham), Tusitala De Las Olas



1999I See a DarknessBonnie 'Prince' Billy4.24
2000Guarapero: Lost Blues 2Bonnie “Prince” Billy1
2001Ease Down the RoadBonnie 'Prince' Billy4.754
2003Master and EveryoneBonnie 'Prince' Billy44
2004Sings Greatest Palace MusicBonnie “Prince” Billy4
2005SuperwolfMatt Sweeney / Bonnie 'Prince' Billy53
2006The Brave and the BoldTortoise & Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy43
2006The Letting GoBonnie 'Prince' Billy46
2006Little Lost BluesBonnie “Prince” Billy1
2007Wai NotesDawn McCarthy & Bonny Billy1
2008Lie Down in the LightBonnie “Prince” Billy43
2008Is It the Sea?Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Harem Scarem, Alex Neilson3
2009BewareBonnie Prince Billy3
2009Silent CityBrian Harnetty & Bonnie “Prince” Billy1
2009Funtown ComedownBonny Billy & The Picket Line2
2010The Wonder Show of the WorldBonnie ‘Prince’ Billy & The Cairo Gang3
2011Wolfroy Goes to TownBonnie Prince Billy45
2012The Marble DownsTrembling Bells & Bonnie Prince Billy2
2013What the Brothers SangDawn McCarthy & Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy7
2013Bonnie 'Prince' BillyBonnie 'Prince' Billy1
2014Singer's Grave a Sea of TonguesBonnie Prince Billy3
2016Epic Jammers and Fortunate Little DittiesBitchin Bajas and Bonnie Prince Billy3
2017JoyaBonnie “Prince” Billy1
2017Best TroubadorBonnie Prince Billy2
2017Wolf of the CosmosBonnie Prince Billy3
2019When We Are InhumanBonnie “Prince” Billy, Bryce Dessner, eighth blackbird1
2019I Made a PlaceBonnie "Prince" Billy4
2020Hello Sorrow - Hello JoyThree Queens in Mourning / Bonnie “Prince” Billy1
2021SuperwolvesMatt Sweeney & Bonnie “Prince” Billy2
2021Blind Date PartyBill Callahan & Bonnie “Prince” Billy32
2022High And High And Mighty Parts 1 & 2Bonnie “Prince” Billy1
2022Once Again in the World (Selected Songs, 1998–2020)Bonnie “Prince” Billy1
2023Keeping Secrets Will Destroy YouBonnie “Prince” Billy33

Album + Compilation

2009Unfinal Call: A Sum of Bonnie 'Prince' Billy WorxBonnie 'Prince' Billy1
2016Pond ScumBonnie Prince Billy3
2016Bonnie 'Prince' Billy IIBonnie 'Prince' Billy1

Album + Compilation + Mixtape/Street

2019BPB mix tape volume 1Bonnie “Prince” Billy1
2019BPB mix tape volume 2Bonnie “Prince” Billy1
2019BPB mix tape volume 3Bonnie “Prince” Billy1
2019BPB mix tape volume 4Bonnie “Prince” Billy1
2019BPB Mix Tape Volume 5Bonnie “Prince” Billy1
2019BPB Mix Tape Volume 6Bonnie “Prince” Billy1

Album + Live

2001Get the Fuck On Jolly LiveBonny Billy and Marquis de Tren feat. the Monkey Boys1
2005Summer in the SoutheastBonnie 'Prince' Billy42
2008Wilding in the WestBonnie “Prince” Billy1
2013The Bonnie Bells of OxfordTrembling Bells with Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy2
2017Live at Cafe Oto LondonBitchin Bajas & Bonnie "Prince" Billy1
2017Live at 7th Floor TokyoBitchin Bajas & Bonnie "Prince" Billy1
2022Bootleg Bonnie! ~ Anacortes 2002Bonnie “Prince” Billy1


1998Black DissimulationBonnie Prince Billy1
1998I Am Drinking AgainBonnie “Prince” Billy1
1998One With the BirdsBonnie 'Prince' Billy1
1999Let's Start a FamilyBonnie Prince Billy1
2000Little Boy BlueBonnie “Blue” Billy1
2003Happy Child / Forest TimeBonnie “Prince” Billy2
2004Agnes, Queen of SorrowBonnie “Prince” Billy4
2004No More Workhorse BluesBonnie “Prince” Billy3
2005I Gave YouBonny / Sweeney4
2006Cursed SleepBonnie Prince Billy5
2006Cold & WetBonnie Prince Billy4
2007Lay & LoveBonnie ‘Prince’ Billy3
2007Strange Form of LifeBonnie 'Prince' Billy4
2007Bonny 2007Bonnie “Prince” Billy1
2008Notes for Future LoversBonnie 'Prince' Billy1
2009One Day at a TimeBonnie “Prince” Billy1
2009Without Work, You Have NothingBonnie “Prince” Billy1
2009Split Series, Part 1Young Widows / Bonnie “Prince” Billy1
2009Stay / People LivingBonnie “Prince” Billy2
2009Forever and EverSusanna and Bonny Billy1
2010Midday / You WinBonnie “Prince” Billy & The Cairo Gang1
2010Sing Larry Jon WilsonBonnie “Prince” Billy & The Black Swans1
2011Must Be BlindMatt Sweeney & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy2
2011There Is No God / God Is LoveBonnie “Prince” Billy3
2011Quail and DumplingsBonnie “Prince” Billy4
2012Oh Well / StormsBilly F Gibbons / Matt Sweeney & Bonnie “Prince” Billy1
2012Christmas Eve Can Kill YouDawn McCarthy & Bonnie “Prince” Billy3
201360/Sixty-One Minute MenBonnie “Prince” Billy1
2013Better Than I Used to BeBonnie “Prince” Billy1
2014We Love Our Hole / I’ll Be AlrightBonnie “Prince” Billy & The Cairo Gang1
2014Until I Find YouDoug Paisley feat. Bonnie “Prince” Billy2
2014New Black Rich (Tusks)Bonnie “Prince” Billy2
2014Am I Not a Weaker Soldier?Alexis Taylor vs. Bonnie “Prince” Billy1
2015MindlessnessBonnie “Prince” Billy3
2015Bonnie "Prince" Billy & broeder Dieleman - Split 7"Bonnie “Prince” Billy & broeder Dieleman1
2015Gloria / Drie VragenBonnie “Prince” Billy&Broeder Dieleman1
2015On Raglan RoadBonnie “Prince” Billy1
2016The Happy Song / At the Corner of the StairsBonnie Prince Billy & Oscar Parsons1
2017Mama TriedBonnie “Prince” Billy1
2017Conquer / You Have Been SeenBonnie “Prince” Billy1
2018Wild Is the WillBonnie “Prince” Billy1
2018Little JoyaBonnie “Prince” Billy1
2018Leonard / CarolynBonnie “Prince” Billy2
2018Blueberry JamBonnie “Prince” Billy1
2018The Best of Folks / Harbour MenBonnie “Prince” Billy & Naked Shortsellers1
2019One With the BirdsBonnie “Prince” Billy, Bryce Dessner, eighth blackbird1
2019At the Back of the PitBonnie “Prince” Billy1
2019In Good FaithBonnie “Prince” Billy1
2020This is Far From OverBonnie “Prince” Billy1
2020You'll Get Eaten, TooBonnie “Prince” Billy & Matt Sweeney1
2020Blackness of the NightBill Callahan, Bonnie “Prince” Billy feat. Azita1

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